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[NSW] Vax VX86 Steam Fresh Home Pro Steam Cleaner $50 (RRP $159) @ Bunnings Rouse Hill


Long time lurker first time poster. Saw this steam cleaner on clearance at Bunnings Rouse Hill. Very few stock remaining. Not sure if on clearance across all Bunnings stores.

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    Reviews look pretty terrible.

    • reviews?

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    Good price, I might have to head out there tomorrow if i get time. Thanks OP!

  • Last week I saw some of display shelf 5-6 layers unit doing half price in Rouse hill

  • Is this the item in op’s post? Reviews are not kind.


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      Nah, that looks like the next model "up" (VX87) - it's the VX86 shown on the receipt (not on their website so probably deleted / old stock) - https://www.vax.com.au/media/blfa_files/VAX_VX86_UserGuide.p...

      I've never been a fan of anything VAX-branded, so it wouldn't surprise me if there were poor reviews for it - still, quite cheap compared to what they normally try selling it for.

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    I don’t believe in this post, I’m an anti-VAXxer…

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      Logged in just to upvote this.

  • What’s the best steam mop without having to drag the barrel behind?

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    I ended up at Rouse Hill today after phoning them, they said they had the 86 in stock, got there, no 86 so they gave me the VX87 for $50. The reviews on the 87 are terrible, but happy to give it a try.