Recommend a Mail Forwarder?

Looking through the list of mail forwarders on Oz Bargain (, does anyone have a uptodate recommendation for a US parcel forwarder? Most of the discussions seem to be quite old.



  • I've primarily gone back to direct shipping wherever possible and if I have to use a freight forwarder it's been USGoBuy. A lot of freight forwarders changed ownership or made other changes resulting in significant changes to the quality of their service combined with increasing prices means the savings aren't as great as they once were so IMO now only makes sense to take the risk if you have no other choice.

    I also can't miss a chance to say avoid Shipito at all costs. I caught them running an outright scam. Search here and you'll find other posts I've made with details rather than repeat it all again.

    • Better to have friends who live where you're ordering from so you can get them to buy it for you and ship it to you for free….