ShopBack Amazon 12% Flash Sale 27th November Rejected

Did anyone's claim from the 27th Nov now get rejected? Mine has been approved since and only today after noticing $92 missing in my total tracked did I then check which one got rejected.

This was 12% on all categories so makes absolute no sense as to why its rejected.

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    Yep all rejected.

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    Yes same here, it was $103 cashback so I'm quite mad.

    I've submitted my invoice to them so hopefully they can fix it.

    I even made a fresh Amazon account for this as I was worried my main account's promotion would interfere with the promotion, as well as using standard things like not using adblock etc.

    Honestly I think they should be banned from ozbargain if they are doing this sort of thing, you can't just advertise a big sale and then refuse to pay out.

  • Did shopback specify why it was rejected?

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    Mine is saying due to it being refunded… I still have the mobile I purchased so no idea how they got notified it was refunded. I would love for Amazon to have refunded me the $842 dollars and keep the phone over a $92 cashback :)

    Rejected: Unsuccessful Cashback/Bonus

    Your cashback has been rejected because this purchase was refunded. If this is not the case, do reach out to our support team and we will check in with our merchant. The merchant holds sole discretion in determining the cashback validity.

  • mine too… whats going on here?

  • Likewise. I submitted a query to Shopback on 14th Feb with "Why was this rejected, you deal offered 7.5% on ALL categories"

    Shopback Reply: Firstly, I would like to apologize for your experience and I understand it can be frustrating to not receive what you expected. We will do our best to help you out.
    I have gone ahead and rectified this for you by crediting the cashback accordingly, it should reflect in your Shopback account within 24 hours as "Pending". We apologize for the hiccup.

    Currently now shows as "Pending Again".

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    This sort of behaviour from Shopback is why I stopped using them back in 2019. It was a similar promo and I did everything right but it still got rejected, and they gave a heap of excuses.
    However I gave them another go for the flash sale on the 26th, fully expecting it to be rejected but this time it was confirmed.

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    Can't believe people are still using Shopback!

    • Welp, I missed the CR deal earlier that day and thought this could be a replacement, big mistake

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        I had 170$ rejected from CR when my purchase met the criteria. No explanation and generic “tough shit” email.

        • CR is almost as bad as Shopback these days.

  • Same, just checked because of these reports and mine were rejected as well.

    • after the update, mine have been fixed. Still pulling all my cashback money out though, better in my account than in shopback's, just in case

  • I made 7 purchases on 27/11 on amazon
    2 tracked
    1 rejected (refund).

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    Same here.

    1 order of 6 items on 27/11, got tracked as 3 separate transactions by Shopback. 1 of them was approved, the other 2 rejected (reason: "refunded"; nothing was refunded).

    Such a complicated mess to even figure out what the hell went on.

    If they don't pay up honestly it's not worth the effort to dispute; I'll just close my Shopback account.

    • For the record, all of my cashbacks came good on 26/2.

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    Just been rejected as well. Not bloody happy here!

    @gotyourback … VERY keen to hear the explanation here!!!

    • exactly my response when I checked. reckon everyone's waiting for the shopback rep to explain this nonsense. Seems like it didn't just happen to one or two isolated cases, seems quite widespread and tagged everyone who tried to take advantage of the "flash sale" at the time.

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    Yeah I've had it with all cashback to fickle for me. Shopback hardly tracks and when I try to go back to Cashback rewards for Prime day. nothing tracked. Shopback was far better when it worked and I made out like a bandit in 2019.

  • Got one confirmed, but the Xiaomi Note 8 pro rejected. Was it 12% on all categories? As my husband's account has a $0.00 that was rejected and I dont know which order that was for

  • speaking of amazon… we need more amazon all category deals (as long as it is paid out).

  • Yup $86 rejected. I think these guys are in financial trouble.

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      I'm withdrawing my accumulated balance so far just in case….

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    Rejected here as well.
    Rejected for 3 x Cashbacks for the 27-Nov-2020 with same reason in each case, all falsely claiming the items were refunded.
    Rejected: Unsuccessful Cashback/Bonus
    Your cashback has been rejected because this purchase was refunded…

    Thanks for the post bigpun notifying us of this.

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    Just checked mine today - 2 purchases, both rejected, both claiming that the purchase was refunded (completely false).

    Are ShopBack scamming their customers and pocketing the whole commission?

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    • After raising a support ticket the issue was rectified.

  • The other thing to watch for if and when they restore your claims is the amount AND in particular when "Paid". Many are quietly underpaid (for mine at least and not specific to this deal). Not a good look Shopback.

  • Mine were rejected as well. Most critically a $48 cash back for a lens. Submitted a investigation but also hoping to hear from gotyourback in this thread

  • Just checked mine today - 2 purchases, both rejected, both claiming that the purchase was refunded.
    Not Happy !!!

    This is the link to the 12% Amazon / Shopback Deal on OzBargain just to refresh your memory.

  • My 20% cashback iconic purchase in November didnt even track

  • Same just got rejected . Bought 5 things in 1 transaction during the Amazon sale. 1 confirmed and 4 rejected.

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    Hi all, thanks for your patience and for expressing your concerns here, and apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.

    Just posting the update here - yes an obvious error has happened which has caused all the Amazon Flash Sale transactions to be incorrectly rejected. The team has corrected the issue and it's all rolling out now as we speak. If your transaction(s) have actually been approved, it'll be updated from 'Rejected' to 'Confirmed'. Expecting this to be complete overnight.

    We'll check again in the morning to see whether this has been completed or not. Until then, feel free to reach out via email & PM if you need any assistance.

    • Mine is still rejected this morning, maybe I’ll wait til noon or something.
      Thanks rep for stepping in and fixing your colleagues mistakes!

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        Thanks for your understanding - yep I have done some checks just now and can see not everything has rolled out. Will follow up and write back here once there's been updates.

        • Same, still rejected as of right now.

          Have you got an ETA on when this will be resolved???

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            @Seraphin7: Hoping this is sorted by the end of today, but I have pushed the team to make this their number 1 priority today.

        • Just checked mine , still says rejected .

        • Still rejected, all my claims including amazon and aliexpress flash sale

        • 2 of my 3 have been updated to "Confirmed", but one is still showing "Rejected" due to refund (false).
          I would have thought they would have fixed all of the items for one account at once?

          Edit: I notice the outstanding 3 of 3 has changed to "Pending" - It seems they are working on them individually.

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          this is unacceptable
          relying on people's frustrations to scam them so you can keep the commissions you make

    • 2 of my 3 amazon purchases on the 27th November are still listed as refunded. None of them were.

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      Very convenient for it to be accidentally rejected. Do you know what the cause was and what are you doing to ensure this doesn't happen again?

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        You sound fun at parties.

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          Sorry that I actually care about getting what was advertised.

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            @DvApps: So does everyone…. but then you asking why and what to make sure it wont happen again abit overboard.

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              @Chchnu: Not really, if you have a look at other shopback threads you'll see it's a common issue, so there's obviously a problem. If there's a store rep here why not ask the source directly what's going on, so I can know next time if I should waste my time chasing up on shopback or just use cashrewards.

  • Mine also was split into multi transactions via Amazon and Shopback is stating items were refunded or returned on one of the translations but the other is approved, wtf? Hmmmm unhappy customer.. I will update if they fix it

  • Mine also not fixed yet, lodged enquiry, hopefully we will have positive outcome.

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    Just checked mine , still says rejected .

    • Thanks gotyourback , mine is confirmed as well.

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    I just saw that my shopback cashback was rejected. They claim that the item refunded even though it was not.
    Strangely, one of the cashbacks was paid out and that was in the same order. Each item got separate cashback tracking so if they can't claim i clicked away or didnt have cookies turned on or something else because the other items cashback was confirmed.

  • Not happy Jan!

    I signed up with Shopback specifically to get the 12% off an Oculus Quest 2 during the flash sale ($62.07 in cash back). Just noticed this morning it tells me rejected due to it being refunded (it was not - I have it sitting on my desk as I write this!). Not a good way to start a relationship Shopback! Hopefully this all gets resolved today otherwise I will be steering clear of Shopback in future. Feeling like I should have listened more to the regular comments on here about how dodgy these claims can be.

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    Thanks to the OP for pointing this out. Would not have noticed otherwise. Same issue with me.

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    Moral of Story: It is important to monitor both ShopBack and CashRewards. This is not exactly uncommon for either to reject (based on personal experience).
    I noticed this specific reject two weeks ago and submitted a Query and was dealt with on the same day by Shopback.

    I am not saying it is ok for this to occur, and just noting that it is important to keep track of your Rewards regularly and up to the point of being paid. One should not rely on threads like this to be informed!

  • Note: The partner store holds sole discretion in determining the cashback validity.

    Amazon is rejecting everyone's cashback?

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    Happened to me as well
    sb probably rejected everyone and only payout the people who bother to follow up and dispute their bs

  • Curious was this a whole day flash sale?

  • Phew. Saved $55 cb.

  • I sent a claim 2ish hours ago and got a reply shortly after, and my cashback is now approved! Yay!

    Hang in there everyone, they seem to be fixing it all

  • thank you OP and gotyourback.

    my cashbacks from the flash sale are now confirmed

  • My two purchases from the Amazon flash sale got approved today.

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    Hi everyone, another refresh was forced and I can see many of the transactions have been confirmed. If your transactions have not updated yet, please PM me your email address.

    • Mine is now pending, is that where it should be, or should it be confirmed? I've already lodged a ticket with you guys.

      • It should be confirmed. PM me your email address and I can get your ticket checked.

        • Hi store rep, I've also PMed you my email regarding a rejected cashback on this 27 Nov amazon sale. Would you mind please looking into it as I'd love to know the status of the cashback? thanks.

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        Thanks for PMing your email address - you were in the system queue to have your cashback confirmed. Looks like it's now confirmed. For anyone else who's seeing "Pending", it'll sort itself automatically.

    • Thanks, mine is confirmed now too. Oddly my cashback amount increased from $21.71 to $22.33 🤷

  • Thanks OP. Noticed two of my transactions got rejected as well. Following up now.

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    Anybody else's cashback change after it was confirmed?

    • yes

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      I got my major cashback ~50$ back, thanks @gotyourback for pushing

      I checked the history and found out that I have a few more smaller items got rejected from other Amazon/ the good guys orders ( a kindle and a wall clock) got rejected mysteriously as well (~$10). Can’t be assed to send another support ticket at this point.
      I’ll just got my money and eff off 🥲🥲

  • Yep mine from the 27th Nov was also rejected. They apparently appealed it but it went no where and remains rejected even though none of the reasons given below applied to my order.

    Rejected: Unsuccessful Cashback/Bonus
    Your cashback was rejected and removed from your pending earnings for one of these reasons: 1. Your order was cancelled, returned or exchanged, partially or fully 2. Your order was paid for with a gift voucher 3. Payment or stay was not completed. If this was not the case, email us at [email protected] and we will check in with our merchants. Note: The partner store holds sole discretion in determining the cashback validity.

  • My purchase from the 26th November was just confirmed. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones?

    • This seems to be a system problem that affected en masse most/all the purchases made in that 1 hour flash sale on 27th November. If you made your purchase on 26th, then not affected by this

    • All of my Amazon purchases on 26 and 28 November are showing as rejected now. Majority of my other Amazon purchases from Oct and Nov have simply disappeared from ShopBack list.

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    Lol how the hell is it ok that it takes multiple manual interventions to fix this? And then to say you should write in if you’re still affected…

    Imagine the $ they are keeping for themselves with all the users that aren’t on top of these things.

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    I stopped using Shopback for over 6 months, had enough of these type of Rejections without legitimate reasons way too many times. Whereas Cashrewards have been honest and getting sales tracked 100% of the time.

    • I have equal amount of issues with CashRewards especially over the last few months so not just a Shopback thing.
      As I noted earlier. One should constantly monitor ones accounts and where applicable (like this one), submit a Query where required. In an ideal world we shouldn't have to but thats the price of both SB and CR. Everything comes at a price and in these cases "our time" :-)

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        and your personal data if you are dealing with shopback ;(

  • My Amazon purchase was still rejected. It is on the most, expensive purchase too!

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    I thought the meme here was shopback never tracks?

  • Hope Shopback gets this feedback and fixes up their 'system'. Their app and plug in majority of the cases is fine for standard deals.
    By the system, I mean the marketing side of the business team when they do these 'pop' up promotions and special lightening that isnt even implented in the app so never tracks!

    For me I've had issues with 27 Nov being track as well. But I just escalated it as per normal using my process below.

    1. Every purchased I screen shot of the purchase with the plugin activated. and the pre GST amount + date. File away
    2. Track in a simple spread sheet the amount I am expecting vs the date it is expected. Usually with the UID like 91014594SB010_129 matching the purchase
    3. Every month via the spread sheet I check whats overdue and rejected. I have to manually check and raise the case with SB customer service…
    4. Just send them the folder of the screenshots and invoicing from Amazon / Ebay / Catch etc etc…and usually they do a TOP_UP

    Yes its a PITA system for some. But works for me and I feel like if only SB implemented this it would improve.

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    Mine is still rejected. I spent $1920 as it was advertised as no limit. Followed exactly and rejected. So unreliable… Should we report it to ACCC for false advertising?

  • All my Amazon/Aliexpress are confirmed or pending now, $250+ saved

    Thanks SB

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    All but one of my 26, 27 (non flash sale) and 28 November Amazon purchases have now changed to Rejected

  • I had a cashback from aliexpress transaction rejected.. I was expecting $20 but then miraculously got rejected when it was due for payment. No reason give, other than Shopback putting it back on the seller? No idea why, i received my item, no codes were used and I never received a refund?

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    I made one order and cancelled it, then made a second identical order (cashback was around 50 for each). Got both successfully tracked haha

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      ………and point being?

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        That the system is inconsistent/unreliable?

        • No. Both will show as tracked however doesn't mean one gets paid for the cancelled item. All SB does is track the sale. It has no way of knowing that the order was cancelled until approval/decline report comes back from Amazon.