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Up to $18 off from Cartel, Market Lane, Padre, Staple and AXIL w/ Bundle (eg. Staple Seasonal $39.8/kg Shipped) @ Direct Coffee


Hey Folks,

We've brought back Cartel and also have a new single origin from Staple and Market Lane!

Note: Coffee will be dispatched on 10/03 due to Labor Day in Victoria.

Mix and Match

How to Order:  Click here to create your bundle and choose 4 coffees.

Coffees included in this bundle deal are:


  • Staple - Seasonal Espresso Blend 250g $9.95
  • Staple - Tore Badiya Espresso Single Origin 250g $16.00
  • Staple - Swiss Water Espresso Decaf 250g $14.00
  • Staple - Staple Coffee FINCA SANTUARIO Filter 250g $15.95


  • Padre - DG Espresso Blend 250g $13.50
  • Padre - Seasonal Espresso Blend 250g $13.50
  • Padre - Lucky Boy Espresso Blend 250g $13.50
  • Padre - Wild Child Organic Espresso Blend 250g $13.50


  • Axil Coffee - Seasonal Espresso Blend - 250g
  • Axil Coffee - Vader Espresso Blend - 250g

Market Lane

  • Market Lane - Marimbus Espresso 250g $9.99
  • Market Lane - Seasonal Espresso 250g $13.00
  • Market Lane - Santa Isabel Espresso 250g $14.00
  • Market Lane - La Esperanza Espresso 250g $14.70
  • Market Lane - La Estrella Filter 250g $15.90
  • Market Lane - Floripondio Filter 250g $39.00
  • Market Lane - Nkara Filter 250g $15.90
  • Market Lane - José Santana Filter 250g $14.70

Cartel Roasters

  • Cartel Roasters - Chief Rocker Blend 250g $15.50
  • Cartel Roasters - Drummer Boy Blend 250g $15.50
  • Cartel Roasters - Grand Master Premium Blend 250g $17.50
  • Cartel Roasters - Sugar Hill Blend 250g $14.50

Here are some examples of bundles and prices:

  • Market Lane Marimbus + Market Lane Marimbus + Market Lane Marimbus 250g + Market Lane Marimbus 250g $39.96 (Shipped)
  • AXIL Seasonal 250g + AXIL Vader 250g + Market Lane Marimbus 250g + Market Lane Marimbus 250g $39.96 (Shipped)

Shipping Details:

Shipping for this bundle. Order before Sunday at 11:59pm AEST: Coffee is then dispatched by Wednesday.

  • Parcel Post is now included in the cost of the bundle
  • Express Post is an extra $1.99


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  • +1

    Nice to see filters included from Market Lane - great prices compared to buying from them directly, or even other resellers (e.g. Altdrop), more so considering delivery is included.

    I'd order some and open one bag and put the other 3 in the freezer, but I need to finish the beans I've got now (2 open and 1 bag in the freezer)…

    Any possibility of having Cartel filter beans in the future?

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      We're hoping to add some Cartel singles tomorrow once their lineup is finalised :)

  • +1

    Ordered before, fast delivery and beans were roasted freshly according to package.
    @OP, can I ask if I'll get it by Friday 12th latest, if it gets dispatched Wednesday 10th March. Or do I request for Express Post which is next day guaranteed.

    • Glad to hear it!

      If your in Melbourne there's a pretty good chance - however it's really hard to predict. I'd go Express to be safe :)

  • How can I apply my reward $8 to my order? I can not find it..

    • +1

      Hey there, if you're building a bundle you won't be able to add the $8 reward as that discount doesn't stack.

      • +1


  • +1

    Trying to buy 1kg of the "Staple - Tore Badiya Espresso Single Origin".
    Adding 4*250g bags comes out as: Subtotal $79.80 - Discount $15.80 = Total $64.00
    However buying a 1kg bag normally is $57.95

    • Hey there, the 1kg option will come in a 1kg bag. As staple is a smaller roaster there's a higher cost for the small bags.

      Hope that clears it up?

      • +1

        Okay I guess. but I think your statement is confusing:

        We'll also be making a change to the way that you buy 1kg of the same coffee. Instead of using a unique code, all you need to do is add 4x 250g bags to your cart using the Bundle tool.

        From that I figured it would be the same price (or cheaper! due to your special advertised here) to order 4*250g than the "normal" 1kg bag.

        • Appreciate the feedback on this. Just to add a little more context, I think I missed this anomaly as Staple have a different pricing structure to our other roasters. Not an excuse, just some extra context :)

          I'll make a note to clarify the post and the pricing structure of Staple coffees so this lines up.

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