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Edifier R1700BTs Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers $151.71 Delivered @ Edifier Australia via Amazon AU


Good speakers for a good price.

This is the newer version with a subwoofer line out and aptX support for Bluetooth.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Better to purchase this with a subwoofer or the S350DB?

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      These plus a sub would be noticeably better than 350db, but more expensive option. I've just done the same thing, r1280dbs with sub and it's rocking my world.

      • Can I ask what sub, or point me in the right direction?

        • Are you in a small room, office, or open area? And are you using exclusively for pc set up or also for TV?

          • @ifreddo: Bedroom, but it's a sunroom so it's a long narrowish room. Hoping to use it with a TV and for Bluetoothing music too.

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              @Rojohe: So here are some recommendations.

              If you are in a medium/largish room or planning to use these speakers with a home theatre type set up with a TV - then I would recommend spending a bit more and future proofing your sub with an SVS SB1000 or SVS PB1000. They were on special not long ago for around $900. You may think that's a lot of money, but they will last a long time and if you ever upgrade your speakers get a receiver/amplifier then these subs will be ready for that. Get SB1000 if you listen to music more than watch movies, and get PB1000 if you tend to watch more movies than music. The SB1000 is also a lot smaller than PB1000, so consider that if you are placing the sub under a desk, since a smaller sub is easier to fit.

              If you're after something a bit smaller and cheaper, perhaps for a PC set up or small room, definitely check out the audio engine s8 - it's an 8" sub as opposed to the SVS subs which are 10" or 12" inch. It can be had for around $450. It has good reviews, hits low bass frequencies for the price, and will really add another dimension to your speakers. I personally wouldn't spend less than this for a sub, unless you're looking at second hand stuff on gumtree.

              I have a PC setup, mostly music, some movies and games. I have a Q Acoustics 3060S which is more than enough for me. It's an 8" sub and pairs really well with the edifiers.

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                @ifreddo: That was an incredible write-up. Thank you.

        • Also interested to know what sub would be worth getting. Just ordered these speakers for pc setup

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          Just bought the sub from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/599385, people seem to think it punches above its weight

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    I have this set of speakers and the older R1700BT. I don't notice the supposed audio improvement, but there are 3 other feature upgrades I do like, the new remote control is such a better layout, The bluetooth/power light is now at the front of the speaker, so it's so much easier to see if your phone is connected to the speaker, also when you've finished using the speaker you're reminded that it's still on by being able to see the light. Sometimes with the older speakers, I would forget to turn the speakers off then days later I would notice that the light is still on. Finally if you have a Blutooth 5.0 phone then the range is so much better with the new Bluetooth 5.0 R1700BTs speakers. I can walk around my (smaller single level) house with the phone in my pocket without losing connection, with the old speakers if I left the room I would start to lose reception.

  • Cheaper at Catch - however the R1700BT one!


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    Now $139.99 for those subscribed who haven't purchased yet.

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