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OPOLAR Battery Operated Air Duster US$48.45 (~A$62) | High Power Cordless Air Duster & Vacuum 2-in-1 US$85 (~A$110) @ Opolar


Went to order one and saw a 10% discount with newsletter registration, out of curiosity I tried opolar15 and it applied sucessfully!
Looks to be a reliable device thats often purchased in OzB.

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    It's a blower cum vacuum as per it's description on the site. Wondering what that means🤔

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      It gives the good suck.

  • blower cum vacuum

    Maybe two bullet points are required?

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    I bought one. It was dead on arrival. Be prepared to deal with warranty and returns.

    • Was it a pain dealing warranty these mob?

      • I bought directly from their Taobao store and paid for 3rd party shipping to Australia. They agreed to accept returns but wasn't going to pay for return international shipping. I ended up taking it apart it to test its battery. I was able to rewire the battery management board to get it working again.

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    I bought one, was not dead on arrival. May as well have been as it does not do the job I wanted it to do which is blow dust from circuit boards and computer cases. My ex-gf blows harder than this thing. Save your money

    • Whilst I can't speak to your ex-girlfriends talents I can agree with you that these things are next to useless as a substitute for a can of compressed air. A hair dryer with the concentrator attachment connected is far more effective.

  • I wonder how this compares to a cheap air compressor from bunnings?

    • https://youtu.be/qvBgC44zhdI

      A good discussion of the air compressor option which I've often considered…..but no longer.

      • hmm doesn't seem like a great review/comparison, he doesn't even use the compressor at the max psi of 120, he only tests it on his hand at 90, and then when dusting it's even less than that based on the sound and how much he could use it before it started pumping again. He also doesn't seem to use the nozzle which would increase air speed (dusting power) significantly.

        Also that one doesn't seem the best suited for this task, I found this one: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-12v-150psi-air-compressor_... which is 150psi and for only $40

        • The Bunnings option is no use as it has no tank. Air flow and pressure are two different things. This would only be suited to pump up a car tyre extremely slowly.

          • @ash2000: oops, yes good point. Seems like it's just the tank that increases the cost to more than even a datavac

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              @Aequitas: This mains powered model reviews well…


              However, so too does the Oplar…..and that is utterly useless (I own it).

              • @ash2000: You own this version of the Opolar or the cheaper one? I use this version to clean out my NAS and it works fine.

                • @gadgetguy: I own the cheaper one. Whilst the more expensive one outputs about 30% more air, it's still a tiny fraction of the cleaning performance from compressed air cans(actually refrigerant).

                  I'm not saying these devices don't have their place (the ability to continuously operate them is one plus over canned air) but they're no comparison when it comes to concentrated output .

                • @gadgetguy: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575921?page=3#comment-9580...

                  The differences are actually more pronounced then the metrics would indicate here as the cleaning performance is largely a product of how concentrated the air is.

                  A can of compressed air for example exerts 80g of pressure from a nozzle that is 1 20th of the size of the to opolar models. The actual pressure exerted at a single point is therefore exponentially greater.

                  • @ash2000: That's all great but in real life use (I own one) the second model works just fine for its primary use of cleaning crap out of PCs or anywhere else.

                    The reviews on the first model are universally bad.

                    • @gadgetguy:

                      The reviews on the first model are universally bad.

                      What? Check out the reviews on Amazon and Ali, extremely high reviews 4.7/5.0 ….thousands of reviews. One of the highest rated technology items on Amazon.

                      I'm not one of those positive reviews, even doubling the output power wouldn't leave me inpressed. Clearly my expectations were too high.

            • @Aequitas: Has anyone compared this to the datavac?

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    Landfill material. Half hour on a 600 battery. Fat chance

    • 6000mah.

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        I stand corrected. Regardless, as above people have had experience, not a great product.

  • What this thing do better than $ 30 kmart one? Expecialy when it seems alot of the product already Doa. I bought kmart to pump my kid birth day balloon, and it work good.. To good. And now I use for cleaning my pc and my rc tank.

    • Which product from Kmart? Trying to find a cheaper option to clean the pc, thanks

      • Air dryer and a soft bristled paint brush.

  • Don't get confused between the models. The cheap one is pretty crap and the expensive one is pretty good (who'd have thought).

  • You're going to cry when you find it on Aliexpress.

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      Equally, you order in Alixpress and get sent a $2 USB vacuum.

      Yes, I won the dispute but its all hassle.

    • I found it cheaper than this deal at AliExpress.

      The seller was dodgy as ****. I still have no idea how they manipulate their ratings.

      Even though I paid extra for EMS shipping, the item never arrived even after reaching Australia.


      Eventually got my money back after 3 months of waiting, but lost ~ $9 due to exchange rate differences.

      Lesson learnt: Avoid AliExpress for any purchases > $30.

  • Are all the bad experiences from the cheaper model? Is the upgraded model fine?

    • I own the better model - it works well for me. Not quite as strong as canned air but it doesn't get too cold to hold, it's rechargeable and does a good job of cleaning dust out of my NAS and my TV unit.

      It's the best you will get in a cordless model I reckon. I don't have any regrets with my purchase.

      • I own the better model

        You mean the exact same item as this deal, right? This is the 2020 release model.

        I don't have any regrets with my purchase

        Did you buy directly from OPOLAR or AliExpress?

        • +1

          Yes the 2020 model, direct from opolar and I used the same code.

          • @gadgetguy: Thanks for your reply and earlier feedback.

            I guess I will pay the extra $, and buy from OPOLAR directly.

            Does OPOLAR also ship the item from China?

  • opolar20 works too for 80 US$ total (19.99 US$ discount)

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