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55% off Netflix: Basic ~A$4.66, Standard ~A$7.07, Ultra ~A$9.49 Per Month (VPN to Turkey Required) @ Netflix Turkey


November 2021 - See new/latest post here

OzReminder for those who may not be familiar with this hack. Thank you for the original post Ulysses31. Here are some steps to setup a Turkish or Argentinian Netflix account to save $$$. Results may vary so its best to read up, there are plenty of comments below and members happy to help. Unfortunately it may not work for everyone so please keep that in mind.

Netflix plans

Turkey Basic $4.66 Standard $7.07 Ultra $9.49/month
Argentina Basic $4.02 Standard $6.61 Ultra $9.64/month (Note: Taxes will apply)

Step 1: Please understand that following all these steps may not work for you

There is no need for aggression in instances where you are unable to subscribe to an international Netflix account. Share your experience so everyone can chip in and help out. There are plenty of examples where hacks shared on this platform do not work for some people, but may work for others:
* Modem reset for faster internet,
* Cash back program purchase tracking,
* Price matching an unobtainable deal or price error,
* Targeted bargains, and
* Limited quantity items quickly or instant (bot) sellout.
Similarly we know there are cash back users who follow every single step for cash back (turn off ad blocker, have no items in cart, do not click other links, etc.) on their purchases and it does not work, its probably best to move on.There are many users who successfully use this hack and enjoy paying half the price of the Australian membership. Unfortunately there are also many users who have been unable to sign up to Netflix Turkey or Argentina. After all it is intended for people who reside in Turkey or Argentina. If it does not work, I am not affiliated with any of the entities listed below or linked to and cannot guarantee any outcome. I can only read comments on this platform and others to share them with you. Your patience is appreciated. Please do not take it personally.

Step 2: Obtain a Turkish or Argentinian VPN

Express VPN

Step 3: Confirm Turkish/Argentinian IP

IP Check

Step 4: Sign Up to Netflix

In a private-browsing tab open Netflix

Step 5: Enter Card Details

Possibly working: 28 Degrees, ANZ Rewards, Citibank Debit, Macquarie
Mixed reports: CBA, ING


Q My bank blocked my payment, what do I do?
A Some banks block 1st attempt and then text to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt may work.

Q Where can I purchase a Turkish Netflix gift card?
A Others have had success purchasing Turkish Netflix gift cards (for a premium) or using Transfer Wise.

Q I have an existing Netflix subscription, can I use the same email?
A You can try! Visit Netflix website and cancel your subscription ASAP. It will expire at the end of the billing period. Then follow Step 1-5.

Q I thought it would cost $4.66 but I was billed for $5.00.
A Please note that changes in the foreign exchange rate will impact the subscription fee. Happy to update.

Q How do I enter an international mobile number?
A Ignore any requests for a mobile, open Netflix in a new tab and confirm account is working. If you must, there are a couple of resources for codes being sent to an international mobile number. Please note that these services may not work since others may have used the numbers for verification codes from Netflix SMS Codes PVA Codes SMS-Activate SMS Approval.

Q Do I need to use a VPN every time I access Netflix?
A No, VPN is only required for sign up. After sign up, use Netflix without a VPN and you will have access to the Australian Netflix library.

Plans and pricing

Thanks Putin
Turkish Plans and pricing
Argentinian Plans and pricing
GST/VAT and Tax related questions
Full list of Netflix pricing around the world thanks CC123 and Giu

See previous post for this deal for additional discussion.

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          • @sepa: I managed to change to set it up with gift card from G2A but it won't accept my wise virtual card

            • @jamba: Have you contacted their live chat for a separate payment form? It appears as a pop-up during the chat.

              Managed to attach my ING card, despite it being blocked during the sign up process.

            • @jamba: Hmm. So you managed to set up the Turkish account using a gift card. Did you then log into Netflix via a browser and go to Account > Manage payment info, then try to add a credit/debit card but it wouldn't let you?

              Are you logging in to your account via a VPN? Don't. Once the Turkish account is set up, try logging in via an Australian server and you should be able to add Australian cards. I just checked it on my Netflix account, and added a second card no problems.

              • @sepa: Once subscription was started with Gift cards, I tried both options: Adding card via VPN or without VPN. I cant add Aus Debit/credit card. Keep giving me error.

                • +1

                  @EnALup: Sorry, I'm out of ideas then, apart from waiting a while, maybe let it renew on your gift card, then trying again. Or take silverrat23's advice and contact live chat.

                  • @sepa: Will do. for chat, do we need to connect to vpn too?
                    Hope they dont ask why I am adding Aus card.

                    • @EnALup: Chat was not very helpful. They said I should continue using gift cards. Can we use Australia netflix gift cards or even the 6 months Chromecast ones? My 28 Degree card was declined.

                      • @jamba: Try again. Might get a different person.

                  • @sepa: Worked !!! Thanks sepa

    • +1

      holy jesus christ, what a pain to buy from mtcgame.
      ID verification requires selfie with credit card and passport info while driver licence is not accepted.

      • +3

        Buy it from G2A instead. Doesn't require any of the above and code was sent very quickly.

        • +1

          Yeah bought from g2a. Just paid with paypal. Received gift cards within minutes.

          • @xoom: I just tried buying from G2A with my paypal using a VPN to Turkey, and now G2A asks for my Turkish mobile number to validate the transaction.

            What do I do?

            UPDATE: I just left that screen alone and waited. After 10 minutes it said (in Turkish) "Thanks your transaction was successful." I hope this helps others.

    • After adding the gift card, how did you add your Aus debit or credit card. Its not allowing ING or Citibank card.

      • +1

        You need to go on live chat and ask for the form.

        If they refuse. End chat and start new chat.

        Rinse and repeat till you get one that will give you the form.

    • so for future payments do u need to buy gift cards or credit card?

      • You can buy a credit card. Just kidding.

        For future payments. You can go on chat and get the form to fill in your bank details. May need to do a few times as some will tell you no.

  • Can I suggest an edit to the title. "VPN to Turkey required" change to "VPN to Turkey required for sign-up".

    It implies you need a VPN to access Netflix with a Turkish account. Not true. People will see the title and say I have to buy a VPN, too? Forget it.

    • Thats true. You only need vpn to turkey during sign up. Once signed up. No need to be connected to vpn.

  • +1

    I can confirm that for me at least the VPN to Turkey worked easily without any issues.
    I cancelled my subscription which ended on the 25th Sept. Prior to that though i added the missus credit card to my account as the primary payment method as her card does not incur any international fees or anything. It's an ING card i think. Then the day after my subscription ended i used PIA VPN to turkey. Logged into Netflix on my account and was asked if i wanted to resume my subscription. It then offered my the 3 options SD, HD and 4K with prices in Turkish currency. I picked HD and subscribed. Payment came through on missus card within an hour for $6.50 AUD or thereabouts. Then i just switched on the TV and Netflix service worked fine. Perfect. Thanks.

    • Thanks for sharing.
      Did you try after 25th Sep? I felt I have to wait 24-48 hours after the expiry date to reactive my account.
      (Mine is expiring today but when I logged in with Turkish VPN I still can use my account. There wasn't any reactivation options. T.T)


    I had issues with the part they want to confirm via phone number, used gift card and left old 28 Degrees card in account so they charge that in the future.

    • i bought via the gift card option, and couldn't leave 28 degrees or cba credit card as backup payment.

      • +1

        You would have to go on the live chat. Ask for the form to fill in your bank details.

        • done that - got it done on the first chat although got offered the chat form only after got sent to the main page to enter again.

        • Thanks, do I need to finish using the turkey credits before adding the credit card?

          • @balloontree: Dont think so.

            • @xoom: confirmed it's working now.

              u need to force (convince) them to provide you with the credit card form over the chat - just tell them your friends have done it and it work

              sending an email link to the payment update form has no use.

              and yes, they will consume your turkeyish credits before using the credit card.

              • +1

                @balloontree: Yes. As others have said. If they refuse to give you the form. End chat and restart another chat. You get a different person. Who may give you the form.

  • Hello guys, I am having problems with Netfix via Revolut. In practice, I access Netflix Turkey via VPN (winderscrabe, Hola VPN) in the payment method I enter Revolut Visa but Netflix does not accept payment. Another guy told me that Revolut works on Netflix but you have to go through the procedure to get the card accepted, can someone help me? Also this guy told me that a few months ago you had to change the label of the Revolut card to add emojis so Netflix accepted them. Now he says that to get the Revolut card accepted you have to change Netflix links, I don't know if that's the truth but the guy sent me netflix screenshots with Visa card inside. Anyone know anything about it? Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you

  • Can confirm, create account with 28 degrees card, let it expire, Turkish gift card, vpn method works …for me anyways.
    Thanks everyone here!

  • Similar to above, create account with citibank debit, let it expire, windscribe VPN (don't use incognito), and it worked fine picking up the citibank card details. No need for turkish gift card.

  • +1

    I have been subscribed via Turkey for a few months now but getting gift cards and adding to the account - no credit card info.

    I just tried adding backup payment and entered my 28 Degrees card info. Going by the comments here, I expected to get an error message but it appears to have been added fine as it's listing my remaining Gift Card credit and the card details as backup payment method. Does that mean that once the Gift Card credit runs out, my Card should then be charged at the going Turkish rate?


    • +1

      It should be. When gc runs out. Charges will be to your bank account.

      • Nice. Thanks. I guess time will tell.

    • This is what happened to me, they used up the gift card balance and charged the rest on my card

      • Nice. I was just surprised I was able to add the card after seeing all the comments of people getting errors and needing to try on-line support to get it added.

  • Did anyone get charged 1 539.93ARS for their premium plan?

    • +2

      Soubds like you got the tax included. Time to switch to turkey.

  • I’m on Apple subscription & have canceled it (expiring tomorrow).
    Will try gift card first and then see if any luck to add an Au credit card.
    Unfortunately I can’t add any card details before it expires as I’m charged from AppStore.

    • The subscription finally expired at 1 am-ish. Not immediately after 12 am.
      Restarted my membership by g2a gift card. Can't add my AU credit cards. Tried all of them.
      "Sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again later." - I guess some of you are luckier than me.
      Chatted online they told me my banks of my cards don't approve Netflix transactions: "Customer is not eligible for service".
      I shall try it again after a few days to see if there is any luck. That's the trouble when you subscribed through AppleStore.
      P.S when ordering from g2a don't connect with Turkish VPN - the website will cancel orders even your payment went through.
      Thanks all.

      • +1

        You dont need any vpn when buying in g2a. It just warns you that you are buying turkish gift cards. Thats it.

        As for getting the online bank form. Just try another chat. Some won't give you the form some will. Its just try and try until you suceed.

        • Thanks. I didn’t realise the VPN issue with g2a until I failed a few times.
          I’keep trying until I get the bank form.

        • Sorry I forgot to confirm - when online chat do I need Turkish VPN? I didn’t connect to it last time when I tried. Many thanks again!

  • +1

    Have been paying my Netflix in TL for a long time (years) using my Amex… Had to cancel my Amex recently and had to update the payment method… First, I tried to add a backup payment method, using NordVPN Turkey… Tried Citi and Up and got error "problem with your card"… Tried to open a new Netflix account connected to NordVPN Turkey… Same error… Then I cancelled my membership and tried everything again… Same error…

    Used the Windscribe VPN, logged in to my Netflix again (will expire next week), and was finally able to add the Citi Debit as backup method, and then deleted the expired Amex. Then I clicked Restart membership and got a confirmation message "Success! Your membership will continue" with Citi as the payment method. Premium for 54.99 TL/month.

    Not sure if it was the combination of Citi and Windscribe, or just a few attempts with Citi until it was accepted. Anyway, didn't have to buy gift card…

    • Good to know. I was not able to add city card too with nord connector or without. Had to contact support to get the card form and it was successful that way.

    • +1

      I changed my card recently to Macquarie Bank debit, and no problems. However, I didn't login via a Turkish VPN. Turkey doesn't like foreign cards, but it seems once your account is up and running for a while, Australian cards will be accepted from an Australian IP address.

  • +1

    Dang $5 premium ultra on my revolut. It’s the lowest it’s ever been lol!

    • $4.74 for a premium account for me. The Turkish Lira is diving.

      • a thought just popped in my head - I wonder if we can pre-pay next 6 months worth of subscriptions without using gift card?

        • Not directly to Netflix. With a Wise (or similar) card you set up a Turkish Lira account, transfer A$ in at today's rate and use Wise as your preferred payment card for your Netflix account.

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