DeLonghi ecam65085ms Primadonna Elite - Your Experience

Hi, thinking of buying delonghi ecam65085ms primadonna elite

I only use my automatic machines for espressos.

I had a look online but no real reviews for espresso drinkers ha ha ha

Is it a good machine?


  • $2400 machine (with ebay plus) - holy crap that's a lot of coffees

  • I just have to say that it is the

    Best Coffee Ever!
    Coffee is excellent and hot, lots of types to choose from and easy use. Plus makes the best hot chocolate

    Although I am

    Happy and disappointed
    Instructions are poor, as are videos you can find on YouTube. The app should have instructions and demonstrations built in. FAQ are very light on. Poor support when you live a long way from capital cities.

    But I do

    Like good coffee drinks
    Coffee quality is as good and in some cases better than most commercial establishments. Operation is simple and quick compared to others. Huge range of recipes

    However I find that the

    DeLonghi Primadonna Elite Experience
    The coffee is good, but the machine requires a lot more maintenance than I was expecting.

  • Thanks.😀

  • i got a refurb machine for 1.3k and it is honestly one of the simplest machines to use. for me, i would definitely recommend