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FastestVPN - Lifetime 15 Users US$20 (~A$25.32) @ BitsDuJour


*** Update 11:51 pm 25th Feb
This deal has been Extended, at time of writing, there is another 19 HOURS left ;)

*** About 7 hours 40 minutes left, at the time of writing *** (at afternoon of 25th Feb)

Check this out for yourself:

To practise internet safety, just google: bitsdujour fastestvpn

Did a bit of a review myself, please do your own by google: fastestvpn review
Of course, skip the ones reviewed by their own company.
Also note, some older reviews were not so good but check out the newer reviews.
I think it is because this is a newish company compared to the much older VPNs companies, so they are constantly improving as shown in the newer reviews.
The best thing is the lifetime offer, but at very reasonable prices.

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  • I am on the 100 Mbps NBN and I get ~65 Mbps on a good day. I have configured this on a separate Tp-Link router that is always on and connected to a New York server.

    Have a few 'free' 40 GB Windscribe accounts but can't have that configured on a router being 'free' tier account, so if you want something that is always online and can quickly jump in and out, this is pretty alright.

  • because this is a newish company

    they are constantly improving.

    I fail to see how you came to the conclusion?

  • Bit of a bold claim "Fastest VPN".
    That's a bit like wearing a "World's Best Lover" t-shirt.

  • I got this deal the last time around. Definitely not the fastest but would definitely recommend especially for the lifetime license.

  • Thanks just signed up. Works well.

    I have ExpressVPN so i can compare.

    ExpressVPN appears to be faster (streams mostly in HD) , this one only streams in SD so far .. however, this is ok with me.

    Lifetime subscription is a bonus.

    • How long did it take for you to get the registration code?

      • got it almost immediately in the email receipt they sent you. it wasnt really clear in the email where is the code however the code is under "Registration information"

    • “Lifetime subscription” is very unsustainable, wouldn’t be surprised if they shut down in 2~3 years.

      • if they shut down in 2 years then it will be USD $10 a year which is 90 US cents a month.

        Still worth it in my opinion.

      • I got TWO lifetime subscriptions from another two young companies when they were starting up.
        - Malwarebytes
        - WinPatrol

        I'm still using them. The first one is now quite popular. The second is super useful for me.

  • Is this company trustworthy?. And would Netflix U.S. work with this?

  • So how do you use.it once you've bought it? Do they have apps?

    • They will send you an email.
      Click on the link in email and register new account with FastestVPN.

      Then download the app. They have lots of options, Windows and mobile apps too.

      then use the Code in the email, once you installed it.

  • windows 10 defender stop the app from being installed. now im wondering if theyre legit

  • US$16 via Codes here for anyone looking to purchase still. The special2020 code should be good, the rep sent it to us recently (not sure if the other one still works).

  • Guys - the Deal is still on via BitsDuJour as well (https://www.bitsdujour.com/software/fastestvpn)
    But I guess people would go for the US$16 codes if still available.

    Looks like they are trying to get more and more people to sign up, probably to reach some sort of critical mass, so they can buy more infrastructure and provide better services.
    If that is the case, I would not ignore them, because that's how many of the internet giants start out. Once they reach a certain point they will stop these deals and let people pay normal prices again. I got similar lifetime licenses for Malwarebytes and WinPatrol, wish I had more of others too!