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½ Price Pic's Really Good Peanut Butter Varieties 380g $3.75 @ Coles


Made in New Zealand from 100% Australian ingredients.
Proper crunchy; big bits, little bits and everything in-between. Freshly roasted in our oven, squashed in our squashers, sprinkled with salt and jarred by our jarrers at Pic's Peanut Butter World in Nelson. A natural plant-based protein source. With 50% Australian Ingredients, it's just Hi Oleic peanuts and seasalt - no weird stuff.

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    Really Good Peanut Butter

    How good is it?

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      Really good.

    • as with all peanut butters, it's a superfood

  • Made in New Zealand from 100% Australian ingredients.

    Why can't we make it here?

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      I just came here to ask the same question

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        Maybe Australia doesn't yet have the technology required to make it?

        • [Looking up the technology tree in the manual]

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      Because it is a guy in NZ who started the company, and he uses the best peanuts which are Australian. Should he move everything to where his ingredients come from?

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        and he uses the best peanuts which are Australian. Should he move everything to where his ingredients come from?

        I'll make it easier for you…

        Why can't we 'an Australian company' make it here?

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          Bega makes it in Australia. 100% Australian peanuts.

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            @Oz em: Not as good a taste also very oily

            • @chrisie: did you even see the peanut butter in this deal? The oil SWIMS on top of the jar.

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            @Oz em: Are you sure?
            The last time I checked the PB section at my local Coles, EVERY major brand was either Made in China or at best made in Australia from 90% imported peanuts.
            I ended up buying this Pic's product because it was the closest I could get to Australian made with Australian peanuts.

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              @ESEMCE: Yes it’s the glass jar simply nuts bega peanut butter not the one they stole from Kraft.

              • @Oz em: Cheers, I'll look out for it.

    • This is simple enough if you can understand advanced concepts like "contracts" and "droughts."

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      Buy Mayver's instead. made in Victoria, Australian family owned business. Sources local peanuts as first priority.

      • 👍

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        Currently produced with 10% or less Australian peanuts.

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    Made in New Zealand from 100% Australian ingredients.

    Meanwhile somewhere in New Zealand

    "Why can't we grow it here?"

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      Too many famers there have nut allergies

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      becoz Hobbits don't grow peanuts

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          boil em mash em stick em in a stew !!!

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    How can it be made in New Zealand from "100% Australian ingredients" while later on it states its made with "50% Australian Ingredients", it's just Hi Oleic peanuts and sea salt ???

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      Maybe the other 50% is NZ labour.

      • Ah Yer ?

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    Tried this. Prefer the 'weird stuff'

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    I was going to ask - but decided to Bing it - what are the benefits of Hi Oleic peanuts?

    Hi Oleic peanuts are known as “long-life” peanuts because the natural substitution of oleic acid for linoleic acid (hence the term “Hi Oleic”) provides a much longer shelf-life. They stay crunchy and taste great for up to 10 times longer after roasting than regular peanuts.
    Benefits of Hi Oleic peanuts for food manufacturers:
    Snack food manufacturers can reduce “barrier packaging” costs
    Confectioners can save on pre-coating costs
    Peanut butter manufacturers can reduce the use of stabilisers
    Product wastage is reduced as shelf life is extended
    Enhanced export market opportunities due to shelf life stability
    Increased flavour, flavour stability and improved mouthfeel

    Ok - so what about health benefits…..

    5 -Conclusions
    After 12 weeks of incorporating high oleic peanuts into the diet, only a small increase in body weight was observed, despite a large additional amount of energy consumed from the peanuts, with the weight increase being far less than predicted. The dose of ~60 g/day current study was substantial, much greater than the mean nut intake of 5 g/day consumed in Australia [75]. Cardio-metabolic benefits have been observed with 30 g/day of nuts [76] with little impact on body weight [14]. Therefore recommendations can be made to incorporate moderate amounts of high oleic peanuts as part of a healthy diet with unlikely detrimental effects on body weight especially if substituted for other foods. No improvements in cardio-metabolic effects were observed in this healthy population; however it is possible that peanuts have the potential for maintaining cardio-metabolic health or providing cardio-metabolic benefits in at-risk groups.

    • Good research :)

    • Conclusion of the article

      This means any health benefits they found from whole nut consumption may also be applicable to nut butters.

      Despite a lack of research, we know that nut butters – crunchy and smooth – certainly have many health benefits. The expert advice? Mix up which nuts you consume, and try to avoid ones with added ingredients.

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    You may find the bottom half of the jar dry because the oil naturally floats to the top. To ensure a greater consistency as you use the entire jar, I recommend you store the jar upside down.

    • high IQ strats

    • Won’t it leak?

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      wouldnt it then be dry on top?

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      I dig a knife to the bottom and give it a stir

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    Best peanut butter by a country mile (L)

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    I still got the jars from the sale last month

    • Same but I bought more from the recent Mayver's half price sale! gotta love 'em.

      (Cant buy more though!)

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    It's only 50 percent aussie nuts now, due to supply issues.
    bega simply nuts is 100 percent.
    But still think pics is a better company to support

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      so as an Australian, you think it's better to support a New Zealand owned and made product than an Australian Owned and made one.

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        Yep, that is my preference in this particular scenario. 🙌
        Based on my feelings about large scale dairy and ethics.

        • Can you please elaborate? I’m curious. Has Bega done something questionable?

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            @OzBoganYeah: Generally big dairy being shady and think it's not a healthy product when it's produced on a massive scale with almost no margin. Blood, pus, antibiotics are all part of the product as infection is very common when cows are being pumped relentlessly.
            In the US the FDA allows 750 million pus cells in every litre of milk. In Europe, regulators allow 400 million pus cells per litre. In Australia there is no limit on how much pus milk can contain.

            Here's a couple of examples of unfair practices and basically grinding down dairy farmers so they have to cut corners - pretty typical for multi billion dollar companies where grinding down suppliers is part of the game.
            Bega has not done anything out of the ordinary for a company like them, but yeah - I prefer Pic's in this instance!


            • @badonde: Thanks for the explanation, I wasn't aware of most of that

  • Something something Mayvers

  • How does pic compare to mayvers? And to bega? I’ve not had either pic or mayvers

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      Pic is far superior in taste and consistent quality imo

  • Best is Purely Nutz for me: Australian made with 100% Australian nuts, and by far the best taste vs Pics, Mayvers, or Bega - but Coles has inexplicably stopped stocking the brand! Only downside is it's a touch too runny/oily

    Next best taste wise to me is Mayvers Extra Crunchy: Quite different and much tastier than their standard crunchy or dark roast. Not as oily either.

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    Reminder that Pic's stated goal, with funding from the NZ government, is to shit on the Australian peanut industry and start directly competing by growing peanuts in NZ instead. The only reason they use Australian peanuts right now is to artificially inflate the prices, reduce the supply and siphon money out of Australia. The "taste" b/s they peddle is just marketing of a financial decision.

    Every jar of Pic's you buy today helps destroy the Australian peanut industry tomorrow.

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      China has and will continue to be a far bigger problem then anything NZ do.
      If anything, Pics growing NZ peanuts will decrease demand for AU peanuts and perhaps allow another player to enter the market selling a non-Chinese product.
      IMHO that's a good outcome for Australian consumers.

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        The difference is that NZ peanuts will directly compete with AU peanuts in the same way that NZ honey directly competes with AU honey.

        There is a market for artisanal products and there is a market for generic products. China doesn’t fall into the former.

        • +1

          Anything in a supermarket is a generic, commodity product.
          Supermarkets will not risk their supply chains to a small time producer that might be regarded as "artisanal".

          If you like to buy Organic, hand ground peanut butter, made from Australian Peanuts, then reduced demand for Australian peanuts from NZ will make no impact to your preferred artisinal PB supplier (if anything it will improve their ability to source Peanuts).

    • I don't think Pic's is gonna single handedly destroy the Aussie peanut industry tbh.
      But thanks for pointing this out.
      I'd actually probably prefer this if taste is same or better - it's less stupid transport of peanuts back and forth!

    • +1

      Gotta love peanut conspiracy theories, they're awesome.


  • Bega is currently only 10% Aus ingredients

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