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[PC] Steam - Resident Evil 2 $11.41(exp)/Devil May Cry 4 Special Ed. $6.71 (exp)/Dead Rising $7.01 - 2Game


Great prices for these three games - all time lowest according to ITAD.
Do not forget to use the code at checkout to get the prices mentioned in the title.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition: https://2game.com/en-au/devil-may-cry-4-special-edition

Dead Rising: https://2game.com/en-au/dead-risingr


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    Three great games

  • +1 vote

    Never heard of 2Game, are they reputable?

    • +2 votes

      Yes, official and authorised reseller.

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      Never used them myself but apparently they're an approved reseller. Ex. Ubisoft


    Good deal on RE2.

    Unpopular opinion but I like the original RE2 more than the remake. And no, that's not nostalgia goggles speaking. I first played it (to completion) in 2015. It was my favorite game in the series, which includes RE4 and later games.

    RE2 remake loses some key things the original had that made it good.


    For years, DMC4's only been dipping as low as ~$11. I'll take it.


    RE2 and DMC4 have gone back up by the looks of it.


      Seems like it