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Dell 20% off (22% w/ eBay Plus) S2721DGF $471.90 / S2721D $233.22 / AW3821DW $1598.22 + More Monitors @ Dell eBay


Good morning my favourite bargainers. I'm back, and what better way to greet you all than with some awesome monitor deals from Dell. A huge variety of monitors at really great prices via the Dell eBay store. Stock is local, so shipping should be within normal time frames (2-3 weeks).

To all those waiting on DM responses I have contacted you, if I've missed you, just give me a dm reply and I'll respond!

Refer to below table for models, pricing and eBay listing links. Apply coupon at checkout BEFORE purchase. ;)

Model | After 20% off | After 22% off (eBay Plus) | Listing
AW2521H $679.20 $662.22 View Listing
AW3821DW $1,639.20 $1,598.22 View Listing
AW5520QF $3,439.20 $3,353.22 View Listing
S2421HS $140.80 $137.28 View Listing
S2721D $239.20 $233.22 View Listing - Out of Stock
S2721DGF $482.98 $471.90 View Listing
S2721DS $271.20 $264.42 View Listing - Out of Stock
S2721H $191.20 $186.42 View Listing
S2721HGF $247.20 $241.02 View Listing
S3221QS $439.20 $428.22 View Listing
S2721QS $298.66 $291.19 View Listing - Out of Stock

Need order specific help? DM me or contact the Dell eBay team via the contact seller button on the listing.

As always, any questions? Just ask below and myself and other Ozb members will do our best to help you out.

Happy Shopping :D

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  • +1

    Very good prices!

  • Deal is also valid for AW3420DW

    Brings it down to AU $1,023.20

    • Only 7 available though :'(

      • Missed it. Was wanting a 34 inch uw ips curved 1440p 100+ Hz and this was perfect price. Dell support advised previously this is a discontinued model. Will there be any more stock left or any new 34 inch models releasing soon?

  • Those wait times on the S2721DGF. Shipping in a month. Ugh, my 3070 is here now!

    • This stock is local, so should ship within 2 weeks. I'd assume the eta on ebay is generic. There is a small chance I could be wrong, but my ego says I'm not haha.

    • Ordered on the 1st and had mine arrive on the 19th. Plus the fact that I'm in Perth. Still bad but not as bad as the month eBay was saying. I reckon if you are in the east coast you shouldn't have to wait more than 2 weeks max.

  • Hi OP, any deals available on U2720Q? Thanks.

    • Nope, sorry.

      • How about the S2721Q? :)

  • Hi all,
    I don't have a lot of idea about monitors. Need one for my home office, will be using for IT work. Which one do you guys suggest?

    • S2721D

      • Thank you.

  • Is S2721QS VESA compatible, I could not find anything on product page ? If yes, does it come with VESA mount cover? Thanks.

    • From the Dell product page:

      S2721QS VESA Mounting Interface 100 x 100 mm

      I believe the stand detaches to reveal vesa mount underneath.

  • Do you / will you have any Dell Ultra wide monitors (21:9 and up) that have higher resolution than 1080 on sale?


    • +1

      Looks like there's a few AW3420DW available, not too shabby at all with this discount.

      • That looks to be a bit "too" high end for me, I would not be able to use the GSync and would like it to be flat if at all possible (price is a factor).

        I plan to use it with a Mac M1 that I am (trying) to transition to.

        The current monitor looks horrible compared to Win10 even with the AA settings turned off via terminal.

  • +1

    Still patiently waiting for 4K HDMI 2.1 monitors… but damn these deals are tempting!

  • Hi, I currently have a Dell2721DGF and am lookinng for a monitor to pair with it. Would the Dell2721DS be a viable option or can go more economical than that?

    • +1

      The S2721D is perfect to pair with it. I have the DGF and D side by side!

      • Any noticeable difference in colour setting etc? Also, the DS is the version with the same adjustable base as the DGF? Trying to justify a cheaper spend instead of a second DGFs haha

        • DS is the adjustable version of the D, which is why i recommended the D as it's the more "economical" option haha. Honestly mine look very similar, there is slightly more contrast and vibrance on the DGF, but that's expected. Nothing that makes me realise I'm staring at two different monitors whilst browsing or doing office work.

  • +1

    Estimated delivery Thu, 25 Mar - Thu, 01 Apr

    Is this accurate? Not really a problem just expected much faster shipping.

    • +1

      As mentioned before, I believe that's just generic ETA. I've been informed these models are local stock and shipping can be expected within 2 weeks from purchase date.

  • +1

    Ordered S2721QS, Thanks!

  • +1

    Hey LiMaaa,

    How long this deal is going to be on?

    I am waiting for refund into eBay gift card and it would be a great opportunity to use them. But that might be few days later.

    • +1

      3/3, but that doesn't mean some models may not go out of stock before then.

  • Is there an ETA on when the pricing issue will be fixed for S2721HGF??

    • I've passed it along, they're aware, but no ETA. Hopefully sooner than later.

      • +1

        Awesome, seems to be fixed now. Cheers

  • +1

    Thanks OP, been waiting for a deal like this again. Got the S2721QS

  • Bought a pair of 2721D’s last Tuesday direct from Dell for $258ea. Wonder if I can return them…???

    Fantastic monitors but the included stand is not high enough. Need arms or a few spare reams of paper….

    Ordered Tuesday and they arrived Friday. Wasn’t home and StarTrack took them to a random post office on the other side of the city, 30min drive with no traffic… they suck.

  • What are the delivery dates for delivery of the AW3821DW? I'm getting mid April :(

    • Those are generic eta, please follow delivery times as stated in post, all stock is local.

      • Thanks LiMaaa. Hopefully it will be soon!

  • Any option for express shipping?

  • Any S3220DGF deals?

    • +1

      No, but the 32" QS has been added.

  • Hi,

    no more S2721QS???

  • The model I want already sold out - S2721QS.

    • +1

      Same - was after this monitor but dragged my feet and it's sold out! 😥

  • Best 2K monitor for M1 MacBook Pro?
    Only game I play is league of legends on it, is the 144hz achievable on the title? and how much better is 144hz compared to 75hz for productivity? internet browsing/email/spreadsheet

    • +4

      how much better is 144hz compared to 75hz

      About 69hz, give or take…

  • LiMaaa what?

  • +1

    Got a S2721QS for 350, and i thought that was a good price. Very good monitor so far!

  • Good to see you back, you legend

    • You're a whole snack haha.

  • +1

    Hi LiMaaa - I was wondering if there will be more availability for the S2721QS? I wanted to get one/two but it's gone so quickly :(

    • +2

      It's all up to the ebay team, they may replenish stock, they may not. Keep an eye out.

      • Hi LiMaaa - Just checking you are suggesting we should just keep an eye on the eBay listing for the S2721QS? Is the next best alternitive (being a 2K) the S2721DS? I'd like to pair something with my U2715H

        • Correct and correct! Either of those would go nicely with your U series.

  • +2

    I don't even need another monitor, yet tempted for some reason :)

  • Bought two S2721DS, Can anyone recommend a good dual monitor arm for these?

    • +1

      Why not buy the S2721D if you want to go for a dual monitor arm anyway?
      I bought a dual monitor arm from Kogan once, but it's not really flexible or easy to move. So I do not recommend that one.

  • No more qs in stock dam i was at work

  • Stock came in on the S3221QS 32" so that is now officially on offer with this deal and added to main post. Enjoy.

  • Hi LiMaaa, what is the best contact to cancel a ebay order just placed? Cheers.

    • +1

      Contact seller and speak to Dell eBay team. They'll sort you out.

      • +1

        Thanks mate.

  • saw the deal now regret didn't order the 2721QS right away now it's out of stock. any chance it will come back?

    • Just keep an eye on the listing, if Dell gets cancellations they may replenish stock, but there is no guarantee.

  • +1

    What about S2721Q?

    • That's the one I'm after too.. well, two of them actually :-)

  • +1

    thanks op. Finally pulled the trigger on the DGF :)

    • thanks @Limaaa. Mine got shipped on monday (meant to receive it yesterday but Startrek being Startrek just left a card - picked it up at post office and am commenting from the display now. Looks really great coming from a 23"!

  • Thanks OP, bought the S2421HS. Great timing, been looking for a cheap 24 inch monitor as a second screen. Paid $123.50 by using the code and 10% off eBay gift cards purchased previously.

  • Is S2721DGF a USB-C monitor? Is it good?

    • +1

      it is not a usb-c monitor, unfortunately. it is very good for gaming, and a bit less so for multimedia consumption given its weak contrast ratio (but it is still very good in this regard mind you).

      • Thanks. I wonder if there is any USB-c monitors in this deal.

        • not in this deal, but maybe pick up one of these from dell's site and use code lovekeanu. you can also grab an extra 10% off that if you have cashrewards.

          • @lachlantula: Thanks again. I think the code might not work on Dell UltraSharp 24 Monitor - U2421E?

            • +1

              @bypeng: looks like you're right, my bad. i believe it works on monitors that are already being discounted, and you can then stack the coupon on top

  • Any chance these prices can be matched on the dell website?

    • No, sorry. It's an ebay specific deal, unrelated to website stock and pricing. Save those Dell advantage coupons for future website deals ;)

      • Haha yeah that’s my problem I’ve got $100 of dell coupons or so

    • +1

      just had a chat with dell they simply said cannot pricematch with ebay.

      • Thanks mate :) I dunno, worth waiting hoping the AW3821DW gets to a similar price on Dell in the next 2 months as voucher expires, or lose the voucher hmm.

        • +1

          Hey bud. Looks like the dell website has a discount on the aw38 ;)

          Use the code 'honey7' to get a further 7% off.. turns out cheaper than on ebay

          • @Wazzaaaa: Damn… I really needed an excuse not to buy this hahah

            Cheers mate

            • @toshjammi: Me too… Argh. I've already got the
              S2721DGF, however having a wide monitor for work and some personal time would be great.

  • Thanks I ordered a 2721QS earlier today. cheers

  • +2

    solid prices here, but had to finally jump on the s2721dgf as well as the s3221qs after months and months of deliberation on the dell site to take advantage of the juicy cashrewards bonus. kudos once again to dell for the stellar pricing.

  • +1

    Anyone know whether the S2721DGF has better quality picture compared to Xiaomi Curved Display 34?

    • There are discussions about VA vs IPS pros and cons, and everyone has their own opinion, but I think it's safe to say as a whole product the DGF will likely be a better option. Each to their own though.

  • -1

    make it 25% and I will buy it……

    • +1

      You'll give me 25% more? Deal! xD

  • +3

    Bought a S2721D last time for same price. It is utterly FANTASTIC. Love looking at it. So I bought a second one today - screw it - tax deductible for WFHers - and will be luxury having side by side pair. Yipee for me.

    The D is tilt only. DS is tilt and height. The height of the D is fine for me but some may think low so maybe 25cm board underneath, otherwise fork out for the DS.

    • +1

      I didn't buy the S2721D last time, and felt like I missed out. So I was just looking out for a S2721D deal.
      I actually didn't go through the list of monitors and just bought the S2721D without thinking too much. Afterwards I read the deal again and noticed the S2721QS.
      Still wondering if I made a mistake going for the S2721D instead of the S2721QS (the S2721QS was not much more expensive, but by the time I noticed it was also on sale, it was OoS).

      Reading your comment I feel a bit better about the S2721D.

  • +1

    How's AW3821DW vs G9?

    • If you google your comment you'll find some reviews comparing the two, they mention slight contrast superiority in the G9 but most settle on the AW38 as it seems to have no issues and performs really smoothly in comparison to some issues with the G9. Build quality matters. At this price though it's a no brainer, the G9 would cost you $1000 more. AW38 baby!

  • Hi OP, which monitor a
    Would be best to make it like a TV to cast through chromecast or plug in like aple TV or so?

  • Would the S2721DGF be a good monitor to pair with a PS5?

    • No as the S2721DGF is not 4K. Currently it will only run 1080p on PS5.

  • Great deals, thanks. Any chance on 34 or 38 ultrawide wit USB-C ?

  • +1

    I bought S2721DS for wfh purposes. Should be a big improvement on my 15 year old 24’ monitor.

    QS model would’ve been nicer but I doubt I’ll need 4K resolution to use Teams or use Word

  • Seeking recommendations for monitor arms to hold 2 x 27" Dell monitors. Best approach is to purchase single arms right?

    I recall OB love a particular brand / model however can't recall where I read that!