Who Has The best Pizza?

Who has the best pizza? I think Domino's or the local Italian are great

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  • 103
  • 37
    Pizza Hut
  • 30
    Crust pizza
  • 21
    The lebanese on the corner
  • 3
    The kebab shop in the city
  • 13
    The frozen food aisle
  • 477
    Your local Italian restaurant


  • +2

    Domino's are truly awful, all their pizzas are bland doughy. Many Italian pizzerias are actually pretty average too, but if you find a good one you won't want to eat pizza from anywhere else.

  • +1

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: My Mates Pizza in Kealba (VIC).

    Anyone nearby there, give it a try! A thousand times better than Domino's.

    • Of course you'd spruke your mates pizza!

      • It's the name of the actual shop.

        • Yeh I know, was just pulling your leg, heh.

    • There is one in Glenroy too!

  • -1

    Domino Pizza is not Pizza.

    Italians don't pile on too many toppings. They don't dump pineapple and alike on top of pizza

    Italian toppings are very simple and only have 3 toppings . may be 4

    • +3

      Pizza may have originated from Italy, but it became a lot bigger in the US before its homeland and took on a life of its own globally.

      • don't forget to salt ya pasta water

        • -1

          I reckon pasta sauce would have enough salt for anyone, no need to add it in the water.

          • +1

            @TransportPosters: only when it's commercial one..

            Try making it and you will never touch another supermarket one again.

        • whoever came up with that is an (profanity)

      • +1

        Italians get offended with USA pizzas.. as it's not really pizza.

        Crap dough, and crap ingredients..

        Best pizzas as small Italian or artisan places.

    • +1

      Gatekeeping food hahaha

    • Your version of pizza sounds boring

    • -1

      You are absolutely correct. Italian pizza is a rip-off.
      Why would anyone eat a pizza especially from an italian store, with so many other food options available in melbourne.

  • +2

    The Rollin Dough in Sunshine.

    • did you know they use be the same owner (well one of them) as big daddy's in sunshine

      • Have you tried Speedys?

        • Yeah hit and miss that one, use to get them late at night because they open quite late

      • I did not. Makes sense, they resemble big daddy's. Bundoora was my local.

  • +1

    Costco has pretty good pizza they are uncooked, made up fresh for you to cook at home and they have a nice thick crust
    one downside is they are pretty stingy on the toppings but you can always add your own

    p.s. if you like your pizzas fiery try the chicken chorizo if not avoid it

    • +1

      chicken chorizo

      didnt know they had that

      you can also get them whole cooked at the cafeteria (if those are the ones you're talking about)

      • +1

        yep same ones

    • Chicken and Chorizo mixed sounds disgusting! That isn't a pizza, that's a crime.

  • +2

    How does anyone vote that any crappy chain has the 'best pizza' lol

  • +1

    Pizza capers are my favourite of the big chains. Not great pricewise but ingredients are solid. Pizza huts hershey cookie though..

  • I like +39 myself.

  • Smokin' Joes is pretty reasonable pizza for a chain. Good value and significantly better then Dominoes but still not quite as good the local Italian joint.

  • +1

    My dear friend, where is Dr Oetker!!!!!!!!?? Add it to the poll

    After eating just one, you dont need any pizza for a few months.

    • how come few mths?

      • +1

        He is Ant-Man.

  • +1

    The issue with this question is the variation in the quality of pizza between franchises.
    I have had Italian wood fired restaurant pizza, that are delicious. But some of the best value for pizza is the Domino's in Zetland, NSW.
    Esp on a public holiday, and the surcharge is really worth it, as the toppings are loaded.

    At the same time, the worst pizza I have had is Domino's Cherrybrook. Never ever again.

    I like Pizza hut as well, but really prefer Domino's Zetland, esp the new flavours- Chicken Supreme and Indi Chicken Tikka. Each slice is loaded with toppings, and it does NOT taste like cardboard.

    • didn't know the surcharge was worth it…

  • Coles / Woolies

  • How did Fat Pizza not make the poll?

    • Bobo wouldn't have allowed it.

  • Sydney: Frank's Pizza in Camperdown
    Canberra: Because they're both so different: Zucchini Brothers AND Grease Monkey's (Chicago style - OMG)

    • Franks looks good. I will visit soon. Have you had Epic Pizza on Enmore Road?

      • +1

        No, we don't eat out in Sydney much (we're in Canberra, and usually eat at family's place when we're in Sydney) but we were starving after a show one night about 15 years ago, so stopped in on our way home, and we keep going back! Haven't been for a while, actually. Might be time for us to take a road trip…. ;)

    • +1

      Definitely Zucchini Bros. Been buying from them since they opened in the 80's. Just have to travel further now they have moved to Greenway.

  • I always enjoyed the local Italian pizza place until we got a stand mixer. Since then we've had some amazing experiences with a range of pizza dough recipes.
    Our fave is an overnight rise in the fridge - stretch it out, top it with toppings and then into the oven on a preheated pizza stone right at the top under the grill for 4 minutes. Can't beat the taste with any takeaway!

    Recipe I use if anyone wants to try :)


  • +1

    I wish my local had more reasonable pricing, 21$ for a """medium""" pizza seems like a rich people's thing!

    • +1

      I mean Dominos just call all their pizzas 'large' when in reality it's a small-medium. Would that make you feel better if they did that?

      • Funny you mention that, yesterday I ordered domino's delivery since I was hanging out with a friend and their pizzas were tiny!

        Last time I ordered was 2-3 months ago and I could swear they reduced the size yet again now!

        It is still better value than a local…

  • +1

    How is crust behind dominos and pizza hut in terms of quality. Maybe in terms of value but that wasn't the question…

    • +1

      Crust is good but not great. Certainly much better than domino's and pizza hut.

  • +3

    no home baked pizza anyone?

    • No surcharge for different half’s

  • Domino's - cheap but good

    Nikkis Pizza (Merrylands, NSW) - pricey yet amazing

    Tommy's Kebabs (Smithfield, NSW) - chicken pizza and a side of hot chips, can never go wrong

  • Gourmet vs fast food chain pizza.

    It's a no brainer unfair fight.

  • wow no one voting for crust, yall a bunch of tight arses i know its 24 bucks for a large size but quality/taste is unmatched, peri peri chicken is the pick

    • +1

      $24 will get me a pizza from DOC or Baby.

      Crust is definitely better than Domino's and Pizza Hut but far inferior to DOC or Baby.

      I'd say $15 for a large @ Crust is fair, definitely getting ripped off for $24.

      • i dont know if you checked the price/size of the two you mentioned but they both included much less ingredients than crust and are way smaller and are more expensive.

        Pizza ai Porcini – wild mushrooms, truffle oil & mozzarella in bianco with grated DOP pecorino - $26 ?? (smaller than crust pizza)

        CAPRICCIOSA PIZZA fior di latte, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, artichoke, san marzano tomatoes, ligurian olives $25.50 (that thing is as small as the smallest crust pizza that goes for 13 dollars)

        i get that its authentic Italian, but honestly when im hungry that authentic Italian is too simple and too little, it does not fill you up and its too plain. i still prefer crust peri peri.

        • The pizza there aren't way smaller.

          I would say the same sizein diameter. However their crust is thinner (the way it should be) than Crust but infinitely tastier.

          I will admit, Crust is much better than dominos and pizza hut but it's still cooked by an inskilled cook vs pizza chef.

          If you haven't done so, Give them a go, you may surprise yourself. You can't base a pizza purely on price per gram, otherwise you may as well order 3 dominos pizza for $24.

          FYI I've had crust before. My local Crust use to have $10 lunch specials. Killer deal, $10 for a small pizza including drink.

          Once that was gone, I paid the extra for Baby as I enjoy Baby pizza much more.

          • @JimB: i was not basing it on price per gram, i have had authentic Italian before and honestly most of the places taste more or less the same. its the same few ingredients. sure its nice and has its place but its far from the best pizza. obviously i mentioned a few times taste/price if i was purely going on price i would say 5 dollar cardboard pizza from domino… crust is in a sweet spot for what you get compared to any other fast food or turkish/kebab pizza place and also any Italian pizzeria offer in terms of price, quality and flavour. to this date my favourite pizza is the crust peri peri chicken and I've tried many places.

    • It's not really surprising. Crust makes some decent pizzas, but it still occupies that weird middle-ground. They're generally not as good or as high quality as many local pizzerias employing real chefs (despite costing the same), not are they what you're after if you're in the mood for some cheap and dirty American-style.

      My local does a Peri Peri that is similar to but fresher and spicier than Crust's, has a bit more toppings including avo and jalapenos, uses free range chicken, and is $2 less.

    • Last time I checked your also a tight arse

  • +2

    we recently had a pizza from local Italian, and everyone in my family said dominos is way better.

    • The problem with dominos is that the pizzas are so damn tiny. Id say about half the size of what a large pizza is at a proper pizza place.

      Also their rules about toppings are very strange, I cant for the life of me get them to put more than 1 tiny peperoni per slice (sometimes not even that) even when i select double or triple peperoni. Yet they have no issue absolute covering the pizza with other toppings like olives or pineapple which unfortunately i dont even want that much of.

    • give crust peri peri chicken a go, you will be a convert

  • +1

    Anyone on the Mornington Peninsula knows La Lupa in Tyabb is the best, most efficient ‘za place possible

  • For fast food pizza Costco is the best

  • Pizza Shop Balgowlah

  • Used to hit up the local dominos, quality was ok-fine for cheap pizza.
    Moved house, now close to a pizza hut & a dominoes - the dominoes is regularly foul, but the pizza hut churns out some of the best fast food pies I've had.
    Of course they're all crap next to a good pizza, but OzB's gonna B.

  • The best pizza I've ever had was a supreme from Grant Pizza Place in Bacchus Marsh.

    That pizza shop was the subject of a slightly notorious stand up comedy video https://youtu.be/Tw1usU64Weg

  • It depends on what you're grading it on?

    if it is purely taste then obviously the local Italian restaurant by a mile

    However if convince and price come into the mix then you could argue other providers might be better

  • +1

    I suggest the people that voted Pizza Hut go to your GP and get your taste buds tested lol .

  • +1

    3 Black Bears

  • I've eaten a lot of pizza and Da Mario in Rosebery is my top pick for pizza within Sydney.

    • what a rip off, '13 inch only' starts at $20 for the simplest one and up to $27 for the ones with more cheese.. if you are spending this much on a 13 inch simple Italian pizza you need to hand in your ozbargain card

  • -2

    Italians may have invented the pizza, but I'd buy dominos over italian style pizzas any day - even though dominos are not great, they give you way more toppings.

  • daddy

  • I used to think Dominos was good. But then I tried our local Pizzeria, and the difference was huge. They don’t have as big a selection of toppings on the Pizza, but the sauce is thicker, there’s a lot more cheese, the bases are thicker, the toppings are much more generous, and it tastes a lot better.

    I honestly wouldn’t ever really choose our local Dominos again (because maybe it depends on the franchise). If it was a choice between nothing, and Dominos, I’d go hungry, it’s honestly that bad. Very dry, thin, very little sauce, not much cheese. Etc.

  • I'd happily buy pizza from a few different local places.

    But out of the big players, my local pizza hut is hands down better than Dominos and it's not even close. We do try Dominos about once a year to see if things change, but I swear it seems to get worse year on year. Yet I see Dominos delivery cars and bikes zooming around at all hours of the day, so maybe I'm the weird one? Crust is ok but super over priced, especially since they canned the free delivery for members.

    As a side note, it also irks me how Dominos went from a legit tech pioneer in the food industry, to gimmicky (sometimes non existent) tech for marketing purposes (automated delivery robots, AI to ensure pizzas are made perfectly every time etc.). Not to mention the shrinking of pizzas, raising of prices, and a data breach that they really didn't seem to care about.

  • Mixing the word 'Best' with fast food chains is an affront.

  • +1

    Dominos and pizza hut cheap and pretty nasty. Ok for kids birthdays or if you are skint, not much else.

    Of the chains, crust are pretty decent.

    If you have a decent local pizza place though, they are usually the best tasting and also the best value.

  • Really depends what you mean by “best”.
    Dominos is OK but it’s so cheap and so fast it’s usually the default option.
    Otherwise, a good local restaurant is always going to be great quality but cost a small fortune.

  • Mad toppings.

  • +2

    The pizzas I make at home, after having freshly made dough and a simple pizza sauce topped with fresh ingredients you want, I struggle to go back to shop bought stuff.

    weekly pizzas have been a thing for about 6 months now, getting quite good at the process and love the flavour options! Just need to get a Ooni on sale for a good price to go next level I think….

  • RIP kebab shop in the city. I actually quite like em but yeah, best is a strong statement.

  • I love pizza has the best in Sydney

  • Jovani’s in Ascot Vale

  • Dominos is super hit and miss in my area. I usually go to Pedro's pizza when I want something cheap. You can't beat the local italian joint though.

  • Tipica Bondi Pizza
    Society Pizza Bar

  • Pretty sure most locally owned pizza shops are way better than any franchise stores

  • Can't see anything from WA. Best I've tried:

    Best "Australian" Style: Padbury Pizza
    Best Italian Style: Monsterella - Wembley

    I've heard Neighbourhood Pizza is good but haven't tried. Honorable mention to Romano's Pizzeria Ellenbrook, best value for something that doesn't resemble a frozen pizza like Dominos/Pizza Hut.

  • +1

    Don't know if it's still there but in my younger days we were regulars at a place called Topolinos on Fitzroy Street St Kilda.

    To this day I've not eaten better pizza anywhere in Australia.

  • -1

    Who Has The best Pizza?


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