This was posted 7 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Prime] Oculus Quest 2 64GB $438.94 | 256GB $583.27 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Cheaper prices from Amazon US via Amazon AU. Stack with both these discounts to save more:
1. Amazon AU: 4% Cashback on Video Games @ Cashrewards/ShopBack.
2. Get and pay with Amazon gift cards from Shopback app store (2% instant cash back). T&Cs said that payment with gift cards (not Amazon credit) is also eligible for cash backs.
P.S. Being Amazon US stock, the actual price may vary a bit either way base on the US-AUD exchange rate.

Next-level Hardware - Make every move count with a blazing-fast processor and our highest-resolution display
All-In-One Gaming - With backward compatibility, you can explore new titles and old favorites in the expansive Quest content library
Immersive Entertainment - Get the best seat in the house to live concerts, groundbreaking films, exclusive events and more
Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to log in, making it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities around the world
Easy Setup - Just open the box, set up with the smartphone app and jump into VR. No PC or console needed. Requires wireless internet access and the Oculus app (free download) to set up device
Premium Display - Catch every detail with a stunning display that features 50% more pixels than the original Quest
Ultimate Control - Redesigned Oculus Touch controllers transport your movements directly into VR with intuitive controls
PC VR Compatible - Step into incredible Oculus Rift titles by connecting an Oculus Link cable to a compatible gaming PC. Oculus Link Cable sold separately
Oculus Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to log in, making it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities around the world.

[EDIT 05/03] Looks like 64GB version are OOS but 256GB are still available.
[EDIT 10/03] Both versions are now back in stock, around the same prices.
Edit 25/3: 64GB now $438.34 from $434. 256GB now $583.27 from $577.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      You don't need the 256 GB version. Oculus Quest VR games are small (a few GB on average). You'd have to buy dozens and dozens of games and never uninstall any to fill it.

      The big AAA games (tens of GB or 100GB+) are all on PC, you play them via the Link cable or Virtual Desktop app, so the storage on your headset is irrelevant. These are also the best games in terms of realistic visuals, and you can just buy them at a discount in Steam sales etc.

    • tell me more! :)

  • Was the 1st Quest any good?

  • +12

    Now let me explain for the guys who don't know about this mandatory Facebook account bullshit:

    • You MUST have a Facebook account to use Oculus Rift, there is no other option.
    • That Facebook account must be 'active'. It means it must be an account who must be used regularly- adding friends. chatting, sending messages etc.
    • If you don't use your FB account regularly, FB bans/closes that account eventually. So it is not possible to create a new account and forget about it.
    • Your purchased games are also linked that specific FB account and if FB bans that account, just say goodbye to your games.

    In short, if you are not using Facebook like me, just stay away from this. Even though Oculus is a great VR device, because of this mandatory bullshit it is not consumer friendly in any way.

    • +4

      On top of that, Facebook has been lying about not ever making a Facebook account a mandatory prerequisite for using their Oculus headsets. Hardware qualities aside, Facebook/Oculus is malware.

      • +2

        Classic Facebook, just lies. That's why I want to stay away from everything Facebook related

      • +1

        Exactly. They don't keep their promises and aren't strangers to doing extremely heinous shit like experimenting on it's users. Playing with their emotions without consent. Honestly people who think it's fine now will have to keep rationalizing as they add more and more mandatory conditions. They could mandate that ads be played before every use or "experience" and just say it's to cover the loss they have in hardware. I mean Microsoft does it already despite paying out the ass for software, subscriptions, addons, DLC, MTs and hardware.

        • +1

          This reminded me an old saying :

          "if a product is free, it means YOU are the product"

    • If you don't use your FB account regularly, FB bans/closes that account eventually.

      Define regularly here

      • +1

        It is actually defined over there. Especially for new accounts, it needs to be used frequently because… Well it is new.

        For old accounts regularity depends on how much you used in recent years. Lets say you check your FB account once month but then you decide to stop using it. After a few years FB disables that account and eventually closes it.

        The problem is there is no defined time period for any of these, nothing is written. Everything is automated, handled by logarithms.

    • +1

      I've got my Quest 2 linked to an Oculus account. I do most of my purchases on the Quest itself. So no Facebook linking for those who are worried about Facebook banning stuff.

      • Yep, it is true, if you have a previous Oculus account you can use it until January 2023 without Facebook. After that, you will have to merge your Oculus account to a Facebook account.

        • It mentions that you can still use the Oculus account. It just won't be supported. A lot can happen in 2 years. So until then, I'll be using my Quest 2 without Facebook.

  • +4

    Definitely a bargain just for the fact it’s from Amazon. I bought direct from Oculus/Facebook and have been waiting two months just to send it back for replacement. I have dead pixels and Oculus agreed to fix it but that’s it … I cannot get any further assitance from support like where to end it to and the promised courier voucher for the return. Just a lame, we’re going a bit slow and we’ll get back to you soon email the last 8 weeks. Buy Quest 2 only where you will have a different warranty channel than Oculus/Facebook direct.

    • Amazon US may lead to warranty issues though, right?

      • amazon US is pretty good with warranty if you get escalated to a manager.

  • -1

    It’s spyware. Giving these away for free would still be too expensive.

  • +1

    Got it. Love it. Get it! Seriously, the whole FB requirement is not a big deal. I'm ok with FB knowing how often I use my beat saber! ;)
    I think we have bigger problems with Google and Apple, if you want to get all "tin foil".

  • +3

    I'm at a bit of a loss to understand why this is a deal. Could someone please explain to me - I see posts that the price has remained static on Amazon. Not withstanding the lack of understanding, I've gone ahead and pulled the trigger, I just need some justification to explain to the powers that be, as to why I pulled the trigger.

    • +2

      4% CR/SB cash back, and another 2% if you use Amazon gift cards from SB app. OB's policy does not allow price with cash back in title.

      • YMMV, Shopback tracked for me at $0.00.

        • Cashback declined at cashrewards

          • +2

            @laser: @hozj You might want to contact SB/CR to fix it. This item is definitely under the Video Games category. Let us know here if they fail to fix it. Everyone will want to see if they honour their cash back promotion. Bad publicity if they don't.

            • @Buy2Much: Contacted CR, awaiting response.

              • @laser: Quick response from CR and cashback fixed.

        • +1

          There was some kind of error, I got it during the 10% deal, but it got erroneously converted to 0. I opened a ticket and they fixed it and I withdrew the 60$

    • Because Buy-First-Justify-It-Later is the OzB mantra.

    • Nah it was $499, now it's $434.

      If you want a better VR experience, the only real contenders that are as good or better than this are $1500 AUD or more.

      The facebook stuff is a genuine concern, but not enough to matter if you want to experience modern VR. It's pretty mindblowing.

  • +1

    Just bought one, stacked with Shopback and Suncorp Rewards (3%), on top of my rewards credit card (0.6%).

  • +1

    Oh my god just buy one already! Forget Console gaming, this is the start of a Ready Player One type future. For those worried about Facebook privacy, you only have to walk down the street to be on a CCTV camera these days, or use your flybuy cards to let Mr Coles know what brand of cereal you prefer, you are in a connected world of information. There is no escape, so you may as well jump in to a virtual world with the Quest and pretend you are not in this one for a bit..

    Mr Zuckerberg knows my disappointing Beat Saber scores and I don't care.

    I have had the Quest 2 since Christmas day and have not touched my Xbox or Playstation and my only PC gaming now is only through the Quest.

    And one last comment —- WIRE FREE VR

    • I'm assuming this is a joke post.

      People are concerned about their devices getting bricked, which is already happening.

      • No joke.. I have the device and love it. Merely expressing my view on those not getting it because of Facebook.

        Has your device been bricked because of Facebook?

        Mine has not..

        • -3

          Oh cool, so because you specifically have not had an issue, everything fine right?

          I hope you realise how silly that logic is.

          Also, just because you like the device, it doesn't mean its the best device to get either, its simply the best you have used.

          • @samfisher5986: as opposed to your "personal" experience with the Quest 2?

            I hope you realise how silly that logic is.

            • @Megahowler: No idea what you are talking about, I have not had a negative experience with the quest and I am not commenting on anything personal.

    • In terms of the privacy, Facebook would know about everything you do on there, games, pirated movies, porn……seems a lot worse than Flybuys knowing what cereal I prefer…

  • Damn looks like they sold out on the 64GB one, just when I was about to buy one too. Can't justify getting the 256GB one either seems like waste of money.

    • The 64GB was about $6 cheaper too this morning.. Knowing that it wasn’t going to ship straight away, I ordered first and mulled over it for a few days. Didn’t even risk canceling and reordering for the extra saving (yeah I know, I should relinquish my OzBargain card right about now).

      That’s what I love about Amazon, you can always cancel if you get buyer’s remorse before it gets dispatched.

    • Ah dang! Anyone happen to know if they’re likely to get more 64gb stock anytime soon?

      • Well I just found another one on Amazon au for $429 but its not in stock til April 30th, there is another on Amazon au for $479 fast delivery so up to you which one is worth it.

        • Could you link to the $429 seller please (I couldn’t find it)?

        • The $479 is regular Australian stock price. While it's always great to get a bargain, on the flip side if this is your first VR headset my guess is that even if you paid $479 by the time April 30 came around, you would have had so much fun with it that the extra $50 wouldn't feel so bad :D

          As for 64GB v 256GB, I wasn't keen on the extra $ for the upgrade, but still times I wish I got the 256gb.

          64GB is still plenty to play a bunch of stuff, but starting to find stuff either stays on the device longer as playing a bit at a time and switching between games, or it's arcade style so it stays on there anyway because keep coming back to play.

          That said, even if I had 256GB no doubt I'd end up having this same problem but just take a bit longer :)

          • @bamzero: Eh they raised the price to $530 so now $479 is the new low price for 64GB and depends on your use case for me personally Ill be using it with PCVR so 64GB is more than enough.

  • Looks like deal expired for now. Damn, just saw my friend play Elite and now I just gotta have one.

    • Back in stock for $429. It’s meant to be :p.

  • Both versions are now back in stock, around the same prices.

  • Amazon seems to have lost mine, it should be delivered to NSW but got delivered to someone in WA. Now waiting for investigation :(

    • Hopefully they resolve problem better than eBay support which is POS even when their system is at fault swallowing up gift card balances when transaction do not go through…

      • While eBay sets the bar pretty low, Amazon customer service has always gone above and beyond for me.

    • That sucks. I'm sure it'll work out in the end but just sucks you don't get it in your hands yet.

      How was it sent, DHL? (Most of my US stuff has come via DPD lately, last leg by Aus Post which I need to contact Amazon for to ask for the local tracking number.)

  • Arrives: 6 - 14 April
    Fastest delivery: 29 - 31 March
    In stock on March 20, 2021.

  • How much better is this vs the oculus rift?

    For ppl with glasses?

    And will all my existing oculus games work on it?


  • Merged from Oculus Quest 2 64GB $438.93 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU

    Quest 2 for a decent price. Who knows when the quest 3 will drop.

    Grab it while it's cheap.

    • +2


    • +3

      its cheap so that facebook can get more people to spy on

      • +7

        there's always at least one of these comments -_-

        literally all the tech you have spies on you.

        • Maybe your technology. Mine cannot phone home because its blocked in my pihole and my phone has lineage os with no gapps

      • +2

        I went for the HP partial becoz of it, apart from the quality of display.
        Just Simply: Facebook = NO

      • +3

        I’m wondering, what really can they get? You just playing games…make a fake Facebook profile, no problem.

        • +4

          I think if Facebook deem it a fake profile they'll ban it and you lose all the games you purchase.

          • +1

            @Captain-Danke: Go on any local politician's Facebook page and half the comments will be from staffers using fake accounts. We all used the same IP and I never heard of anyone losing an account. I think the issue is overblown.

      • Can't imagine living life this paranoid. Who gives a (profanity)?

    • +6

      Oculus Quest 2 64GB.
      Amazon Australian Stock = $479
      Amazon Grey Import from US = $438.93

    • . Who knows when the quest 3 will drop.

      A while, probably a year+ from now.

    • It was $430 the other day via this. I held back due to Facebook stuff.

    • -1

      Was looking at this the other day for 64gb and 256gb.

      Shipping is pretty high, and they also add GST to the price.

      You might want to update the price in the title to include this.

      • GST's already included on You would've been looking at the US site.

    • It's basically always this price. Check camelcamelcamel