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Samsung Galaxy S21 256GB $999.20 (25% off) or $949.20 with $50 Voucher Delivered @ Samsung Education Store (Membership Required)


Now the same price as 128GB. A plus considering non-expandable storage. As in previous deals; an .edu email address is required for access, and there is a $50 voucher available for email sign-up. I believe the same deal is running for S21+ and S21 Ultra (256GB for 128GB price).

Happy hunting!


As pointed out by @sacs2k1 and others, this also includes a free wireless charger. The package includes a 240V USB-C wall plug which isn't included with the phone. Bonus! I can't seem to edit the title, maybe the mods can help.

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  • +4

    Pretty decent price I reckon.

  • +2

    its a 5G phone?

  • +5

    S21+ (256GB) - $1239.20
    S21 Ultra (256GB) - $1479.20

    • damn tempted for the ultra at that price.
      video and photo on it is pretty decent after looking today

    • Dont suppose anyone has every price matched with those prices at e.g. OW or JB?

      • They priced matched Apple Education products for me at JB HI-FI, should do Samsung as well if they're consistent. Will need to meet the same requirements.

        • I've been knocked back in the past trying to price match the samsung education store at JB :(

      • I've had mixed results - JB price matched a Samsung TV for me with the education store price (including the extra $50 off) but I haven't been able to get either JB or OW to price match education for a phone before.

        • +1

          It all depends on the store manager…if he is in a good mood, they will honour the education store price…if not then they will just decline or give you a discount.

      • Keen to know about this as well.
        Has anyone managed to get JB to price match this?
        Hoping to just waltz in JB later during lunch to grab it if its possible. (Brisbane)

        • +1

          Any luck at JB price matching?

          • @Tmonine: Didn't work for me at Brisbane JB.
            They said they will price match Apple only for some weird reason.
            Ended up just buying it from Samsung Edu Store and should receive it tomorrow.

    • Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but can I use one of my kids' school email addresses to get this price?

      • +1

        If the email address ends in .edu (maybe .edu.au as well) then you should be able to. I don't think Samsung has a specific list of email domains to check against, they just look for a ".edu" somewhere after the @.

        No harm in trying, regardless. You can register at https://shop.samsung.com/au/multistore/auepp/samsung_educati... .

    • Re the S21 Ultra, does anyone know the difference between the two models they're showing on the Education site?
      SM-G998BZKAATS - out of stock for 256GB
      SM-G998BDBAXSA - in stock
      I assume it might be processor but how much of a difference does that make at this level of phone?

  • +2

    Has anyone actually received a $50 for signing up for the newsletter? All the posts I've seen indicate you have to follow up with Samsung separately to get it.

    • I didn't have issues when I signed up. Took maybe an hour or two.

    • I never got mine, signing up across multiple email + contacted them 3 times about it….gave up after a week

      • Got one yes but it took a few online chats.

        • +2

          I tried over 4 emails spoke to online chat 5 times and still they couldn't help me.

        • +1

          I got one after a single chat after showing them multiple attempts as trying to get by using the form.


      • I got it easy. Just ask live chat for one.

    • I tried on 2 accounts a few weeks ago and never got a voucher. Also tried a few times via chat and also never got anything to work and eventually gave up. Even without the $50 voucher it was still cheaper than anywhere else for the phone I picked up.

      • I never received a voucher even chased 5+ times via chatting, email … etc
        Don't put much hope on this so called $50 discount or you'll be frustrated like me.

    • Ha, I just received a code this morning! I emailed them asking for one 2 days ago.

    • Got one within an hour after signing up. Didn't have to follow-up on chat/email.

  • +4

    Had massive battery drain issues with the 256GB S21 since first purchased.
    Lots of reviews suggest the most recent firmware was the issue.
    This is even after disabling/uninstalling (through adb shell) all the apps I didn't need including most Samsung related ones.

    The last few weeks have been a little better (possibly due to battery/software optimisation over the few weeks), but still doesn't last as long as I'd expected it to.

    Lots of reports also stating this drain issue could be fixed with a firmware update.
    Received a firmware update this morning, but no mention of a fix for the battery drain, so will have to wait and see how that goes.

    • I think battery drain issues are overblown and mostly come down to understanding battery usage in apps.

      I always manually manage all my apps, i don't enable automatic battery management because it will never get it efficient enough.

      Also be aware that Google's own apps are huge battery hogs including Google Maps and Chrome.

      Essentially, deep sleep everything but your chat app and you will never have battery issues.

      • +16

        I mean if I'm paying nearly a grand for a phone I'd hope I don't need to constantly babysit it to get average battery life

        • You don't, you set your apps once and then its done.

          The automatic battery management works by looking at which apps you use and makes an assumption that you want to allow the app to check for things, which are often not needed.

          Honestly I think they should deep sleep all apps by default, and manually ask the user if they can have non sleeping rights.

          • @samfisher5986: You can sort of do this by using developer options to limit the number of apps that are allowed to run (not be hibernated) at the same time.

        • Problem is for things like Youtube Premium, if you put deep sleep on that, the screen-off keep-playing feature won't work.

          • -1

            @burningrage: Youtube Premium isn't a power hog though, you don't have to deep sleep that.

        • -9

          This is why Apple and iOS is so good. Everything just works and is optimised so well

          • +1
          • @spammingb: Someone is drinking some apple flavoured kool-aid

            • @imurgod: Every android phone I had lagged like hell after a year. My iPhone XS is still super speedy after 2. Plus Apple's chips absolutely crush Android these days. Not to mention the unparalleled RAM management. Gotta give Apple credit where it's due

              • +3

                @spammingb: I disagree. I changed from Apple years ago and find the Samsung phones far superior in every way.

                Never had a Samsung lag. Even the S7 I gave away still works perfectly.

                Apple is limited and has had no innovation since Jobs died.

                IPhone is more of a fashion gimmick than serious tech these days.

                2 of my staff have iphones and the rest of us use samsung. I cn tell you from experience, apple are behind but better for users who fear tech and want to be babysat by their phone.

      • Brand new phone with no new apps installed, no cloud syncing enabled of any flavour.
        Yeah nah.. battery drain shouldn't be happening so severely.
        I'm talking roughly 1% drain every few minutes with the phone just sitting there not being used.

        It wasn't so bad after turning off 'Always on display' but was still bad compared to every other past phone I've had.

        • If its a brand new phone its most likely updating everything.

          Also the prerelease firmware had issues, the day 1 patch, or any of the newer patches are needed.

          • @samfisher5986: Updating what? There was nothing that was updating or being updated asisde the initial firmware update.
            Even if there was, that shouldn't be causing the phone to go from 100% charge to 50% in the space of a few hours while just sitting there doing nothing.

            • -1

              @SuiCid3: There is a lot more going on in the background, once you update it does optimising etc.

              Its widely reported, thats just how it is.

              After a few days, monitor your battery app use, if there is nothing in there, and you are losing battery fast, then its faulty, return it.

        • Have you tried deleting the cache partition? Could it be the 5G? I find that everytime there's a new iteration of the G, the first few devices will struggle with the battery life as the chips aren't efficient enough to warrant having it enabled all the time.

          If the screen is off then I wouldnt peg it on the display. The high refresh rate, high resolution screen isn't doing the device much favours though.

    • +1

      Had massive battery drain issues with the 256GB S21 since first purchased.

      When I first set mine up, I had quite a bit of battery drain. Turns out it was Google Photos which got stuck and would never finish backing up my tons of photos. Fixed that and my battery has been solid ever since.

    • This has been the case with Samsung's since the Galaxy S lol

    • Have you tried a full factory reset? I found that whenever I have excessive battery usage a full reset does the trick esp after a firmware update.

  • How much is the 512gb variant?

    • Unfortunately it appears the 512gb version isn't discounted only 256gb

  • +4

    I pre-ordered an S21Ultra in its online store. It breaks down within 10 days. It basically disconnects SIM card and drain battery 50% per hour by itself. I brought to the store, the staff says exchange and refund takes 3 weeks. It is a brand new phone and it only lasted 10 days. Any other brand gives you exchange on the spot!!! now it is still being repaired and i am waiting for 22 days now. I called Samsung E-commerce team and they said the warehouse still has not received the faulty phone after 22 days. i am speechless. Never buy Samsung.

    • +1

      Wow suck you got a lemon but the service afterwards makes it even worse.

      Makes me think I got a shitty speaker as the bottom firing one is so muffled compared to my old Oppo find X2 pro

    • +2

      Samsung customer service is horrible in Granville NSw

    • +1

      OK and what is an example of good customer service by an OEM? Does it exist?

      • Iphone is fine. Huawei is good after it gets banned. not sure about Oppo

      • +5

        Yes Apple customer service is my golden standard.

        The Apple genius at an Apple store in Melbourne told me that if my phone wasn't fixed within 10 minutes I would be given a new phone, on the spot. So, 10min later, they honoured their promise and I got a brand new phone, shrink wrapped in a box. No questions asked and I also received an apology for the inconvenience this hardware issue caused! I've never, ever had such experience with any brand.

        On the other hand, Samsung gave me a runaround about Samsung Galaxy watch 4G that had faulty Heart rate monitoring by design. It took me two months to get a refund after numerous phone calls, emails and visits to the store. I swore I would never buy a Samsung watch again so I bought a Fitbit Versa.
        Read all about it here:

        I own Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Sony phones, so no, I'm not an Apple fan.

        • The Apple genius at an Apple store in Melbourne told me that if my phone wasn't fixed within 10 minutes I would be given a new phone, on the spot.

          What was the fault? How old was the phone?

          • @eug: It was an iPhone 6s, around 1.5yr old. It was continuously rebooting.

  • in the market for an android phone, and hard to find a good phone. All Samsung have massive power drainage and heating issues from what i read in reviews. And can't buy Huawei which imho was the best. All others with lack a good camera or eco system. Samsung better get their battery fixed

    • Look into Oppo ( had OnePlus,pixel Samsung Oppo Huawei) color OS has come along way.

      Or pixel if U really want point and shoot camera

      • Wouldn't recommend Oppo after an A52.

        Maybe their premium devices are better though.

        • Oh definitely. Bought my mum the a52 and man I felt sorry after I had to set it up

          Definitely referring to the Oppo find X series

          The find X2 pro was insane and the charging…. Makes me laugh abit when I see super fast charging activate on this Samsung s21 ultra lol…

          • @agalea101:

            The find X2 pro was insane and the charging…. Makes me laugh abit when I see super fast charging activate on this Samsung s21 ultra lol…

            Has Oppo mentioned how they would address more rapid battery degradation due to such high-speed charging (genuine question)? If they haven't, you might be laughing now but an S21 user might be laughing next year. ;)

            • @eug: I dont keep my phones over 6 months so I wouldn't know.

              I hear you though I never use to charge over 80%

              Plus it's 2 batteries being charged at 30~ watts so I don't think it's a issue.

              I thinks it's a smart step until we get batter batteries in phones.

      • Ya, I was looking in to Oppo, but not sure, how good is the camera, plus resale is a big issue too. I bought my wife an Oppo Reno Z, seems to be going well. I do need a flagship device for family photos, but I m not sure if oppo flagship camera is worth the money.

        • Oppo flagship scores highly at dxomark. I know some people don't agree with dxomark scoring but I find it has the most systematic way of testing.

          Just checked dxomark scores and weirdly S21 ultra scores lower than S20 ultra

    • i think one of the lessons i learned is to stop believing in those paid samsung youtube reviewers…… The reviewers should only focus on three things, price, build quality and customer service which vary by country.

      • and if a celeb is endorsing a mobile phone (and it isn't an iPhone), then it's usually a Samsung. a lot of marketing.

      • +1

        Sorry, you learned to stop trusting paid reviews LMAO?

        I guess you haven't worked out that anything with ads is untrustworthy. There is almost no trustworthy media.

    • All Samsung have massive power drainage and heating issues from what i read in reviews.

      What reviews are these?
      Are you sure it's not confirmation bias where you only remember the negative reviews while ignoring all the positive ones?

      • Ozbargin reviews and friend experiences tell me that. online reviewers will tell you the battery can last 2 days……

        • You have to keep in mind human nature. People like complaining. If someone has a bad experience with something, they'll shout from the hills to make sure everybody hears it. That means they'll post topics on forums, reply to other posts, and generally make sure everyone knows about it. Someone who's actually very satisfied with their phone isn't going to look for a forum to write a post saying "my phone works great." - they'll just use it happily. So as a result, you'll see more negative comments than positive - that's just how humans are.

          You're probably totally satisfied with your fridge at home. But you've never bothered to write a post about it online - because it works fine. If your fridge broke down 2 weeks after you got it, you'll probably make sure people know about it. User comments have to be taken into perspective. Proper objective tests by reputable review sites are important data sources too.

          • @eug: Yeah i see. but complaints are complaints and they are from genuine customers while "good reviews" are from paid reviewers.

            • +1


              but complaints are complaints and they are from genuine customers

              Whatever the product, there will always be a percentage of customers who will be unhappy over something. It could be a genuine problem with the product, a problem with the customer's expectations, or even the customer not using it correctly. If Samsung sells 5 million S21 phones and 1% have actual problems, that's 50,000 unhappy customers. Out of that 50,000, maybe half will be pissed off enough to complain about it online. That's 25,000 potential people worldwide posting complaints and negative reviews. Meanwhile, you don't hear from the other 4.95 million users who are completely satisfied because they have no reason to look for a forum to post a negative review on.

              while "good reviews" are from paid reviewers.

              Are you saying, if you worked for e.g. Android Central, and Android Central buys you a phone to review, you are incapable of writing a fair review of it? Are all reviewers automatically lying just because their job is to review devices, even though they have no connection to the manufacturer?

      • Bought a s10 5g just 2 months back, and its first time in my life that i got frustrated to the point that i sold it on gumtree in 10 days. The samsung support is useless as usual, telling me which apps to use or not. And this was all happening on Wifi only, without even enabling any 5g.

        Then you read the s20 5g reviews, again same story, just read the reviews on this s20 5g posting on samsung education store. many threads online, just go and read.

        • Then you read the s20 5g reviews, again same story, just read the reviews on this s20 5g posting on samsung education store. many threads online, just go and read.

          No need, I used the S20 5G for a year (and the S10 the year before that). I had no issues with it, so I didn't bother going on to a forum to post about problems because it worked fine for me.

          That is the problem with relying on online reviews. People who didn't have any problems won't be posting about it while people who did have problems would likely post about it because they're frustrated.

          I have several friends with S20s who aren't into posting on forums. They have had no issues with their phones, but you'll never hear from them about it. You'll only read complaints because people naturally complain more than they praise.

    • Samsung Galaxy range is fine, You was misleading by review. Only a few review sites can trust.

  • +1

    Bought s21+, hate the adaptive refresh rate, initially didn't notice but all apps initially lag until 120hz kicks in, as it can drop it to 10fps when not needed which samsung decides itself so next option only use 60hz quiet disappointing

    • Any examples of this? I've never noticed this on my ultra.

      • while using web browsers instagram and facebook, if you start app and leave it idle for 10 15 seconds and start to scroll it takes few seconds before jumping to faster refresh rate maybe issue with s21+ only it is FHD only screen anyway

        • heard the same complain online as well

    • +1

      Your s21+ will only drop to 48hz actually, only the ultra can go down to 10hz…. Ultra user here and no such lag is noticeabe in my experience.

  • Exynope.

      • It's not only about the pure power but also about thermals, throttling, and power usage.

        • -1

          which is still pretty good.

          Samsung want to stop using Snapdragon alltogether so whining about Exynos means you basically are stuck using inferior phones forever.

          • -1

            @samfisher5986: Who will be stuck using inferior phones?
            Exynos is inferior, so Samsung buyers would be stuck using the inferior phone.

            • @jkim: If you think slight CPU differences are all that matters in a phone, then why not buy a computer?

              Most people buy phones for other reasons.

              • +1


                Most people buy phones for other reasons.

                Maybe some people buy phones just to run benchmarks on every day? ;)

                • +1

                  @jkim: What a stupid argument, why do you think people buy Samsung phones?

                  Go and troll somewhere else.

                    • +3

                      @jkim: Your inability to know what makes a good phone is not my problem.

                      The fact that you suggest LG confirms my suspicions that you are not educated on this subject.

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