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[PC] Free - Black Desert Online (Was $12.99) @ Steam


Free till 10 March.

Black Desert Online is a sandbox, living-world MMORPG. Experience fast-paced, action-packed combat, hunt monsters and huge bosses, fight with friends in a guild to siege nodes and conquer castles, train your life skills such as fishing, trading, crafting, cooking, and much more!

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  • So after March you'd have to buy it? Or if you download it before March 10 you get to keep it free?

    • Free to keep if you get it before Mar 10

      • should say free to play before xxx or free to keep before xxx

        • Yep, i copied the description from the store below

  • +3

    The game has a cashshop, but it's essentially meaningless until you reach the endgame unless you want to pay for convenience (pets that autoloot, more inventory space, more inventory max weight) or want flashy outfits.

    You can easily get away with mindlessly mashing your way through levels 1 to roughly 55, but after that the XP required to level exponentially increases and it becomes an absurd grind. You'll get many hours of play out of your $0.

    • Would this be fun with partner play? Or better solo?

      • I have fun playing it solo, but mostly doing quest.

        • This game is decent for playing solo, by main story quest, it is quite good. (Voiced Story chat)

    • +1

      You'll get many hours of play out of your $0.

      depends on whether you enjoy the grind or not tbh.

      • Hence why I specifically called out levels 1 to 55 haha

  • From the description in the store page:

    Get Black Desert Online
    Free to keep when you get it before 10 Mar @ 1:00am. Some limitations apply.

  • is this game good? Graphics look decent. It's been a long time since I've played an MMO, and I used to be obsessed with MMOs. But I stopped playing them because they were too much of a treadmill. I might do some research into classes and grindiness.

    There is one that I'm looking forward to, Ashes of Creation, but it's being made by an indie studio who used Kickstarter, so it's probably never coming out.

    • +3

      This is a very very grindy game. Lvl 1-55 is quite fast however the game doesn't actually start until lvl 56, which becomes really slow to grind. I never bother with story because the translation was quite bad at launch.

      Graphics wise it's still beautiful especially the character model. You know where the focus of the developer is, they want people to buy costumes and other consumables for the grind.

      There are lots of things to do but all of them are essentially really really big grind to get anywhere.

      • so, no monthly fee but the revenue is driven by cosmetics and convenience purchases? i.e. the f2p model.

        • +1

          The costumes are not strictly purely cosmetic. Most costumes purchased from the store also carry a bonus effect(s) that you otherwise do not get.

          The pre-endgame convenience purchases manifest as extra inventory slots, extra inventory weight limit, self-revives/healing items and pets that can autoloot (you cannot autoloot by default).

          The endgame convenience purchases are much, much more indepth.

        • +2

          Yes it is.

          And when I said grind it's ultimately very big grind. For example at lvl 55 each monster you kill give you around 0.004% of a level or something. The game also discourages you from fighting monster higher level than you as I believe there is an exp penalty for fighting them, as well as they are much harder to kill in general. There's no shortcut, just get a group, stack buff, reinforce your gear and mindlessly killing for hours.

          It is possible to buy Premium items like costume with in game gold but you need to be very lucky. They are not very expensive because price is fixed by developer so it won't ballooning to bazillion of in game silver, however silver is very much needed to spent on enhancement and the like and they are consumed as in getting removed from the economy. You also compete with thousands of other players in bidding for the premium item, so it's like buying a PS5 or RTX 3080 at discounted MSRP. I did manage to grab a couple of costumes set which usually gone within seconds of being put up.

    • +1

      It is a grindy korean mmo, it's pretty ruthless in it's grind which is a shame because the world building seems really good.

    • +1

      No. The pvp is fun, but it'll take you 3 digit hours to get there.

  • can we play this offline?

    • +2

      Are you aware of what the O in MMORPG stands for?

      • Ouw, i don't. I'm sorry. I take it as Online?

        • +1

          Yep online only.

      • +9


        • +4

          No, online is O, offline is O.

  • The character customisation in this is absolutely insane.

  • How demanding are the graphics? Wanting a nice game to stretch my rtx 3070.

    • +1

      Not demanding.

      I can't think of any MMO that is demanding tbh.

      I do remember shadow of the tomb raider was on special recently ($6?) That uses some rtx effects, but everything maxed at 4k my 2070 gets ~25-30fps from memory, I don't play it like that but still.

      Control is in next month's humble bundle and that is meant to be fairly strenuous using a few rtx abilities.

      • Cheers mate

  • My pc is rubbish but it looks like it’s in the Xbox gamepass. Should I give it a go?

  • It's already in my Steam library - probably from this deal last year.

    • Same :)

  • +1

    Black desert is good now as it is feature a lot of paid item(Grinding support, like Value pack, Combat and Life EXP boost, inventory slot) in loyalties. Other part of P2W is harder because of RNG enhancement.
    P2W in convenient is still there, but you just need to paid less than $300 if you are staying in the game for long, other stuff you can get via endless grinding and purchase using in game currency.

    Black desert's main storyline which you can play in your first few day in the game showcase, what you can get, in future main story's update.

    Black desert is just a bit endless grinding because of RNG enhancement and Fabled treasure, but these is what keep your on the game.

    Black desert also known as multiple game mode in game if you hate grinding: 30v30 Team match, Horse Racing, PVP, and various mini mode to come. Also the standalone pubg mode as steam game's Shadow Arena features 30-40% of skill for specific classes in Black desert original game.

  • Does anyone actually have a recommendation of a decent MMORPG to play, that I'm not 100 years behind, not pay to win… it can actually be a new single player game too, like a modern skyrim/dragon age? This genre has just been so dry for the last 5 years it seems….

    • +1

      Guild Wars 2. I think it's f2p now, but not sure what the model is.

      Otherwise WoW if you're willing to pay monthly. You can play WoW without paying monthly but it requires a huge grind to do so, and wouldn't you rather be playing for fun than to make the payment?

      • +1

        GW2 is f2p for the base game, and one-off payments for expansions

    • Maybe even FF XIV. Plenty of new players joining. Single player? Genshin Impact is getting rave reviews.

    • Can't really recommend an MMO right now since there really isn't anything new and exciting.

      Just the usual suspects of WOW, GW2, Final Fantasy etc

      For single player games though i just got done with Immortals Fenyx Rising and had a great time.

      • I really need a switch…

        • It's available on all platforms, i played it on PC.

    • Try out Final Fantasy XIV. It has a free trial that goes up to level 60 and covers the base game and first expansion but comes with a number of restrictions. If you decide to continue after that there are two more expansions currently out and new one will be releasing later in the year but you would have to buy the game and expansions to continue which would then require you to pay the subscription on an ongoing basis if you wanted to play.

      It is largely a single-player game as you progress your quests individually, even if you are in a party with others. The multiplayer part comes from dungeons, trials (big boss fights), and raids which you can queue for in the in-game Duty Finder system which will match you with players or the Party Finder system where people will post what they are trying to complete and others can choose to join them. For the most part, in multiplayer content you will be one of 4 to 8 people.

      Everything in the game is locked behind the story which you proceed through on a linear basis though there are a lot of side quests if you choose to do them. A lot of people consider the story for the base game quite dry but if you can push through it, the story of the expansions are good and there will be a lot of pay-offs if you paid attention in the early parts of the story as things will be brought up again.

  • +1

    Just tried it out and the initial UI is a bit overwhelming. Not too sure wtf I am supposed to be doing.

    Graphics are insane though, that character creator and of course boob physics being employed generously

    • Korean MMO at its finest.

  • What's the fishing like?

    • The fishing is pretty bland a mix of WASD combos, most people just afk fish overnight as an easy source of money

  • played this on steam and SEA servers. terrible ping. yeah 100-110 is low on SEA but 200+ on NA is bad. When you are doing PVP combos and timings are important.

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