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12 Months Unlimited National Talk & Text Prepaid Mobile Plans: 120GB for $100 (Was $200), 155GB for $200 @ amaysim


Targeted deal I received in my emails, see here. Live chat assistant said it's a win back campaign, details of the campaign are here. Seems to be a few different deals associated with it, the assistant also quoted an Unlimited 120GB Long Expiry Mobile Plan for $200 with 35GB bonus data - so YMMV.

List of targeted deals known:

  • $100 for 120GB over 12 months
  • $200 for 155GB over 12 months
  • $6/month for 30GB/month over 3 months (credit: Reveen)
  • $2.40/month for 2GB/month over 3 months (credit: Reveen)

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  • Some of the other targeted deals:

    30GB $30 plan 80% off at $6.00/month for three months
    2GB $12 plan 80% off at $2.40/month for three months

  • Does it include international calls??

  • So these deals are for those not using Amaysim atm?

  • So how do you get this offer?

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      You've previously been with amaysim and they've targeted you via email with the specific deal you're after. Or, you use a family/friend's unique link to the offer.

      • If anyone is not using this offer, would like to use it.

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          Here's my 80% off code:

          2gb for $2.40/month

  • Damn, wish i got a 120GB for $100

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      I sent you a code, I am not sure if you can use it.

  • thanks. Understood.

  • I want the 120gb for 100….. :(

    They only sent me the 125gb for 75….

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      Sent you my code

  • Hi - has anyone got a code for the $100 for 120GB over 12 months? Wasn't previously with amaysim, but would love to use the deal!

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      My code is: ZTKUKC

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        Used it mate! Thank you :-)

  • Thanks OP. Would appreciate a code for the 120Gb for $100 if someone has one they don't want. TIA!

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    Other targeted offers:
    $8 for 50GB 28d (first 3 x 28d)
    $75 for 125GB 6mth

    • I got the same

  • This promotion ends on 17/3.

    Amaysim SIMs with new number are delivered preactivated.
    So can't buy to activate later.

    But if porting your number - activate when ready. So port if you need to activate later.
    Can still get a new number at that stage.
    Check with Amaysim!

    Service resets to full length of service at first use (within first few weeks max of receiving SIM, in my experience).

    • So if I choose to port my number, I can continue to use my current provider until I activate the sim (and subsequently port my number?)
      Also at what point should I port my number - just before my current plan ends or can I do it after my current plan runs out?

      • It depends…
        Check with Amaysim

        When signing up, you give Amaysim your current number to port later. Porting starts when you activate your SIM. Until then - use your current service.

        Usually your number can be ported after your current account expires if prepaid. But if you want no break in your service, best to port towards end of current service. Your current SIM will become inactive & you insert the new SIM.

        (Amaysim SIMs receive calls & txt a year after credit expires without recharge. Can therefore be ported out a year after credit expires. I use that to preserve old numbers for incoming calls.)

        Check the hours / days porting is available & port early in the day to allow time for port to occur.

        Others will have greater knowledge.

      • Seems offer needs to be activating by March 31.
        Port must be started by / before then.

  • AMAYSIM problem of the week:

    Received $6 SIM on Friday - was not activated. No way to activate as SIMs arrive preactivated.
    As previous service ended on Friday, had no internet or phone on Saturday - that's why I bought the SIM.

    Rang Amaysim - was told the wrong SIM was sent!!!
    Told to log into account to SIM Swap to the provided SIM number! Easy!
    When I said I couldn't - was told it could only be done by user, not Amaysim!! So I set off to nearest free WiFi - wasting hours.

    SIM was not activated many hours after that! Told it had not automatically activated - fixed in minutes.
    Took 24 hrs to have the service after SIM arrived.

    Complained to Amaysim about their stuff ups I needed to fix - apology for wrong information (they could change the SIM number - staff to be trained) & lot of inconvenience. Here's $12 credit!!

    Only problem in years of SIM hopping to & from free / cheap Amaysim offers.
    Considering the $100 1year offer to avoid the hassles.

    • I ordered their sim card 2 weeks ago and received last week. They've been pretty much calling me everyday to follow up if I need help for activating the sim card.
      I told the customer service my current plan is not going to expire yet so I'm not rush to active it.
      Another customer service called me the next day for same thing again…
      I don't think I'll want to stay with them after this…

      • I tried getting this out of the chat agent yesterday, is there a time frame they require you to complete activation when you are porting your number over?

        • Should be within 30 days after purchased
          I got it with cashback from shopback and that's the T's & C's

        • For example, in taking up this offer, activation / port must be by 31/3 (according to other Deals) or you miss out on benefits of offer (eg 50% price reduction).

          Activation after last date of offer may mean you will be refunded / get a lesser of different offer. Common with most SIM offers.

          So maybe they were trying to help you get the most out of what you signed up for?

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            @the INFIDEL: Just as an FYI, just purchased the $100 for 120GB and the chat agent said there is no time limit to port your number over. The only time limit is sim expiry in 3 months from purchase date.

            • @BeerCrisp: Last day to buy!

              Always best to check! Thanks.

              Usual requirement with all Telcos - to activate within a certain time period to get advertised offer.

              SIM usually doesn't expire, but the associated offer does. So SIM is then pretty useless. Porting then wont be much use.

              So in this Deal - must activate within 3mth of purchase to get the $100 for 120GB.

              I took up the 6mth 125G offer for $15 after cashback. It does require activation within 30d - if I want to receive $60 cashback. I'd be a fool not to!

              • @the INFIDEL: I actually have a few codes expiring 24 March (these were emailed to me on 12 March). Tho you are correct, some codes received earlier expires today.

  • If someone doesn't need the 120Gb for $100, please kindly let me know. Thanks

    • NZRBV3

  • I someone is not using their code could you please let me know? Thanks.

    • NZRBV3

  • Please if anyone does not need there 120GB code please can I ask if I could have it.
    Thank you so much.

    • NZRBV3

  • Much appreciate if someone can send me the code that is not needed!

    • Try this code:


      I gave it to another ozbargainer who used it successfully. When I tried it again just now it seems to be still working.

      Offer is 120gb 12 month plan for $100

      • Thanks for sharing, but it's not working.
        Apparently you can still add the code in the cart to see the discount, but you can't pay.

      • Codes / links are unique and single use, so if someone has already used the code it will not work for others.

  • need a code too, thanks in advance
    and is there an expiration date on the code?

  • Please share a code and PM me. Thanks alots

  • Please can someone who does not need a code PM me one as someone used the one I was sent above :(
    Thank you so much.

  • Anyone needs a code, DM me.

  • need a code. can anyone send one to me, thanks

  • did anyone actually succeed, an unclaimed code in PM (thanks DaBz) still can't checkout =(

    • I got the code from DaBz too, it fails at the payment step. I guess someone else has used that code

  • If someone can pm me a code for the 12 month $100 plan, that'd be great. Thanks!

  • Hey, I would really appreciate it if someone can dm the code for the 12 months $100 plan. My sim is expiring in 2 days, and I need it very soon. Thankssss!

    • DM me, or you will need to allow private messaging on your profile.

      • Okay, my private message should be open.

  • Wasn't previously with amaysim, but would appreciate a code for the 120Gb for $100, to try it out.

  • Would also appreciate a code for the 120Gb for $100 if someone has one they don't want. Thanks.

  • Anyone also have a spare code for 1 year plan ?,

    Thank you.

  • Hi - I would appreciate if someone can share their unused code with me for the $100 120GB deal :) thanks

  • Hi - I'd appreciate if anyone can share their code with me for $100 for 120GB Thanks

  • Hi, anyone got a surplus code for 2GB/2.4$ monthly plan?

  • Received this offer on an account that hasn't been in use for nearly a year. Still receives incoming calls & txt.

    Can either reactivate account free on 2GB plan ($10 after first 28d), or $100 for 1yr.
    Targeted offers - no code required for free offer only on my number.

    Reactivation (& turning off auto-renewal) will mean it will again receive calls & txt (as it does now) for a year after that service ends. Handy for storing a number.

    Hard to say no!
    Offer ends 24/3.

  • Hi good people,
    Can I please get any spare unused 1year plan code please?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • Hi, if anyone has a spare code for 12 months 100$, I would love one! Thank you

  • -1

    If anyone still needs a code, DM me as I still have a few codes remaining.

    Please also specify which offer you are after;

    1. 3 x renewals of the 2GB/28 days plan for $2.40 (80% off, normally $12 / 28 months)

    2. 120GB/1 year plan for $100 (50% off, normally $200 / 1 year)

  • +2

    Still have a few codes left, expiring 24 March. DM me if you need any.

    • lol just registered on this site but not allowed to send DMs yet. Thank you very much!

      • I have DM'd you.

    • Hi DzBz,

      Could you please send it to me? Thanks!

      • I have DM'd you.

  • I have 3 codes for 80% off for the first 3 renewals on Unlimited 30GB. Ongoing $30/28 days

  • Hi - I would appreciate if someone can share their unused code with me for the $100 120GB one-year deal please, thanks!

  • I still have a few codes remaining for the 120GB / 1 Year plan for $100 - codes expire tomorrow, 24 March. DM me if you are looking for one.