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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU $428.71 + $10.86 Delivery (Free w/Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


In stock on April 3, 2021. Cheapest price by far at the moment, and won't be charged until delivery so plenty of time to see if cheaper Aus stock becomes available over the next month.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    seems the stock shortage issue got resolved.

    • +1

      There's plenty of stock of trayed 5600Xs at Aus distributors now, retail box with fan stock supposedly due next week.

      Both cost more than this though.

    • +2

      this always happen to me. I get impatience, not wanting to wait months so I buy Intel only to find there's stock on the 5600x the next week…

      • +1

        To be fair, intel isn't terrible value atm. Still shitty with their locked out cpu and bios unless you buy the expensive shit though.

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    5800X for $645 is also pretty good: https://www.amazon.com.au/AMD-Ryzen-7-5800X/dp/B0815XFSGK/. In stock now too.

    • +2

      It's decent, but personally, I don't find the upgrade justifiable :(

      • +1

        not to mention needing a bigger power for not much performance gain,
        especially if u have a mini itx pc where bigger power cycle is not cheap, and not always feasible

        • not to mention needing a bigger power for not much performance gain,

          You don't need a bigger PSU to upgrade to a 5800X vs. a 5600X.

      • Upgrade from what?

  • +2

    Amazon better than BadEgg by the sounds of it.

    • +1

      You mean OldEgg?

  • +7

    fantastic to see the prices starting to come back to normalcy. having said that, these retailers with a presence in the us (amazon, newegg) are seemingly putting our local retailers (mwave, pccasegear, umart, etc) to shame in terms of both price and stock, which is unfortunate.

    • they probably are just getting new stock first, just wait until this batch from amazon goes in stock and then we'll complain about the local ones again…

      • +5

        They're the kind that list up rtx3080's for $1800 and 5900X's for $1000. Even complaining now is too late.

        They are almost no different from eBay scalpers, and they clearly don't give af about MSRP.

        Can only hope Amazon will slap them back into place instead of scalping like the scalpers they are.

    • +4

      Don't forget after sales service too. Return policy is a joke for local retailers.

      • oh, absolutely.

      • Yeah they act like they're there for you…until something breaks and you need them.

    • They should be ashamed… When I built my pc last year all the parts except for case were sourced from amazon au as local prices were insane + enquiries on stock levels were not answered by local shops.

      • +1

        Yeah I'm done with supporting local pc shops. You can't even call your local umart because you get an overseas call centre now.

        • +1

          Reckon it's because they've done it tough during the last 12months?

          • @Ulysses31: No way they have sold more in the last 12 months than ever before with record profits. They're changing the business model to maximise profits so don't give them any sympathy.

  • I think I'd rather pay the extra ~$15 and buy it from Newegg as opposed to waiting 4-5 weeks for this to be in stock at Amazon.

    • +22

      Amazon vs Newegg warranty. I'd take Amazon warranty anyday

      • -24

        Who cares about warranty with cpu

        • +3

          Goodluck dealing with new egg for warranty. I ordered a 2700 was D.O.A and Amazon was extremely easy to deal with.

        • you don't know you need it 'til you do. ive had two of my mates both have faulty cpus straight out of the box.

          • @lachlantula: Faulty in what sense? DOA?

            • @tryonthis: yeah, straight out of the box being doa.

              • @lachlantula: You had the latest bios right?

                • @jackjames: yeah. tried them with different mobos and such and the issue was isolated it down to the cpu itself.

            • @tryonthis: My 2700 brand new from Amazon would free on Windows 10 install. Took to Umart and they diagnosed it as CPU… something about L2 Cache? They chucked in a 2600 and Windows installed fine. Tried different RAM, Windows install. Came down to CPU.

      • +1

        So my 5600x from newegg is essentially DOA and I am returning it.
        So yes, CPUs can fail/be faulty.

        Initially, they didn't want to help me because it was "outside of the return period".
        However once mentioned it was in Australia, they changed their tune.

        My chat transcript:

        Phyllis P. 08:06 PM PT
        Hi Joshua . This is Phyllis. I would be glad to check this order for you. May I have a moment please?

        Joshua 08:06 PM PT
        yep, sure

        Phyllis P. 08:07 PM PT
        I am sorry to tell you that the order has past return time frame so i cannot assist you a return any more.

        Phyllis P. 08:07 PM PT
        Advising contact your local store for some repairing.

        Joshua 08:08 PM PT
        I live in Australia, our consumer laws dictate the retailer/store must accept / process the return.

        Joshua 08:09 PM PT
        the product is DOA

        Joshua 08:09 PM PT
        its not a warranty claim

        Phyllis P. 08:09 PM PT
        Sorry. I just saw. One sec, checking further.

        Joshua 08:09 PM PT
        it has a fault straight after opening the box

        Phyllis P. 08:10 PM PT
        , I am going to issue you a refund RMA. Would you please verify your current shipping address?

        Joshua 08:11 PM PT

        Joshua 08:11 PM PT

        Joshua 08:11 PM PT

        Phyllis P. 08:12 PM PT
        1. Is the item physically damaged? 2. Do you have the retail box, UPC code and all the accessories for the return item?

        Joshua 08:12 PM PT
        1. No

        Joshua 08:12 PM PT
        2. Yes

        Joshua 08:13 PM PT
        I don't know what a UPC code is.

        Joshua 08:13 PM PT
        But I have all original packaging and components.

        Phyllis P. 08:13 PM PT

        Phyllis P. 08:14 PM PT
        RMA Number: redacted

        Phyllis P. 08:14 PM PT
        I have created a refund RMA for you. Please remember to return the retail box and all accessories originally included with the item. A confirmation email has been sent to you with the return instructions and a pre-paid shipping label so you may return the product. You will receive this email within the next 30 minutes. Please print the label and tape it onto the outside of your returning package. The pre-paid shipping label does expire in 7 days so please make sure you send this package as soon as possible. Once your return is received, it will take 7-10 business days to process and additional 3-5 business days for the refund to appear in your original form of payment.

        Phyllis P. 08:14 PM PT
        From the Return Shipping Label email, there will be a “Return Label & QR Code” button for you to click on that will take you to a page with both the label and the QR code. Once at a UPS store, you will just need to show that QR code to the UPS rep so they can scan it and print the label for you.

        Phyllis P. 08:16 PM PT
        May I know if you have any other concerns today? : )

        Joshua 08:16 PM PT
        ok i've received the email, thank you

        Phyllis P. 08:16 PM PT
        You are very welcome. Have a nice day and stay safe!

        Joshua 08:16 PM PT
        no, thank you again

        Phyllis P. 08:16 PM PT
        My pleasure! Take care!

        Phyllis P. 08:16 PM PT
        Thank you for giving me an opportunity to help you. A survey will appear once you have ended this chat. To end the chat click the "X” at the top-right hand side of the chat window and choose the button that asks you to confirm you want to end the chat. Please take a moment to rate my service as your feedback is highly appreciated!

        • +1

          Ummm… How'd you go finding UPS store in Australia?

          • +2

            @nitens: hahaha, yeah I will try and see what AusPost says.
            Otherwise, I know UPS have a presence near the airport.

            My point is more in favour of Amazons better return process than the pain the arse Newegg.
            I have just placed the order via Amazon, hoping I don't get another DOA. I have read numerous reports of duds with the new CPUs.

            • +1

              @DiSTURBED-oNE: Hardware unboxed, gamers nexus and a few others investigated the DOA CPU rumours and found it to be not true. You will be fine.

            • @DiSTURBED-oNE: Don't forget to mention P+H is on amazon's hook as per ACL. I used this to make amazon issue me an Auspost return rather than some weird courrier thing that was forcing me to travel 2 hours just to drop it off (I just gave them an estimate for the P+H bill of my hourly rate + fuel =~$140 and convinced them another option would be cheaper for them)

          • +1

            @nitens: Update. called UPS near the airport and they have organised a free pickup from my house.

            So its not that hard, just more steps than Amazon.

            • +2

              @DiSTURBED-oNE: I received some faulty DDR3 from Newegg and tried doing this same thing - getting UPS to collect the order (as I had a return collected by them the week earlier). When I called they said the postage Newegg had selected was ineligible for a pickup and I'd have to return it to their only depot on the other side of the city. Newegg were unwilling to pay for the upgraded option to have them item collected when I asked. So UPS might only be willing to collect in this instance since you're close to them.

              In the end I paid for postage myself via Auspost after being promised by Newegg they'd reimburse the cost. Then once they received it they renegged and wouldn't refund it.

              I'm still waiting for a refund for the cost of the order over 3 months later. Supposedly their systems aren't set up for refunds via PayPal so they need to refund via bank transfer, yet this never eventuates. They ask for my details then nothing happens for weeks, then when I make contact they just send the same request for my bank details. That's repeated about 5 times now.

              Hopefully you have a better experience than me, but I wouldn't bet on it.

              • +1

                @DisabledUser130521: So UPS came to pick up my item today.
                It was scanned in without issue.

                UPS near Melbourne Airport is 45 km from my house.

                I will let everyone know if I hit any roadblocks, but so far its been ok.

                • +1

                  @DiSTURBED-oNE: Funnily enough I received my refund yesterday (for the entire amount plus the returning shipping cost, which I had given up on). If you have any problems, go on the livechat and keep refreshing the chat until you connect with someone called Walter. He appears to be the only person employed at Newegg who actually does anything (and I've probably dealt with all of them by now).

      • I'm a pretty heavy Amazon prime member and yes I'd take Amazon over newegg but I bought a 5900x from Newegg as it's a case of buy where you can get them. It's very rare to get a faulty CPU, they are generally the least likely part to have issues. I wouldn't be concerned about buying it from Newegg.

  • I got CPU now what about GPU

    • +2

      good luck

    • -1

      The issue is most people are happy one CPU, but can buy multiple GPU's.

  • +1

    If I order it now and my Prime free trial expires before it is dispatched, will I still get free delivery?

    • +1

      My assumption would be that the order is in place with a specific item price and delivery charge (free) and shouldn't change. I'd just roll the dice, and raise it with their support if they screw you; usually find them to be keen to solve issues in the customers favour.

    • +1

      I think it's a yes

    • +1

      Can confirm I faced this exact situation with Fuma 2 and it still shipped free.

    • +7

      You got it 4 months ago and want a refund? Maybe if it was yesterday but not 4 months

      • -2

        was just hoping the difference so about $40. The price of new parts makes my wallet cry.

        • +4

          Early adopter tax really. It either costs patience or Money.

    • +1

      say you bought a 3080 back in November from Amazon, what are the chances you pay Amazon the difference as the price went up in the last few months.

      • +2

        I would say the chances are the same as him getting a refund of the difference from when he bought it in November

    • +8

      Let me know how you go.

      I bought my 2500K 8 years ago and it's about $400 cheaper now, be great to get a refund on that.

  • Intel may have a product which will beat 5600x and 5800x by April.

    • Maybe, but would it compete near a $430 price? The 5800x beats 5600x but I don't want to spend an extra $250.

      • +1

        Just may create less demand for 5600x/5800x which may lower its price further.

    • Intel looked to have raised prices. 11900k $600usd for an 8 core that competes with the 5800x.
      Like all older products though, they will decrease in value. Just like comet Lake is really good value atm

    • +1

      Pretty hard to match what the 5600x can deliver at 65W

    • +1

      firstly, good luck buying one
      secondly, u'll need a new motherboard
      thirdly, u'll probably need a new power supply as well if your pairing it with an RTX graphics card (even more good luck if ur system is mini itx)

    • 11700k is already trickling out now, and it appears to be roughly equivalent to a 5800x in price and performance.

      Seems a tad on the toasty side though, depending on the workload. Yes, I am aware that few workloads are going to be AVX-512 for sustained periods outside of a few specialised applications. However 290W draw would be quite the thing to see out in the wild.


      Decent uplift from 10700k though, interesting how far they're managing to push 14nm.

  • Ouch, paid $445 on a FOMO purchase when I didn't have a clear need for it… sucked into the talk about stock shortage and the price being $100 better than local stores.

  • +1

    Where is 5900x at a decent price…..

    • It's been in and out of stock at $8-900 ish recently

      • Ahh missed it. Got to keep a close watch or wait for a few more months.

    • That one will take a few more months to stabilize.

  • Would there be any disadvantages of purchasing US stock vs Aus stock? Like warranty etc?

    • +2

      Manufacturers warranty may be more annoying, or even too difficult to claim directly (not my experience but possible), but you have Amazon as the merchant of sale. From my experience they are more than generous with handling customer issues. I don't know how many years after purchase they will act like that but I have had no issue sending broken shit (by presumed manufacturing fault, not dropkicking my purchases) back to them after a year for full refund.

  • -1

    This u will get into $350-$400 in about 1 month time when intel 11gen release

    • +1

      Yeah but that's always the case with technology, prices will always go down with time, but you can't just wait forever, or you'll never buy one.

  • Says this is not in stock until towards the end of March. May as well wait and see if any other offers come up.

    • It was originally April 10, so the update to only 3 weeks away is even better. You can make an order on Amazon to secure stock, and then cancel it if a better offer comes up before the restock though.

  • 11900k released on 30 March before this AMD CPU ships in April. Not sure to go Intel or AMD on this one .

  • The "in stock" date seems to change a lot… I ordered one last night when it was showing 15th of March - now its back to 27th of March.
    My estimated arriving date didn't change though…

  • just a FYI for anyone that put in an order when it first appeared, I wasn't able to cancel the order despite not dispatching for over 2 months. So I guess we're stuck with it now.

  • +2

    Wow… my order just got shipped. That was quick…

    • Yes they seem to have shipped the orders, but the arrival time still says 2nd April. So maybe it's coming via boat or it's getting a free trip around the world.

  • Mine came in today 6 weeks early. Shipped on Friday last week here this morning. Amazed tbh. Now the wait for my GPU(ETA unknown) sadface.

    • +1

      That is definitely quick… mine shipped Friday too but it's still bouncing around US locations today.

      • Wow I was not able to track its precise location on the US side. Is yours sent using Fastway(Aramex)?

        • Yea Fastway. I'll be patient, it's probably halfway here already knowing how good those tracking messages are.

          • @wendellX: lol yeah dw you'll have it soon! I hope you don't have a GPU delay like I do. Issue with the 5600x is that is does not have integrated graphics.

  • Ordered one yesterday morning, already dispatched today, expected next Friday but probably arrive before then.

    • Arrived on Thursday. So 10 days.

  • Sold out? Can’t find it anymore

    • This deal hasn't changed as Amazon is allowing preorders for incoming stock. The in stock date is changing all the time, currently "May 2, 2021", but it may not be that bad though - mine shipped just a week after ordering, or 4 weeks before the suggested next stock date.

      • I just managed to purchase one. The deal is back!! :)

        • Had the amazon page up ready to go. Told myself i'd order after breakfast.

          That was a mistake. Gone again haha.

          • +1

            @cheesecactus: Back in stock for $10 more.
            In stock on May 21 allegedly.
            Fingers crossed it arrives sooner.

            • @cheesecactus: As an update for others wondering what delivery times are like.

              I ordered on 26th of March.

              Eta was June 16 - July 8.

              It shipped today with an arrival date of 23rd April

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