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GL.inet GL-B1300 Convexa-B Mesh Home AC Gigabit VPN Router, 400Mbps (2.4GHz) +867Mbps (5GHz) $88.00 Delivered @ GL.inet Amazon


Convexa-B (GL-B1300) is a remarkable OpenWrt gigabit router in order to satisfy the wireless Internet access demand for both commercial and home users. It will be your best choice for enjoying the wireless Internet surfing. Convexa-B is equipped with Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON (Self-Organizing Network) mesh technology to deliver robust and consistent connectivity to your entire space. Multiple units are required to extend the Wi-Fi network throughout your space.

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  • Need a cheapish repeater to get a wifi from upstairs to downstairs… at the moment, the wifi can only reach a small portion of downstairs…. any ideas?

    • I used a quality powerline kit and then an old router in AP mode - I tried a simar Wifi extender and found it too unreliable.

      • Ahh yes. The issue is, they are on different power circuits otherwise I would’ve done that :(

    • We use another GL.iNet product in our place - 'Mango' (GL-MT300N-V2) to extend WiFi to places that solid brick walls make unreachable. Cheap. Works.

  • What is the use case of this product?

    • Commercial off the shelf OpenWRT based router. This model supports Qualcomm WiFi Son for mesh system, so basically use case is as a router or mesh system or WAP or extender or media server or…. 😊

      Note they've also just released the B2200 Velica mesh system as well but physical format is different as per use case below….

      • Is the B2200 significantly better / worth waiting for? Also, is it much more expensive? A quick search of Amazon (B2200 and Velica) didn't yield any results.

        • Have just received mine to play with. Main difference is the AC2200 vs AC1300 and 8GB EMMC onboard. Very different form factor, so maybe not as versatile. 2.4Ghz band is stronger than the B1300. Doesn't have a USB port and only has two ethernet ports. Ethernet not an issue for me, but I used to run a USB drive for media streaming. The best thing about these is there's now an app that uses Bluetooth to setup and monitor the mesh which makes it much easier than the old B1300 and the bloody button and flashing mesh light. The new app also allows you to administer the unit much better without having to browse to the web interface.

          B2200 not on Amazon AU yet, but from the Gl.Inet store: B1300 $89 USD B2200 $159 USD so yeah, bit of a difference in pricing.
          Bit of a review here.

          • @Limbot: Update on the Velica from Gl.Inet

            Should be available in April.

            Pricing will be:

            $AUD177 for 1-PACK $AUD330 for 2-PACK

            Hope this helps.

            p.s. hopefully I can get them to do an Ozbargain introduction deal :)

            • @Limbot: Hi Limbot,

              Thanks for getting back to me. I've got the Spitz, and am not able to run AdGuard Home on it. I see that this comes preinstalled on the B2200 - do you happen to know if the B1300 is also powerful enough to run it?

              Also, your review shows the B2200 wifi performance is better than the B1300 - how would the wifi performance of the B1300 compare to the Spitz?


  • +1

    I have one of these, currently connected to an EOP and 3M velcro'd to the back of a bookshelf giving me glorious 5GHz wifi down far end of my apartment. Probably going to grab another one, configure it as my primary gateway then connect them in mesh. It's only slightly bigger than the 1TB SSD I have attached to it via USB.

  • Can you power this from PoE?

  • The price is no longer $88 - for me it is showing as $103.
    Is there a code or something for the better price?

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