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[Pre Order] Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration amiibo Card Pack $9.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Yes this is RRP but last time I tried to post a RRP deal in forums it got taken down and also EB pre-orders have sold out already.

Release date 26/3/2021

Reprint of the cards that came out in 2016 with the AC New Leaf Welcome amiibo update.

Here's what they do in New Horizons.

Update: Back in stock, thansk to djones145 for pointing this out!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    My sister in law was very pleased!!!!! So happy for her.

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    Thanks, wanted the free shipping.

    Love that they aren't a blind pack either. I wouldn't mind the normal animal crossing cards but i'm not buying blind packs after a childhood of pokemon cards.

    Also they've dropped the price of the Banjo Kazooie amiibo down to $19 as well. Byleth has been $19 for a while, but Terry is still $21.

    • Why aren't they blind packs sorry? Do you know what you get before you open them?

      • Do you know what you get before you open them?

        Yup, unlike series 1-4 where you get 3 of 100 or the Welcome amiibo ones where you got 3 of 50, this is just a set of 6.

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  • More information on the different games it can be used with.


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      Nope, North America never got this originally but JP/EU/AU did, that's why this has the original branding but they made new branding for NA

      Edit: You edited already

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        Thanks a bit more searching and I understood better. Appreciate the reply.

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    Missed out :(

    • Dont worry they will restock again.

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        How do you know :0

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    wow haven't heard of Sanrio since the 90s with Sanrio stores in Miranda and in the city.

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      they are still really big in Japan, they even have a theme park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va3Bqz3YLEM&t=333s!

  • Are these legit? I know the photo shows switch, but the platform still says 3DS. Was wondering if these could be 2016 version packs they are selling as the 2021 ones?

    • Yes it's legit, they're identical cards to the originals as mentioned in the trailer (mentioned at 1:55).

  • My daughter is a Sanrio fanatic as well as an Animal Crossing fanatic but missed out on these :(
    Anyone got a lead on where to buy them aside from ebay gouging?

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      I'm in the same boat but hopefully there will be more stock available soon, especially considering pre-orders haven't even started in most countries yet. So even worst case scenario of eBay gauging the prices will likely go down anyways.

      But yeah we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled on more stock it seems O_O

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    back in stock if any one wants it
    for pre order

    got it confirmed too woo hoo

  • Missed it! It’s out of stock again 😭

  • damn did anyone who ordered in the first batch get theirs sent
    mines says we will email you when we have an estimated delivery date
    i.e. i guess no stock :(

    • Did you get an email or is that on the order page? I ordered Wednesday and mine hasn't been shipped but says arriving Tuesday on the order page.

      • I got an email saying the same thing as djones145, checking the order page now says "We will email you when we have an estimated delivery date."

      • both boo :(

    • Mine says delivered by 9pm on the tracking page but not shipped yet.. Not holding my breath on this one.

      • did u get it in the first batch or recently?
        good luck

  • anyone who gets it can you confirm
    ~ six in the pack
    ~ are u able to use the cards multiple times , like scan on one switch get the chars, then on a friends one?


    • Picked up from EB today, got 6 in the pack, haven't tested on another Switch but it will work.

      • if u could test that would be great thanks
        had to order some of esty hope they work and I can share

        • Yes, they're not single use. That would just be plain evil.

          Any reason why you're not waiting on Amazon to fulfill your order once they source more stock?

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            @lint: cancelled

            got my order from esty, need to build campfire lol

            its plain evil they have such a limited release on cards! they could mass produce this and charge more too

            • @djones145: Yes, I hope Nintendo does a restock on these.

              These were sold out before many people even realised they were available for preorder!

              Right now the only people benefiting are the scalpers.

            • @djones145: do you have links to etsy ….

              so disappointed that mine also got cancelled :( was anticipating this.

  • I have gotten his to work, rilla is in the campsite and I'm buying the furniture

  • I have gotten his to work, rilla is in the campsite and I'm buying the furniture

    • If you just want the furniture and not the animals you can just scan them at Harv's island.

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        aahhh thanks for the tip!