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[eBay Plus] Ecovacs DEEBOT N79T Robot Vacuum Cleaner $159 Delivered (Save $80) @ Ecovacs eBay AU


eBay Tuesday Deal! ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T Robot Vacuum Cleaner on sale with coupon PLUSED10 taking it down to $159 (was $239), save you $80!!!
- Max Mode
- 3-Stage Cleaning System
- App Control
- Amazon Echo & Google Home

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  • where did you get the code from?

  • thats the wrong code

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    Can someone that owns this please provide some feedback?

    • I do not buy this again, nothing wrong with vacuum function.
      My issue is robot wonders around aimlessly and I am not sure whole floor is cleaned.

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      Got it for $149 last June through eBay sale. Complete waste of money imo, the robot is very very dumb. It just bounces around and aways gets stuck. You'll have to clear away any possible obstacles and block off curbs. But whether it cleans a spot still depends on probability.

      • It just bounces around and aways gets stuck.

        Remind me those bounces around toys.

      • Thanks

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      I have it and love it. Sure it's dumb and if you watch it you will be thinking "where is this thing going!?". The trick with these is to just let them go and not watch them. There is no room mapping so it goes in a pre-defined pattern.

      What I do is block off some rooms to "help" it focus on an area of the house. After it's done it gets pretty much everything so works perfect for me.

      The 'Edge' mode is good as it focuses around the edges at a higher suction. What I usually do is let it run on auto for an hour or so, then switch to edge mode as that will pick up all the stuff it flicks to the sides. Then change back to auto after that until it dies and finds it's way home.

      For the price I rate it. I have hardwood floors, carpet and tiles in the bathroom and it gets everywhere. It's quite amazing how much dust it finds that you don't see. Also it's low profile means it goes under my couches where I never went with a vac and gets all the dust there. I paid $150 year or so ago and no regrets.

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        Wow just me that likes it lol. I can't find anything it missed after I run it so maybe I'm just lucky.

      • I like it too, bought this in the same sale, living in a 2BR unit & think it's perfect for how much I spent.

    • Completely trash IMO. No mapping and just bumps on everything to determine where to go. Ends up constantly going around in circles so I have to follow it to ensure it does the job. I ended up buying the V9 Dreame to do spot cleans daily instead. Now the Deebot is just a dust collector. I guess with robo vacs you get what you pay for…and you need to spend a decent amount to get a decent machine. Honestly…buy a stick vaccuum, I have a big house and spot clean daily in about 10 minutes, and whip out the main vaccuum once a week.

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      The vacuum function works well enough, but calling it dumb is still giving it too much credit. It just does a random turn when it bumps into something. It works in the sense that, given enough time, there would usually be enough random turns to cover the whole room, but it might go over a certain spot 10 times while only hitting other spots once for the duration it runs. I would sometimes sit there and supervise the robot, using the remote to control where it goes. I have a small kitchen where it would take about 10 minutes to adequately cover the area by itself, but I would be able to do the same myself with a stick vacuum in 30 seconds. And yes, my stick vacuum has now replaced the robot.

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      I've had mine for close to a year, i have 4 rooms of hardwood floors and 2 mats. i think it does wonderfully well given the price. as others have mentioned, you will need to clear off any stuff you have on the floor that might get stuck but i think that applies to any robot vacuum. overall, for the price, i am very happy. my floors have never been cleaner and it does what it needs to.

  • I think that is the Tuesday deal start at 2pm


  • I own a Miele that works perfectly however the thought of not having to vaccum every weekend makes me want to buy this however before I go ahead with this not needed purchase, I wouldn't mind finding out if anyone has any experience with these and if they are any good for houses with hard wood floors and carpets and particularly how it goes with navigating around furniture and other hurdles on the floor?

    • It find these work well in both hard floors and carpet for small debris and dust. Especially good for hair. But to be honest, the wife and girlfriend do a better job.

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        Lucky for you. My wife has poor suction.

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          Well, that's where the girlfriend takes over

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      I honestly wouldn't buy anything without LIDAR or RADAR or whatever.

      Spent $500 on a Roomba and it was absolute garbage, fought with HN for weeks, got a refund, spent $500 on Roborock S5 and never looked back..

      • Ecovacs has a LIDAR version as well.

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    Thanks @oldbugger however wife refuses to vaccum (this is a task I own) and I am not allowed to bring girlfriend home 😜

  • I told you not to interrupt me while I'm cleaning my room

  • Jeez So much hate for this Product

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    If you can wait, go for a XiaoMi VioMi V2 Pro on sale for around the $300 mark. It has all the basics and reliable mapping. I know, $80 versus $300 is a bit steep, but why buy a $80 piece of junk that will put you off robot vacs?

    I was against getting a robot vac at first, now, I reckon it’s money well spent.

  • Fwiw, a review of what looks like similar model

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    Own this - It now just sits in the spare room. Dont even use it. As above, just too stupid and you spend more time trying to block of everything so it doesnt run over it or hit it.

    • you spend more time trying to block of everything so it doesnt run over it or hit it.

      ha ha people just bought it and play it as a toy

  • The LIDAR version from Ecovacs I bought from ALDI a while ago works exceptionally well as far as I am concerned.
    I may buy another one without the mop function and segregate activity by carpeted/tiled areas.

    I think these upper looking cam navigation systems are a bit dated.

  • Is it sent with express or slow post ??

  • +3

    I have had one for almost 12 months, one of the best purchases I have made in recent years. Cleans well, and gets everything if you give it the chance. But if you don't want a dumb robot don't expect to only pay 150. I'll spend more on the next one, to get more features etc.. but if your on the fence about robot vacuums this is a great proof of concept.

    • yup people complain about this one being dumb (i agree, it definitely is) but then again when the obstacles are out of the way, it does its job perfectly.

    • So it just bumps around randomly?

  • $159 ECOVACS Robot Vacuum. 800 total units

    LOL…..800 units….. sales have stalled at about 40 sales!

    I hope the eBay Plus department can pull their socks up for next Tuesday.

  • Already 4pm still available XD

  • wow this most Un-Popular Ebay Plus Deal i have seen in 17 years

    • May become a Wednesday deal XD

  • How does this Deebot N79T model compare with the $99 Deebot 600 model that JB HiFi had a couple of days ago ?

    The comparison on the Ecovacs website doesn't tell me much.

      • Thanks. It looks like the N79 is an older model and doesn't have the "S" shaped cleaning pattern - other than that pretty similar.

        I collected my $99 Deebot 600 today and used it once - a bit frustrating to watch it get itself tied up a few times, but I was surprised at how much it much up - hard floors only.

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    Tues Mega deal still on 1st time ever :)

    • hah! it is too… clearly the quality of the products is telling here… that or the price is just too high to justify buying crap :)

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