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2 Free Gym Protein Bar Samples Delivered @ GymBar


Got an email from Winners Bars who are now relaunching the protein bars. Grab them while they last. The process worked for me :-)

From website:

Try our new gym Protein Bars for FREE. No delivery costs, No asterisks.

Simply add this product to the cart and go through the order process. (No credit card details are required)

We will then send you out a sample pack (2 bars) containing each of our gym bar flavours to try.

Limit of one sample pack per customer.

1 x Chocolate and Sea Salt
1 x Chocnut and Caramel

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  • Thanks OP!

  • Ordered, thanks. It'll be great to try these out.

  • +1

    I always wonder how many free samples provided to OzBargain members ever lead to a sale.

    • Doesn't matter - 2 bars is a cheap way to get you on a mailing list!

    • Duplicate

  • Is $30 the normal price? is that correct?!

    • +1

      For a box of 12.

    • That's for a box of 12 which works out to be $2.5 a pop

  • -1

    Kinda sus on this one, looking at the website it seems like a scam to steal customer information, for future scams or to sell data.

    A quick google search on the number leads to some sewage treatment plant in Vic: https://vymaps.com/AU/Doig-Associates-Wastewater-Solutions-4...

  • Will this give me muscles?

    • Save some for the rest of us!

  • Tx ordered 99 haha

    • Limit of one sample pack per customer.

      • +2

        one sample pack per customer.

        99 customers all living in the same share house…

      • Haha yea doubt I'll get the 99 but it didn't limit in the cart so had nothing to lose lol

        • Got my shipping confirmation today. Did you get yours for your x99 order?

  • Thanks

  • 13g

    Hardly worth the effort to fill in the form…

    • Google literally fills it out for you with a single click?

      • How does Google know my details ?

        • +5

          By having a google account?

          • @AssBargain: jv is the last person on earth who gives his details away.

  • Hopefully the new rebranded ones taste as nice as the old ones. The choc and caramel one was my favourite.

  • Thanks OP 😊

  • Who reported this deal as inappropriate?

  • OOS after I clicked the last button to complete order…

    • Missed it by that much

    • I guess the 536 sample packs are now gone… :(

      Don't snooze next time.

  • +2

    Not available?

  • I think I may have been the last one, close call

    • Maybe you could share it with those that missed out?

      • +1

        Maybe you could share it with those that missed out?

        • no thanks…

          I'm not sharing mine…

  • +1

    Gym? What's a gym?

  • Damn I missed it. :(

  • +1

    risky business coming on oz offering free stuff llolol

  • I can't believe I'm falling for their marketing but I was looking for protein products. Missed out on the sample but can someone tell me if these are any good/worth a buy?

  • +2

    Shitloads of maltitol. Doesn't affect everyone the same way, but look out… 💩

  • Did anyone get email confirmation ?

    • No email confirmation for me, just a generic thank you screen after I submitted my details.

    • I received an order confirmation email but I haven't received a shipping email yet

      • Just received a shipping confirmation email

  • Got an email stating its been shipped.. waiting to see if its 1 sample or 99 samples :)

  • Got my sample today. Thanks OP

  • Got mine today

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