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Xiaomi Monitor Desk Lamp w/ Wireless Controller US$46.99 (~A$58.22) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood AU


UPDATE: Code working

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I'll comment in the post when its been fixed.

So you have a monitor now, but do you have this?

I purchased one late last year and have been using it ever since. Extremely nice quality product (aluminium build). Projects light uniformly in the space in front of you and prevents eye strain/shadow when writing. Has a wireless remote for adjusting brightness/temperature/on/off, for add convenience. Highly recommend it. I've completely ditched my old desk lamp.

Gets pretty bright as well - few nice pics from aliexpress reviews

Limited stock. Shipped from their AU warehouse. Best price available I believe. For reference, PC Market AU is selling for $99 AUD (Ouch).


Easy installation: Just hanging it on your monitor, saving space on your desk.
Asymmetric forward projection design: Avoid screen reflection, even focusing on the screen for a long period of time, you don't need to worry about the glare and dazzle. It effectively reduces eye fatigue.
Adjustable brightness and color temperature: you could brightness and color temperature by pressing and spinning the remote control.
Ra90 Color Rendering Index: High Color Rendering Index, the presentation of colors is more real, more vivid, and has better recognition.
USB Type-C connector: The lamp can be powered by a monitor, computer, USB adapter and power bank.

Package List:

1* Lamp
1* Base
1* Remote control
2* AAA battery (Not Included)
1* Manual
1* USB Type-C cable (the end that plugs into the light is USB C, other end is USB A)

AUD price based on current master card conversion rate.


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  • How useful is the remote?

    • main reason i got the upgraded version of this (both have remote) as I don't need to physically press a button on the light itself. Having the remote is a lot more handier and plus pressing the button can move the light physically.

      • Makes sense thanks

  • Does the deal recommence today or tomorrow?

  • I need a good light for when I’m shaving in the mirror. Does this provide enough light?

  • Can this be rotated to cast light on to the face? Or only down? Tried looking through the pictures but can't work it out

    • +1

      Have a look here https://youtu.be/GOk4cQjfGlg
      Between 1:30 and 1:40

      The answer is yes but mainly to not letting the light cast on the screen, not letting you cast on to the face ;)

      • Thanks for that. I was looking for something that can double up as a webcam light and a desk lamp. The convenience of having the lamp on top of the monitor is attractive, more desk space.

  • not working

    • The light is working fine

    • +3

      hey, apologies for that. I’m still waiting for a reply from them. They haven’t been online since yesterday afternoon, but I’ll update you guys once it’s been fixed

      • Oh man. I think your Chinese partners still asleep.

      • +2

        C38A0B have renewed

        • thanks! got one

        • Any chance you can add more?

        • +1

          It says it has hit the 70 limit

        • +3

          Please renew it again, it went in minutes, many of us are keen to buy!

  • Is there a chance the partners don't work or check messages on weekends?

  • +4

    Come on… Itchy to buy already. Take my $58 please…..

    • +2

      Same. It's like shut up and take my money!!

      • +1

        Take it and go….. As per Russel Peter said

        • +1

          "Hey, be a man! Do the right thing!"

  • Back in stock as per swiling's comment

  • ordered one. thanks OP!

  • Becareful no cashback if buying via app

    • Cash reward link is invalid and unsafe not on https

  • Coupon is gone.. I was going to check out using Google Pay but it threw me an error.. something about developers..

    When I tried to check out using another method the coupon's exhausted :(

  • Yes it's gone..sad

  • Got one thanks!

  • I got one a few mins ago. accidentally chose shipping insurance but still a good deal with it.

  • That's it again, limit reached?

    • Code working now

  • Is this it or there would be more? Is the coupon supposed to have a 70 limit?

  • I've got a Web cam sitting on top of my monitor, so will this be an issue using both?

  • Reached 70 limit, OP you need to work harder

    • the original rep I spoke to hasn't replied to me yet :/

      • The alternate code is BGhoney2110 but only 10% off….. Not good at all

        Thanks for follow up

  • huh? too late?

    • Only 20 extra uses added, went in minutes…

      • +1

        need 200 more not 20….

    • Code workin now

  • I read the post late last night and OP said the code would reset at 12:00pm 28/02/2021 and now it changed to 27/02/2021. I thought I had plenty of time but now I have missed the deal.

    • It only reset 20 minutes ago anyways but sold in minutes. Only an extra 20 were added.

  • +5

    hey all, im in direct contact with the reps and they are applying for extra coupons now. I'll update you when I get a reply.

    They have informed that AU warehouse stock is extremely limited at the moment (22 left), but are arranging if they can do the same price shipped from CN (for any of those interested).

    • Thanks OP!

    • CN takes ages to ship here.

      • +3

        I ordered one in September from CN warehouse and it took precisely 13 days to arrive via air mail. I think thats pretty good

        This deal took months to arrange though. Manufacturer was in short supply so was waiting to be restocked and they had to transfer the stock from China to Australia, which alone took 2-3 months via sea.

  • Well let's see what OP can do for us. The next best price is $58 USD, $11 USD more so yeah not a good deal anymore

  • +1

    Anyone know how to get the $20 new user coupon to work?

    • Only for fashion category..

      • Thanks. It doesn't even show up as an unavailable option - but the $12 coupon for fashion only does…

    • +1

      wont work.
      tried, max 5$

  • +8

    Sorry all, they informed me that the stock levels in AU warehouse were incorrect and it’s actually much less than the 22 units I previously said. Tried to get them to do the discount on the remaining units in AU warehouse but they said nah.

    CN warehouse currently OOS stock - expected mid March. AU warehouse may take 2 months to restock. I’ll try to negotiate something when it’s restocked in CN warehouse

    • Thanks. Keep us posted. I'll keep a close eye on it. So close yet so far for me. If only I chose PayPal instead of Google Pay :)

    • Thanks maybe the price will drop by then

      • Code working now

        • No more stock only AU stock works for the code

  • I have a curved ultrawide display, will the curve affect the light?

    • +1

      no, take a look at the AliExpress review pics. Last one specifically


      • ok cheers, just ordered one from ali express for 50 usd.

        • +1

          can you share the link?

            • +1

              @alenin99: thanks

            • @alenin99: Their delivery would be as slow or worse than Banggood?

              • @neonlight: Be prepared to wait for 1+ month. I ordered a Xiaomi box remote controller on 19/1. It departed the country on 27/1 (by airline) and then no updates until 22/2 the status became "Accepted by last mile Carrier" which is Auspost, and for whatever reason it has been 3 days since the item was scanned in Melbourne and it says expected to deliver on 1/3

              • @neonlight: yeh thats right, delivery are slow on aliexpress. idk about banggoods, never bought anything from there. But from aliexpress, if the tracking number doesnt work properly, i just complain and get the full refund after 3 months haha

                • @alenin99: Banggood is SO much better than Aliexpress for delivery times.

  • Thanks to this post, I recalled that I had a bunch of Xiaomi flexible USB Lights that I bought for $1 back in 2017 because all the cool kids were buying them.

    I stuck one into the USB port of my monitor and bent it so that the light is reflecting off the wall. There even a button to adjust the brightness. This should do until Xiaomi Monitor Desk Lamp is back in stock.

  • Any deal on yeelight instead?

    • I checked with the rep earlier - currently no stock

  • The code is working right now, I just use it and paid 60.76 AUD to buy one.

    • thanks for letting us know.

      Get in quick everyone!!

      • This coupon can only be used in AU Warehouse

        • looks like sold out now :(

          • @skido: :( thanks

            • @Indomie5: My wallet say thanks too but my heart is sad

          • @skido: Any chance you can get them to provide a deal for their CN stock? Otherwise I'm going to buy from Aliexpress very soon.

            • @tatasauce: will do and will try negotiate harder ;)

              They’re currently waiting on stock in CN warehouse - expected early-mid March. When stock is available, I’ll definitely be contacting them for a new coupon

            • @tatasauce: Thinking the same. There's not enough stock AU as always

  • managed to snag the last one from AU i believe, don't think coupon works in CN
    edit: yup see thread above i guess

  • Any chance you could negotiate a deal for the Pro version https://bit.ly/3r2gedm

    • I've requested this. They'll apply the price tomorrow as today is Sunday. If accepted, sure will be a good deal

      • Thank you for the update! I appreciate it!

      • Ooh, which would you recommend? The Yeelight or the Xiaomi?

        • +1

          If you only need it for WFH this one is good enough.

        • +1

          depends on your needs. The yeelight one has rear lights as well (to create the ambient lighting against the wall), and they are RGB - can be synced with Razer Chroma / Overwolf. They can also be controlled via google, Alexa, etc, as it can be linked to the Xiaomi smart home app. However, the extra features come at an additional cost

      • Any news on the Yeelight Pro deal?

        • patience! lol it’s only 11am there. They are working on it, I’ll post as a new deal once the price is accepted and I’ll let you know as well

          • @skido: Thanks mate! My fingers are itchy after missing out on the original deal!

            • +1

              @FrugalNotStingy: latest update: Yeelight prices are being controlled by the manufacturer so they can’t just discount it without permission. They’re submitting the offer to yeelight now - will take a few days

              • @skido: Oh ok, I‘ll wait. I will get the xiaomi one first then.

                • @FrugalNotStingy: Any idea what the different between pro and not pro is? I'm finding the descriptions pretty confusing.

                  • +4

                    @gmail92: The pro version (YLTD003) just has Razer Chroma support and 4 additional ambient lighting modes that the non pro (YLTD001) doesn‘t have. No need to get the pro if you are not into rgb lighting change during gaming or have no other Razer Chroma supported devices. Both the pro and non pro have the same lamp power output, two strips of LEDs (front and back).

  • Missed! :(

    Let us know if you can get the code for Chinese stock!

    • +4

      new update: restocking next week in CN warehouse

      • great news! I'm after one as well!

        • Me too