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Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5" SATA III SSD $150 ($118 after Samsung Cashback) Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Centre Com


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    $100 if you have ebay plus after redemption


    • $100 after cashback was the clincher for me got one :)

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    I just bought this one in computer alliance Ebay for $131.12 (149 with 12% off via afterpay). and I paid by eBay gifts card(additional 10%off), which bring it down to 118. then waiting for $32 cashback from Samsung to final cost of $86

    • Where are you getting ebay gift cards at 10% off?

      • 10% swap cards were sold in woolworth, i bought a lot.

    • Did u get a separate ca invoice?

      • Purchased from CA a couple of months ago, recieved a printed Tax Invoice with the item.

    • How can you pay for ebay giftcard with Afterpay??

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    Patiently waiting for $250 2TB, it's getting closer

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      umm… I think I may be about to excite you but 860 EVO 2TB is $355 delivered from Centrecom, after cahsback ($123) that makes it $232. I am currently trying to convince myself I do not need this, or another 1TB. Currently have a 2TB MX500, 2TB pcie 4.0 NVME, 4TB HDD and 500GB NVME boot drive in my PC. I think I need help!

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        Dude. This is a message from above.

        you do not need more storage.

        Sincerely, a dude with 500GB NVME Boot, 2TB SSD & 4TB HDD who struggles with this ALL THE TIME.

        We're good!

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          but… but… STORAGE… ok fine, I guess you are right. Thanks mate, I needed this intervention.

      • I think Centrecom is out of stock for the 860 Evo 2tb sata or at least they've removed the page from search, bummer. They have the m.2 but it doesn't have as great a cashback.

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          haha wow, they did remove the page. Was definitely there this morning when I wrote that comment. I find it hard to believe they would remove the page simply if it went out of stock. We will know soon enough if they repost it at a higher price.

          EDIT: Next cheapest I could find at a quick search was MSY for $359 + delivery, still a pretty good deal.

  • Anybody know if CC price matches? after cashback, Umart have the 870 EVO 4TB for $10 less which makes it 518 unlike CC 527.

  • Umm… this is still expensive for a SATA SSD, aren’t some M.2s like P2 and SN550 Blue cheaper and faster? Please correct me if I’m wrong since I’m new to PC building

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      M.2 SSD's are still limited to hardware. 2.5in drives have a wider range of compatibility, plus this is a EVO model which always fetches a bit more of a premium.

      If you're able to get this for about $100, as it stands, thats a great price. I would call it anything but expensive.

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      This is cheap for a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5" SATA III SSD

      You're right in saying that M.2 NVMe SSDs perform faster than SATA SSDs. Older PCs and laptops use 2.5" SSDs and don't have any M.2 slots on the motherboard. New PCs and laptops can use M.2 NVMe SSDs and 2.5" SSDs. Always check the motherboard specs to confirm.

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    Thanks, I’d been holding out for a decent SATA drive to fill the second drive bay of my Intel NUC. This will be perfect.

  • T5 or this?

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      I would opt for an internal drive if you have a choice, can't have USB chipset issues with internal drives like some have been experiencing on AMD boards.

      The T5 won't be an NVMe SSD even if you use it with a 10gbps USB port, its still slightly slower than a 860 Evo.

    • FYI, T5 uses an mSATA 850 Evo or (most likely) 860 Evo SSD inside.

  • Has anyone used a 860 EVO on a PS4? My current drive is slowly dying and I was looking to pre-emptively upgrade it.

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      Yes, I used an 860 Evo with a PS4 Pro, it worked perfectly. It was a very nice upgrade over the HDD. My original PS4 Pro hard drive died as well, promoting the upgrade to the SSD.

      • Thanks mate! I'll grab one now.

        • No worries! It is a very nice upgrade. Those loading times are going to get a huge improvement.

  • Can i use a remove the hard disk in the T5 and use it in the pc instead? I woudl imagine all you need is the power cable from the psu and sata connection.

    Have a spare 120GB SSD which i'm thinking of using the T5 enclosure. Anyone knows what's the ssd model number for the T5?

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      There is a good chance the T5 SSD is incompatible. You can only use the EVO drive inside the T5 if your motherboard supports a mSATA connection.

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        Ah yes the mATA didnt think of it. Thanks for the heads up.

  • This is still available but only slightly more expensive at $150 ($118 after Samsung Cashback) and free delivery for those that missed out, like me. Just placed an order.

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