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[Pre Order] Sony PS5 Disc Edition $749, Digital Edition $599 @ JB Hi-Fi (in Store Only)


Hi everyone,
First time posting. I was in jb hi fi Brisbane Queenstreet and they have advised that they are currently doing pre order for both ps5 instore only. I would assume all jb hi fi stores in Australia.
Good luck!

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    No Price in Title, Generic Link to everything PS5 except Consoles, what is this even?

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      its a PSA lol

      expect stock to soon follow at other retailers

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          You'd be wrong. Pre-orders are only open when retailers know they have explicit stock allocated by Sony.

          All pre-orders are refused by every single retailer outside these times and this pre-order stock will sell out, very quickly too.

          So it is a PSA that pre-order stock is available.

          • @eagerfisherman: Except when JB HiFi presells, they don't guarantee when or if they will be able to fulfill the order (seriously, it's in their terms of sale).

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    did JB say when stock will be available for these pre-orders? next week? next month?

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      next year? next decade?

      • JB are wizards.

        Order will be available when it's available.

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    Not taking any order as they have long list to work through (my local JB said).

    • Try another store? Each one is different!

  • They were doing this a month ago most stores are at 100 plus orders so this really belongs in the forum's as a PSA..

  • Vic doesn't appear to have a list. Called Fountain Gate, Narre Warren Home, Cranbourne Park, Dandenong…

  • Think in most cases JB have an expression of interest list rather than pre-orders, they don't seem to be taking deposits …

  • I suggest calling a few stores. During the last wave I called three of them till one confirmed that they are taking pre-orders, others didn't know anything about a new drop. I got my PS5 in 2 days after. Had to go in-store.

  • Went to 3 JBs in West Sydney they all said not accepting pre orders…

    • lol, just call them next time. It will be faster. Can confirm they are not taking preorders at Merrylands, Liverpool and Bankstown.

      • They were all within close vicinity and I was in the area anyway. Also, I rang a couple others and they denied that they were taking pre-orders.

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    Jb Moore park have some

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      I can confirm. I have pre-ordered the disc version and I was told it would be in by the end of the week, barring any delays from Sony.

  • Hey congrats on your first post! Welcome 🥳

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    I was able to pre order in store at JB HI FI in Springvale, they require $50 deposit and reckons will be avaliable by Thursday.

    • did you get it this thursday or friday?

      • nope, very disappointed. I rang up yesterday asking when they'll arrive. As i was advised "it'll arrive Thursday" when purchasing. Now they're saying its from Thursday….

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          Hi, i got mine yesterday. Jbhifi springvale

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    Anyone know which jb taking pre orders in Perth? Called Osborne Park and they said they ain't. Wondering if anyone else called the other stores.

    • I got mine from Malaga. I only called 3 places, Malaga, Belmont and Osborne Park, out the the three only Osborne Park wasn't taking pre-orders and I called Belmont for a mate about an hour ago and they said they still taking orders for anyone that's close to there grabs yours before they gone.

    • I've not tried this round but I've had a lot of success (ha) at Cockburn. $50 deposit, one of the first to arrive in Perth and they don't do EOI list.

    • Just ordered in Joondalup store, paid in full on the spot. They seem to think they'll be having stock arrive quite soon. Good luck!

  • Broadmeadow JBHiFi has them available! Just ordered one thanks!

    • Thanks from me too, OP! Paid deposit at Oxford st Sydney

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    Chadstone in Melbourne is taking pre orders

    So far 10 people pre ordered

    10 more appear to be available

    4-7 days delivered

    • Thanks!

      Gave jbhifi chaddy the $749, let's see when I can pick it up…….

      • Picked up today 👌

        • Thanks for the update!

  • Hobart is taking pre-orders. Collection some time next week.

  • Yesterday I walked in JBHIFI Greensborough store & asked them about PS5 restock update. They aren't taking preorders of next PS5 shipments for a while. They told me try go to Preston store or go to any Big W stores where got plenty PS5 stocks likely. I doubt it. Big W is getting restock PS5 consoles for only online I think.

  • Walked in and pre-ordered at Castle Hill super centre.

  • Was at JB Hifi in DFO Homebush, managed to preorder with $50 deposit. When I was there, there were still 15 units available. Hope that helps anyone Sydney who is still hunting for one!

    • Just pre-ordered mine too from here, there were 9 left!

    • Rang now and they told me there are no pre-orders left :(

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    Nah. "Cheapest you can get at the moment" doesn't sound like a bargain at all to me.

    That logic means everything belongs on here!


  • I bought an earphone from JB HiFi Highpoint, I asked them if they have any ps5 at check out, they said there are 20ish on the way, pulled the trigger.

  • Successfully pre-ordered in Nunawading Melbourne JB-HIFI, only disk edition option 749.

  • Just secured an order and paid for in cairns

  • Anyone know if they're accepting giftcards now..? I mean like, with no work arounds and issues?

  • Pre ordered pickup tomorrow. Thanks OP

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      Did you get to pick up that soon ? I wasn't told how long it would be …

  • Tried to post the same deal but was flagged as duplicate. Was able to pre order at JB Hifi Top Ryde. 2 disc version left after I made the deposit. Roselands have 6 digital version left earlier but none for the disc version.

    Better call your local store before heading out.

  • The news was out a few days ago . I'm surprised there seems to still be some around .

  • Unavailable since yesterday midday, the JB HQ called all stores to stop taking preorders

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