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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch $299 (Out of Stock), Baseus TWS Bluetooth Wireless Headphones $15 Delivered @ eBay


500 drops each at 10am and 2pm.

Credit to Press Start -

eBay will be selling the Nintendo Switch for $299 to eBay Plus Members. This is $170 off the RRP and whilst we suspect that most of you will have a Nintendo Switch by this point, there’s absolutely no reason to hold off any longer if you’ve been waiting for a good price.

It’ll be available at 10am AEDT an 2pm AEDT (500 each drop) and you’ll be able to find it right HERE. Just as a reminder, you’ll need to be an eBay Plus member. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial HERE.

Nintendo Switch – $299 (500 at 12pm and 500 at 2pm Tuesday)
As far as other deals go, you can find out what else is on offer below:

Tuesday February 23rd:

  • Nintendo Switch – $299 – 10:00am/2:00pm - Link - Coupon Code: 'PLUSNS10'
  • Baseus TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones – $15 (54% off) 10:00am/2pm - Link - Coupon Code: 'PLUSBA10'

Tuesday March 02nd

  • Dyson AM06 Desk Fan – $229 (33% off) – 10am (all eBay shoppers)
  • Kitchen Coulture 12L Air Fryer – $89 (41% off) – 2pm

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    • +4

      Since I have 2 kids around that age, I found that they enjoyed these games:
      - Mario party (multiplayer)
      - Mario odyssey (up to 2 players - Mario and Cappy)
      - Luigi's mansion (up to 2 players - Luigi and Gooigi)
      - Super Mario Wii U Deluxe (up to 4 players)
      - Zelda BOTW (caveat here is that I played and we would solve the puzzles together - its way too fiddly for them to control it at their age, but they really got into it and we finished the game over the summer holidays)
      - Super Mario 3D World (personally haven't played, but they have watched YT vids of it and they can't wait to play it)

    • And Paper Mario The Origami King is awesome for all ages.

  • +5

    got 1x from 10 am drop and 1x at 2pm… gonna be best dad and uncle this year…

  • Dammit. Work meeting. Wanted to buy one for a friend. Oh well.

  • +5

    Resisted not to buy, I won't have time to play anyway. 😆

    • Yeah I resisted not buying one for myself. But I bought one as present for my niece

  • +1

    Missed out, but not upset. Not sure if I'd get much use out of it anyway.

  • got a switch in the 10am batch and just received an email from AP: Delivery expected on Wednesday 24 February. Outstanding 👍🏻😁

    • Me too - express post is so quick :D
      Edit: bought from the 2pm batch and still arriving tomorrow

    • Well, that's disappointing.
      Looks like it's stuck in Sydney and Australia Post saying I'll receive it today 😂
      Thanks for getting my hopes up AP (just a suggestion: under promise, over deliver) 😁

      Most recent update
      In transit to next facility in MELBOURNE AIRPORT VIC,
      Tue 23 Feb • 7:32pm
      Item processed at facility SYDNEY WEST NSW,
      Tue 23 Feb • 7:25pm

    • I got mine in less than 24 hours! Crazy!

  • Thanks, managed to grab one! Expected to arrive tomorrow too :D

  • +4

    Received my Switch today. Hell fast delivery.

  • +3

    Yeah also just received my Switch, bought at the 2pm lot, insane how quick that was

    • did your box have a seal on it? I received mine without any seal on the box?

      • +1

        yeah no seal on it, haven't gone around to actually looking at the innards though, but i'm assuming it looks fine

      • Think that's normal, I had a look at a few unboxings because I could have sworn the Neon Blue was a lot brighter in my memory, and none had a seal.

  • +4

    Received my Switch less than 24 hours I ordered, in the 10am lot. Thanks Gamesmen.

    • Mine is says onboard for delivery today as well (sydney to melbourne) now ill have to decide if i get mario party on card or digital download and ill also have to get some extra joycons so we can all play … OMG $99 for joyCons WTF and the game is $70 almost have buyers remorse now … damn these 1st world problems.

      Come on ebay give us a mario party joycon bundle deal now.

      • If you have LatitudePay, there's a promo to get $20 off for $60+ orders on Kogan and DickSmith.

        • Good in theory, but that makes kogan about the same price as amazon (have amazon prime, not kogan first) .. although i do have $60 kogan credit after they did a recall on their battery pack that doubles as a fire starter (would have preferred a refund but oh well)

          • @TrendyTim: It depends. For some items, Amazon has same price as Kogan (pre-discount).

  • ugghhh. Brother doesn't want it anymore, I already have one. Ah wells, at least returns are free.

    • Or flip it on Gumtree or FB for a profit.

      • +3

        I honestly can't be (profanity) dealing with shitheads.

    • +2

      You should consider returning your brother instead 😂

      • +1

        LOL. My other brother wants it now. Better him than returning it.

        • +1

          What a good lad.

  • +2

    Received my Switch in 24 hours from ordering. Thanks Gamesmen for the service!

  • Received within 24h! From Sydney too! 👌
    But I have no games .__.

    • +1

      If you get a subscription to Nintendo Online, there are a fair bit of free games you can try. Tetris 99 for example.

      I'm sure there will be a lot of new people looking to get a combined family online subscription after this deal haha

  • Ordered 1 at 10am yesterday (Tuesday). Just got it handed to me around 11am today (Wednesday). eBay doesn't mess around :)

  • Just got it delivered! Super super impressed :)

  • +1

    Mine is still stuck at Sydney Airport … looks like it did not make the plane. Not enough flights for all these Switches.

    • +2

      It's the universe giving you time to get a screen protector first (yours will be prone to scratch since you're a wombat) and/or a microSD.

      • +1

        It's on it's way today :-). Screen protector … I am a well behaved wombat … no scratching.

  • It is fast. Impressed.
    The only thing lack of is the packaging. No foam or anything what so ever, just an outer box.
    The switch box is not sealed, isnt?

    • Saw my colleague unboxed, yes not sealed.

    • It's sealed with a circle sticker over the pull out tab bur if you mean on a wrap then nope

    • Less plastic in the environment.

    • Mine wasn’t sealed in terms of no plastic wrap nor circle sticker if that’s what you meant?

      I did open the box and the contents inside were at least untouched.

      • No stickers.

    • mine wasnt sealed either

  • Hey everyone, does anyone have a Kitchen Coulture 12L Air Fryer? Any feedback on the dimensions and quality?

  • -1

    Received already, very quick delivery from Gamesmen & happy to purchase from them again in the future as this was my first purchase from them :)

    • -1

      Well first of all it was express, so it should be fast

      • +2

        Is there a need to say 'first of all' if there isnt going to be a second point?

        • -1

          Second of all, you should be guaranteed next business day for express and doesn’t mean it would be that fast next time

          • +1


            you should be guaranteed next business day for express

            Aus Post hasn’t been guaranteeing next day delivery with their express service since COVID kicked off.

            Gamesmen did well to get 1000 units out the door (well, ready for collection by AusPost) so quickly.

            • -1

              @aja12: They would of had 1000 units boxed already before the sale, just had to print packing slip.

              • -1

                @domo653q: i wouldn't like to be the person typing out 1000 names and addresses to get them out the door on the day of the sale.

                • -1

                  @Archi: it's all automated from ebay/their backend.

  • Which sd card would you recommend? thank you

    • Samsung Evo or SanDisk. I personally prefer the former. 128GB is pretty cheap nowadays. Or if you can, try to get 200GB+.

  • Received this morning, super fast delivery, thanks Gamesmen

  • OK, time to go see who is flipping these on OzbClassifieds..

  • I tried to buy, got it into my cart, but then out of stock. Then the next day I got an automated call allegedly from eBay prompting me to complete my purchase, referring to the 299 amount of an item, from a 02 Newcastle number. That’s not happened to me before, even after missing out on the 449 Xbox, are these calls legit? Cheers.

    • That’s weird. How can you check out when it’s already oos?

      • I think it’s a scam but not sure how they have both my number and recent purchase attempt. Reported it to eBay.

    • Were they asking for payment over the phone? Or just asking you to complete your purchase on the eBay website?

      It does sound like a scam since I've never heard of eBay calling users to remind them they have something in their cart, but for them to know your number, $ amount in your cart, it is possible you might have spyware/key logging on your device.

    • I think it might be a legit call as nobody besides ebay would know. I had pending charge from Paypal for almost a day.

  • Received mine yesterday …box didnt have a seal on it. but contents seem ok .. would that be an issue?

  • I'm pretty happy with these earphones so far. Cool.

  • Super fast delivery (<24 hours).

    Didn't get a direct invoice from gamesmenau though, I'm a little worried that the ebay transaction/order details won't be sufficient for warranty purposes.

    • +1

      Last time I purchased the Switch Lite deal from Thegamesmen ebay, I could use the same email to login on its own website to check the invoice. Try to do a password reset.

      • Good idea, didn't work though :( no email from the password reset, and it let me register an account using the same email.

        I've sent them an email asking for an invoice.

        • +1

          Yeah, maybe it has changed. I reckon ebay purchase history and order confirmation are enough, though.

        • +1

          Yeah, or you can pm them on their ebay store. Received my invoice earlier.

  • Does anyone know what this item is?

    It doesn't look like the advertised air fryer or Dyson.

    • +1

      buy first ask later

      • I've made some impulsive purchases from this site, but I've never bought on the basis of an abstract silhouette! I wouldn't put it past me though.

    • +1

      Jumbo tp roll

      • now that you mention it.

  • +1

    Ok, so it looks like an airfryer and a generic robot vac (not Dyson) tomorrow. Pass.

    Frankly, I'd like to see them do some more of the 99cent dishwasher pod and laundry detergent promos. Exciting?…..no….but at least they are usable.

  • Dyson fans are on now


    $299 for members/non members and no code required!

  • Does this mean if listings don’t have eBay plus tag than no free returns and express postage ?

    Last weeks 2 Listings had an EBay Plus Logo

  • ordered the switch at 10am and the order was shipped the same day. Now after 1 week the tracking detail shows Arrived at facility TUGGERAH NSW. Called au post they don't know what happened

    • Mine went through the same facility last week and was delivered on Wednesday.

      I gather they are investigating its whereabouts? At least it's not saying 'deliverd' . Of course it doesn't turn up you'll get a refund, but hopefully it will turn up before that is needed .

      • Wednesday? wow yoy must live in east coast

        • Oh…..didn't realise you are.in Perth.

          Why would a Perth delivery go to Tuggerah? Tuggerah is on the central coast. It was shipped from Western Sydney. Little wonder it is delayed.

          • @ash2000: I called them and they don't know what happened. after one week it is still in NSW and even farther distance

            • @RichardF89: Very odd…the time frame isn't concerning yet, but heading to regional NSW is!.

              Your address, in particular postcode is correct when you enter the tracking number into the app?

              • @ash2000: Arrived at facility
                TUGGERAH NSW, 2259
                column time and date,Mon 1 Mar • 1:25am
                column details,
                In transit to next facility in MALAGA WA
                CHULLORA NSW, 2190
                column time and date,Wed 24 Feb • 12:24am
                column details,
                Item processed at facility
                SYDNEY NSW
                column time and date,Tue 23 Feb • 10:50pm
                column details,
                Received and ready for processing
                STRATHFIELD NSW, 2135
                column time and date,Tue 23 Feb • 6:00pm
                column details,
                Shipping information approved by Australia Post
                column time and date,Tue 23 Feb • 4:55pm
                column details,
                Shipping information received by Australia Post
                column time and date,Tue 23 Feb • 4:36pm

                • @RichardF89: Puzzling. I'm confident it will still get to you in one piece. It's well packaged so it will still be in good condition irrespective of the circuitous route it takes first!

  • I would like to thank OP, as I got a Switch from this deal! Awesome price 😁

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