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[eBay Plus] Sony KD75X9000H - 75" Full Array LED 4K Android TV $2203.20 Delivered @ Sony eBay Store


Great deal on a highly regarded TV. Hope all of those who got disappointed by the JBHIFI unobtainable deal can get one here. Looks like they have a good stock level.

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  • With this can you price match?

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  • Thanks OP, got one!

    • Hope they honour it, but I can see them not as it's $1k difference.

      • Yeah, have to wait and see. Got an order confirmed email but not sure if that means the purchase is final.

  • Thanks OP how to get additional 5% off

  • Price back up to $3.2 wth

  • Price gone back up, just like it did in the other deal. Don't reckon they'll honour it.

  • it is showing just 2%

  • I grabbed one and noticed it was a similar price on Sony website too. Not sure what's going on here.

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    A few left at Amazon at $2,295.

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      Thanks grabbed one

      • Great! Hopefully they honour it.

        • Why wouldn't they?

          • @pizzaguy: Pricing errors are often not honoured.

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              @ronburgundy11: True.

              You can put up any "mispriced" item and get publicity, new customers registered, money charged and profiting on overnight accounts, then not honour the deal and return the money after some time… Australian Consumer Law!

    • Gone:(

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      …..annnnnd gone.

      Damn these mortgage bills!

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      Thanks, got one.

      • Excellent! Fingers crossed they honour it. Keep us updated.

        • Looks like they’ve put the price back up to $3,295.

          My order is still pending at the reduced price. Fingers crossed!

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    Potential price error caused by sonys api maybe which other retailers see

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    So odd - whats the go - each etailer has 4x extra units only to drop at $1k off?

  • I just picked mine up now

  • Missed out.

    Hoping for another deal before Snyder Cut.

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one. awaiting the order confirmation email :)

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      Woohoo..got the confirmation email.

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    Grabbed one and got an order confirmed email from eBay. Rippa!

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    Am I right in thinking that this model was more specifically released for the next gen consoles? With the next gen consoles being a failed launch due to supply issues the demand for this TV would have dropped dramatically, hence the price drop?

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      This has failed the next gens too. The firmware wasn't up for it plagued with issues and last I heard they even removed VRR from the future patch notes

      • Edit: nm. cyrax83 has posted about it below.

    • Over thinking it, i have had the 65" for 6 months great TV, paid $1940 delivered. Don't game either.

      • Same here, paid $2000, had no issues, fantastic picture, no gaming.

      • That's a good price. How did you manage that?

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          Local good guys just bargained them down.

  • damm gone

  • man…gottta be quick around here…

  • Wow! I paid a bit less than 3k through TGG Commercial, a few weeks ago… Unfortunately, ANZ Frequent Flyer Black price guarantee insurance excludes online orders… :(

    Very happy with the TV :)

    • no longer see it in goodguyscommercial either
      Found it

    • How much did you end up paying the TGG Comm? Might be the best option as generally about $3,295 elsewhere? Thanks

      • Just checked the invoice. It was not less than 3k, but 3,019.00 + delivery… Not exactly a bargain…

        • Thanks…better than current prices though.

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    This is a great TV, anyone who gets one at this price has done extremely well

    • Yup I have the 65" (managed to get it for $1655 delivered last year, box damaged from Sony eBay) and it's a fantastic TV.

      • The box damaged ones are great. In January I ordered a box-damaged 55" X9500H from Sony and it's been perfect so far.

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    Damn missed this, been on the hunt for a while.now!

    Trying to think of the delay as positive as I can get the 2021 TVs..

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    Great deal on a great TV OP, sad I missed out :(

  • Wow congrats who got em

    I got the 55 in the bedoir and it's amazing for value

    I'm going into predator mode for 75 or 85 for lounge room 👀

  • I'm sorry to say I also missed this! Am holding out for a decent price on a solid performance 65" or 75"

    Must also be able to handle sport and fast-moving action, as well as VRR 120fps for Xbox Series X goodness.

    Seem Sony aren't being clear if VRR will be finished in a firmware update for this model?

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      VRR has been removed. So best being waiting for 2021 releases

      • It'll be November before it gets to this price

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          and then people will tell you to wait for 2022 models

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            @placard: It will have proper 12 bit colour and that will be futureproof for the upcoming PS5 Pro

            • @fuzor:

              the upcoming PS5 Pro

              /s or do you have some insider info?

              • @pizzaguy: PS5 pro is definately "upcoming" and so is PS6

                • @fuzor: Yeah, nah. Upcoming is not the same as "a thing of the future".

                  "Upcoming PS5 Pro" is a rumour and hype today, but fingers crossed, hey.

                  • @pizzaguy: lol well I dont know what youre expecting seeing standard ps5 is only about 4 month old and some countries are yet still waiting for it to launch…

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    $2,299.99 at Costco now altho it's not as a decent deal like this one.

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      Costco has X8000H not X9000H

      • Sorry my bad… still in the sadness over missing this deal :'(

        • you not alone… i asked Jb to place one on hold buy the time i went to store price had changed and they don't honor the hold :( Then later to check was same price on ebay and amazon added to the cart went to make payment rejected price change.

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            @vbhaven: Why on earth would they honour it? I wouldn't.
            If you had the chance to buy it online (like the other 20 or so lucky punters did this morning) and you didn't then you know who to blame :)

            • @sm0: @sm0 JB - did not have option of online it was in store only so i had to place it on hold

          • @vbhaven: I got mine by ringing and paperwork was processed on the spot so 3 hours later I just had to go in n pay

            • @Dex38313: Lucky you, i told the guy i am happy to pay deposit and full amount but he said just come in we will sort it out.

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        Costco do sell the X9000H. Saw it there a few weeks ago in 65" ($2270) and 75" ($3180).

  • does this tv have a successor yet, geared for next-gen concolses? waiting for the best longterm ps5 option. thought this model was heading towards $2000 over the next 6-12months anyway, but surely this was an error.. hope some ppl got lucky!

    • J series announced, not yet released. Almost def Q3/4.
      Perhaps an error but same price at JB, Sony, Ebay and Amazon
      Perhaps just clearing some stock. We will find out soon.

  • What was the "JBHIFI unobtainable deal" mentioned by the OP ?

  • Did anyone happen to get a screenshot of the price before it changed?

  • Is it true no more VRR through update?

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      Last Modified : 11/01/2021

      X90H - listed as Yes for VRR AND ALLM:
      4 There are plans to make these features available via software update. It is recommended that you always update the TV to the latest software version. For assistance on how to perform an update, refer to the How to perform a software update article.

      Note that the PS5 doesn't even have VRR and ALLM yet

      Also: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2021/01/13/sony-conf...

      Sony: “XH90 will support VRR and ALLM via a future firmware update. Any articles on Sony sites that stated otherwise have been updated with the correct information.”
      US readers may be concerned that the statement I was sent (I’m based in the UK) only explicitly references the European XH90 model numbering. But I have double checked with Sony, and they have confirmed that the statement also applies to X900H models.

      So - yes i'm confident it's coming.

      • Oh that’s good then

    • They say they will. Looks like it will be the same time as this year's models whenever that happens

  • Looks like pricing error as back up to $3,295 on all sites. Gonna be a lot of unhappy buyers.

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      Amazon just took my money, so let's see.

      • Sony eBay have taken my money and left a review - fingers crossed!

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          Nice one.Did they give you a delivery date? They gave me a 4 day delivery window. Hopefully they firm up a day!

  • I've had this tv for a few months. Has anyone else experienced issues with the audio or input? I experience a lot of issues of the audio not working when changing to TV or game console, and having to hard reset the TV to get sound back. Almost daily. Also experience random issue of switching the input to the game console and it not detecting it, and again having to hard reset the TV to fix it.

    • For the older X900E and the higher end X9500H I have issues with it sometimes not correctly outputting the audio to the soundbar (connected via HDMI ARC) and reverting to tv speakers when it starts up.

      When that happens I need to switch the output manually.

    • Had no sound occasionally on Foxtel/xbox outputting through Arc, reset temporarily fixed it. Changed to a better quality HDMI cable fixed it permanently.

    • This happened ~3 times and I don't know if it is the new TV or the new Soundbar (Samsung). I've bought a new hdmi 2.1 cable which hasn't arrived yet, but I hope it will solve the problem.

    • You have to disable eArc

      • So you're saying if I switch the game console to a non-eArc port it should solve the issue? What's the underlying issue?

        • Mostly sound cut out with soundbars/speakers. Don't think there are any problems with using the internal speakers though.

  • Amazing deal for anyone who got on it

  • Can't be a price error if JB did the same. More likely a marketing "loss leader" to generate interest.

    Well done to those who ordered in time.

  • I got one for $2395. Go to store and ask for price match. I was asking for for $2395. Stupid me lol. You should ask for price match

    • Can you provide a receipt please? PM me if you like :)

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        • Great. Price match . have you done after price gone up in website? because jbhifi was showing earlier 2295$ itseems.

          • @Ozfanmel: Yes, I just purchased 30 mins ago lol.

            • @mevrick: Oh nice. Lucky you are. nearby store for me dont have stock :(

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