Antec 900 Case Spec Help

Hi all, i have an old pc with and old case antec 900 with i5 2500 and 9800gtx. Would like advice please if I should buy components separately or just wait for cheap budget deal?

My budget is around $500.
I need just for light gaming (diablo 3) and light video editing.
I also have 4K dell curved tv that I must connect it with.

Much appreciated your comments and tips.


  • Haven't been keeping up to date with pc parts at all in recent years but with that budget.. I'd recommend looking at the secondhand market.

  • i used to build PC for mates as a hobby when they need gaming machines, now i just tell them to buy any prebuilt systems on sale.

    you have the 2nd Gen Intel i5 from 2011, 10 year old PC…

    save up a bit more and purchase this maybe? (cheapest prebuilt system i see on atm)

    Budget Gaming PC: R5-3500X GTX 1660 Super (B450/16G): $828 + Delivery @ TechFast

  • My first case a decade ago

  • If you're building a PC with that sort of budget, you may have to end up reusing some of your existing parts and consider going for second hand GPU's.

    If you do want new:
    Motherboard: any budget B460 LGA1200 board you can find. $109
    CPU: Core i5 10400F $200. Note this CPU does not have built in GPU.
    RAM: 16GB DDR3000mhz RAM $100

    Case / PSU / Storage - reuse whatever you have.

    That leaves you around $100 left to spend on a graphics card… which in this climate, is probably not even enough to get a second-hand GTX 1050Ti / Radeon RX 480. But that is the lowest tier card I would consider to get for budget gaming.

    Otherwise there's the lowly GeForce GT1030 which works fine as a display adapter that can handle a few MOBA type games like DOTA / LOL and Diablo. (But it is definitely a poop-tier card and the price / performance ratio is generally terrible)

    • Thanks heaps. Any brand recommendation for the Motherboard mentioned? Last time I built my machine was 10+ y ago, hardly can keep up these days. cheers

      • Brand doesn't matter when you're buying low end, the feature set on all the budget boards will be minimal and the differences so minor they don't matter. Just buy whatever is on sale and has free delivery

  • Diablo 4 isnt even out yet, we have no idea what the minimum specs will be, i am assuming it will be higher than diablo 3.

    So probably best not to get anything till you know that, it would be a real bummer if you spend your money only to find diablo 4 doesnt work on it.

    Also maybe save from now till then to afford more for the pc.

  • Ahh shame you aren't in Brisbane, got my old rid (without GPU) I am getting rid of.

  • I have a i7 2600k and still games really well.

    Think clean it out, add SSD and GTX1060 or some mid teir card and will be fine. Can even change the case to make it seem new.