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Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection (Series 1-8) 4k Blu-Ray $213.34 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


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  • Wonder where the digital code works?

  • +9

    Just in time for winter, which is coming

    • When is winter

    • +3

      No worries, unlike the continual hype of its length and ferocity it only actually lasts 10-15 minutes.

  • +16

    1-8? They made a mistake, there was only 6 seasons of Game of Thrones.

    • +2

      Yeah not sure how they turned 4 seasons into 8

      • -1

        The boobs slowing down at later seasons. Not worth watching

    • Box set, $213. Oh, what's that, you only want seasons 1-6? Ok, box set, $399.

    • -1

      7 was okay okay

      • +5

        Na mate. 7 was the beginning of the end. It was a season-long build up to a season-long let-down

      • +1

        7 was definitely pretty bad. The writing was very much on the wall that they had no idea what they were doing without source material.

      • Everything became too Hollywood scripted after they ran out of books. I had no idea what was going to happen in the early seasons having never read the books.

    • +8

      And I can't even enjoy re-watching 1-6 because of the mess 7 and 8 are.

    • 5 and a half actually.

  • Need a spoiler tag in that description ;)

  • +14

    I'm still mad.

  • Know it's not the same as owning, though you can stream on Binge, could probably do over 3 months ($42).

    • +2

      Yeah, currently watching it on Binge - quality is pretty mediocre. Really notice the compression and banding in dark scenes. 4k option would be nice but not available.

  • +3

    Why would anyone want to waste money buying this crap to torture themselves with?

    • don't watch all of it, and you can get plenty of entertainment.

  • +1

    here for the comments

  • +5

    Total garbage final season ruined the whole series for me. Probably never watch it again and I don't recommend it to anyone unlike when season 1-7 was being released.

  • SPOILER ALERT.. they all die!! 🤭

  • download and watch for free, thats a real deal

  • Bought this for $250 at JB around New Years!

    Partner is watching it for the first time but wow I forgot how truly great the first few seasons were.

  • i think there's an error in the listing. There are only 7 seasons of GoT.

  • -1

    I laugh when everyone jumps on the “season 7 and 8 are crap bandwagon”. If you actually watch some documentary’s you would know that while D&D wrote the script for the final few seasons, all the information about the lead characters was actually coming from George himself. He told them exactly how all the main characters will wind up in the final books. If you didn’t like it, don’t buy the books when they are released as they will have the same outcome!

    I thought Season 7 was bloody fantastic. Season 8 was definitely rushed, but I put that blame more on HBO who were being strict on budgets as they were blowing out.

    It’s still the best TV show of our time. 1hr+ long episodes with cinema quality CGI. No other show is yet to compete with that.

  • -1

    Please don't put spoilers in the description

  • It still gives me pain to see everything GOT related :(

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