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Target - Sunbeam Non-Stick 5 Litre Wok $39 (RRP $79.95)


Just saw this at Target and wanted to %$#@*^~ as I bought this early last year for my mom for $65 (bargained down from the RRP). It's a really useful item which gets hot quickly and can be used for many dishes - fish fillet, steak, stirfry…

Great price considering those of high-quality frypan or saucepan (without the heating element).

Description from Sunbeam: http://www.sunbeam.com.au/products/kitchen/ww4500d/

Gourmet Non-stick Wok 5L WW4500D

Extremely versatile, the Sunbeam Gourmet Wok is the perfect tool to help you create a multitude of scrumptious dishes. Powered by a 'heat-wall' element that is cast into the heavy duty base, high heat is transferred evenly up the base and sides of the 5 litre capacity wok. From stir-frying your favourite meats, vegetables or noodles for a healthy meal, to deep frying impressive appetisers when entertaining, or even steaming dumplings or a whole fish, the possibilities are endless.

  • 5.0 litre capacity
  • Teflon® Platinum Pro™ non-stick coating
  • Metal utensil safe
  • 2000 watt 'heat-wall' element
  • Heavy duty die-cast construction
  • Glass lid with adjustable steam vent
  • Trigger release control probe
  • 10 heat settings
  • Quick release detachable base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Steaming rack

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  • It's probably a good price, but I'm generally voting because even if you yourself missed out, you still made it a point to share with the community. Happy Ozbargaining 2012!

  • Damn, would have bought if it was non electric!

    • I'm looking for a gas type, or one that can be put on a portable gas stove.

  • Perfect timing! Accidentally melted the temp controlling bit and buying a replacement cable thingie costs more that getting a whole new one. Thanks!

  • NSW or?

    • It's available in NSW, I guess if you're somewhere else the easiest way to find out if it's available is to click through to the Target catalogue site & enter your postcode. Also take note that it says in the catalogue about it not being available at Target Country stores unless stated otherwise, so it's best to check your local catalogue online!

  • +5

    Nice price but nothing beats a carbon steel wok on hot gas :) Happy New Year!

    • about to say that lol

    • Yeah gas stoves work so well with woks, at home I have a crappy electric and a wok that bevels in with a small base. The stuff on the outside cooks so slowly…

  • These are great to save time as the heat and cook very quickly.

  • buy one @ half price several month before,great Wok.

  • Has anyone have a problem that the Teflon was peeling off around the bottom of the wok?
    (around the heating area)

    • I have bought 3 of the Breville ones. Mine is ok because I'm very careful not to overheat it, but a friend has stuffed hers (peeling teflon) by overheating them. Despite the manual which says to have it on high for 10 minutes before you start to cook! I just don't think standard type teflon is compatible with wok style cooking (high heat). The Sunbeam stainless (non) non stick might be worth a shot.

    • I made the mistake of storing the cord inside the wok, which scratched off some of the teflon, leading the way for more peeling. These days I still store it inside, but in a plastic bag.

      • i was going to ask the same question. last wok i bought the teflon coating lasted no time at all.

  • i was going to ask the same question. last wok i bought the teflon coating lasted no time at all.

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