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[SUBS] Disney+ Star - 447 New Movies and 155 TV Shows Added to Existing Subscription


Star is set to bring nearly 450 new movies and 155 TV series to the platform, basically doubling the size of the existing content library.

Check out what's included https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2021/02/every-title-coming-to-...

Note: As pointed out by people in the comments there was a price increase, but i initially did not include it here because there is nothing that could be done about this now and also this has been announced a month ago. Read about it here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/601376

For those that can't seem to see the R18 shows, that's probably because you haven't agreed to their policy thing. It should prompt you when you login or try this link if you don't see it for some reason: https://www.disneyplus.com/star-onboarding

Users who wish to block "Additions to Subscription Services" can do so by adding SUBS to their deals customisation. * Xbox Game Pass, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus etc. are considered additions to subscription services. You can also block seeing deals from certain stores or users by hitting the hide button below. Discussion Thread

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    Oh today is the day right.

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  • Where is modern family?! :(

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      Watching Netflix.

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      Try episode 7 of WandaVision

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        There’s a hint of The Office too!

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      unfortunately on binge for some reason. fingers crossed it makes its way to D+ though

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    Sorry - but this ain't a deal in anyone's language

    Up until midnight last night it was $8.99pm/$89.99 per year now it's $11.99 per month/$119.99 annually

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      Yep, title should include 'Price Increase'

      • True enough…..

        ..although a price increase less than 35%, while increasing the catalogue of included material by more than 60% is pretty good.

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          You didn't take into account the weighting of the quality of the catalogue before & after…

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          35% increase in losing money does not make it worth IF the 60% increase of content is 100% garbage content.

          Edit: I realised I just repeated what JV said and I'm a dofus.

        • it's enough of a price hike that once I Start needing to pay the higher price I will be canceling my subscription. Not worth keeping both this and netflix.

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            Not worth keeping both this and netflix.

            and Amazon Prime and Stan….

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      It wasn't a bad deal if you signed up for a yearly plan last night!

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        Paid for the yearly plan 2 weeks ago - on suspicion of a price increase during the year, haven't bothered to check if I need to pay more…

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        I renewed my yearly sub through iTunes today for the $89.99! The old price is still available there it seems for today at least.

        • How do I do this?

          Tried in the app and it just takes me to the Disney plus website

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            @jrjr: I'm not sure if it works for new accounts, but if you've bought Disney+ through Apple in the past it will be in your Subscriptions area in the Settings app.

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          If you are renewing you keep the old price until 22/08/21. Anyone on yearly that needs to renew before this date gets the next year for the lower price.

      • Yes. I just signed up to the yearly plan last night. Almost forgotten it.

      • fark could have done with a reminder. Recently moved and only just got a TV, so been out of the loop. This post is just rubbing salt in my wound hah. I'll just keep telling myself it's only 30 bucks…

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      Up until midnight it was Disney+ for $8.99.

      12:01 new users get access to Star as well for $11.99.

      I joined yesterday and looking at ALL the content it’s a great deal in my family.

      Use price beat iTunes cards from Officeworks to sweeten the deal.

    • -4

      LOL this is more to rub it in your faces to those who missed the deal. The shows on Star are awesome. Sucks to be ya losers

      • +6

        The losers didn’t miss a deal because there was no deal.

    • -1

      Yes they’ve been screaming it out on their social media pages for a good month now. I guess you’re a day too late. Haha

    • I had a quick look at Star last night and really theres not enough there that interests me. I won’t be resubscribing when my current annual sub runs out. Can’t justify it, just for myself.

    • Yep, I just went back on Disney+ a day before this happened and only went for the monthly sub after considering the yearly one…

    • yup i agree. it dosent excuse the price increase.

    • +8

      Are you 12?

      • According to their sign up date, we have an OzBaby

      • -1

        This website consists of people acting like 12-year-olds half the time personally I thought that shit was funny

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    Alien! Futurama! That's more than enough for me!

    • +4

      Or just acquire them and add them to Plex/Kodi and own them forever with no ongoing fees, shitty DRM, no risk of them randomly being removed or being forced to use a specific app on a short list of supported devices. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      Buying the DVDs and ripping them is a legal option.

      • -1

        Isn’t running a plex server more expensive than this thought?

        • +5

          The free version of Plex would be all you need.

          • @PainToad: Someone asks a question, I answer it and I get voted down.

            Wonder if they're butthurt that setting up a basic Plex server is to complicated for them.

            • +3

              @PainToad: Have a +

              There's some negative voting Nancys around, that's for sure.

              • -2

                @pennypacker: Is that nancy regan or nancy pelosi or an offensive word for a gay man or a man who is considered to be effeminate?

      • +3

        Not to mention being at the whim of Disney censorship plus currently there is no multiple versions of films with alternative cuts for example the Alien series where many of those films have Director or workprint/Producers versions.

        • -1

          No alternative cuts? How darest they!

      • Buying the DVDs and ripping them is a legal option.

        Sounds expensive

    • +12

      Futurama? Shut up and take my money!

    • NICE! they didn't list that one before, thanks Disney.

  • Thanks OP for reminding me to cancel :)
    I accidently went 2 mths and seriously after the 1st there is nothing to watch .

    • +6

      after the 1st there is nothing to watch .

      How did you watch a whole month of Star in a couple of hours ?

  • +2

    Oooooooo all these Wes Anderson movies

    • -1

      Related to Pamela ?

    • We need the full catalogue.

      "Home of Wes Anderson" should be one of Disney's billboards

  • +23

    What a waste OP.

    You could of posted each of the 447 movies and 155 TV shows as individual deals according to Ozbargain logic ;)

    • +8

      TA is already onto it…

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    Hey, it has Futurama!

  • +2
    • +1

      Not dupe this is more expensive

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    Father of the Bride. Wife will be happy.

  • Does anyone know why Modern Family is still not on the platform - I thought ABC owned MF?

    Edit: Ah okay, seems like Binge/Foxtel (for now) own the Australian rights, it'll probably go back to Disney+ once that contract expires. Same with Lost (which is available on Star in the UK)

    • Foxtel will give back the rights when it goes bankrupt c:

  • +21

    Price increase is not a deal. No controversy, just common sense.

    • I don't get it

    • -4

      What if you had a sport channel with only golf and then they added 10 sports in relation to this deal not AFL but curling , polo and other boring sport content :)
      They think they have the right to increase the price lol.

      • +6

        He's not saying they're unjustified to increase price but that this is not a deal.

  • yeah dell disney day …another way to give yanks money

  • Been looking forward to this. Currently re-watching Starship Troopers! Just resubbed for another year at the cheaper price.

    • Now there is an awful yet entertaining movie that has only the vaguest connection to the book it was supposedly based on.

  • +8

    Don't want to support a company that bullys its employees and supports racism.

    I'll just download what I want to watch and share it around.

  • +3

    I'm just gonna download all the movies off that list and all the TV shows

    • +1

      But but Disney will suffer oh no /s

      • -1

        So far off the list I've downloaded 12 rounds and air Force one to watch tonight :)

  • +4

    Bob's Burgers binge here I come!

  • +2

    This post is brought to you by PSABargain

    • +4

      I think you mean OzPSA

      • +2

        That's right since it's now more expensive. Thanks for pointing that out Neil, you were legendary in Starship Troopers

  • +3

    finally.. something to watch on it.

    i've had disney plus for 11 months now and barely watched it for more than 2 hours.
    all the regular content is just for kids. including the mandalorian

    • Hey I enjoyed the Mandalorian! :)

  • -1

    Such a big range now I have whole heap of movies and tv shows to watch thank you disney

  • -1

    I don't think I can find Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Any luck?

    • +3

      you haven't agreed to their R18 policy thing

      • How to change the agreement thing please? o_o

        • I had to log in on a PC browser for it to show as an option, I suspect phone app may do the same. TV app didn't show anything about it.

          • @kees2000: Funnily enough, I didn’t see anything on the phone app, but Android tv (Vodafone tv) the opt in appeared.

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