Looking for Used or Refurbised iPad Pro 3rd Gen 12.9 Inch for around $700 or $800 with Apple Pen

I just started Uni and I have been wanting to write my notes and equations on a digital notebook.

However, the entry for a new iPad is too expensive and had to resort to the used market. I found a shop that sells the iPads at $750 but they have minor imperfections. Are there any cheaper shops that sells iPad 12.9 inch at a cheap price?

I would prefer a shop located somewhere around Brisbane but online store works too.


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    The 12.9” iPad is pretty much aimed at the pro level market. They haven’t been out for that long(3rd gen was 2018 ish?) and they were pricey when they came out so people might not swap them over like they would a iPhone. If I buy a 12.9” iPad, case, and pencil today it comes to about $2400. It was similar for me but I bought the iPad on a plan at a good deal. I still had to cop the pencil and case.

    It is a big ask for it to come down to $800 by now.

    If Apple brings out a 5G model then I might upgrade so I’d sell you mine but really there is nothing wrong with it and it is completely paid off and I have a work SIM card for it. I could use it for another 2 years then upgrade.

    Looking on eBay I could sell it for about $1200 as well

    Have you considered the Air and a pencil or the new iPad and the pencil maybe with some JB discounted gift cards you could get that for around $900?

  • As of three days back Amazon were flogging a lot of second hand (sorry, refurbished) stuff.
    Get on Amazon and search for Amazon Renewed

  • Cheapest I can see is $750, 2 year warranty https://au.webuy.com/search?stext=iPad%20pro%203%2012.9&sort...

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