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FLYBLADE Reflective Men's Sneakers $83.60 Delivered @ Australian Offers Store


New Release PROMO Australian offers Store - FLYBLADE - Reflective Men's Shoes.

This is a Pre-release Promo, only for OZBARGAIN Hunters, our new Sneaker Brand called FLYBLADE is in Pre-release Mode, we are offering a 12% discount on OZBARGAIN only.

RRP of $95AUD - Use code FLYBLADE at checkout for a 12% PROMO discount.

Free 7-15 Day Contactless Delivery Australia Wide.

(PS: order processing and QA checks please allow 3 days, this is our own new product so we want it perfect).

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  • Are these shoes as good as they look?

    • This our own new Brand we are launching, I love them. We did all the QA and testing. Give em a try

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        Nope. It's from Alibaba, <US$18.80.

      • Is it or did you just find the factory making the trend Vortex 33y sneaker and buy from them? Fin design means only on hard surfaces.

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    why are these any better than $12 kmart sneakers?

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      What's the difference between Addidas shoes and $12 K mart shoes?

      • Well addidas spelt with two 'd's and these probably do have a lot in common.

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    What brand is this? Nothing comes up on google and thats a lot of coin for a no brand when i can tape reflective tape to the exact runners i want.

    • This is our own new brand we are launching.

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    um your pre-release promo shoes cost $56 on Aliexpress.. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001659061286.html

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    OP, what makes your shoes better value than the Aloexpress/Alibabas linked?

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    Naming seems to be designed to make people think they are getting something akin to Nikes Dragonfly/Vaporfly or Adidas Spring blade

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    These are getting destroyed in comment section

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    You got caught

    • So easily caught though.

      They should have advertised this on Facebook instead.

  • I bought some cool looking runners from Aliex and they were way too soft and lasted an amazing short amount of time. These look about the same quality.