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[eBay Plus] eBay Tuesday - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury $39 (OOS) | Redmi Note 9T 5G Dual SIM $299 @ eBay


Upcoming ebay Tuesday deals.

1,000 units each. One transaction per person. Both dropping at 10am and 2pm AEDT.

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    Is this one of those eBay deals that are more akin to a competition due to low stock? Price seems to be to good to be true.

    Edit/ OP edit shows 1000 units, not bad.

    • last tuesdays deals hardly sold through 1/3 of the stock

  • eBay plus required?

    • Says it when I click on the redmi ad

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      Yes with all eBay Tuesday deals I think.

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      eBay + Luck required.

      • I find it much easier than those 100 per drop before. Scored the $299 Switch 2 weeks ago.

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        Say what you will but I scored the Black Friday $350 switch + Mario kart + NSO for 3mo, on the first drop, so it is certainly possible

    • yes ebay plus members only

    • Free trial's always available.

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      Yup. $49 entrance fee for this competition.

      • I bought the plus membership last week to access some other deal. I actually got a $50 voucher to use on any eBay purchase after I paid my $49. (Free trial used last year).

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      For another deal, I activated ebay plus - it said I already used free trial, so I'd be charged $49 right away; it gave me an option only to choose one of my cards as a payment method (no PP, no other cards) and I agreed.

      I did my shopping with ebay plus discounts, paying via PP, and after few hours I noticed an email saying they couldn't proceed with payment for the membership as the only card it let me choose was expired. So they canceled the membership 3-4 hours after I ordered ebay plus and the discounted items.

      Now I wonder if ebay is about to chase me for the difference. However, next day they still sent me another email with an exclusive -$20 coupon for members.

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        no. shhhhh…this is a glitch…better delete your reply before they patch it…

        • I think eBay has much bigger glitches to worry about than their crappy plus system.

      • Yea same thing happened to me
        Looks like this will be patched soon unless it's kept hush hush 😝

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    The regular price for the Redmi Note 9T 5G Dual SIM seems to be around 350$. Not a massive deal ?

    • +1

      Who on the hell wants the Redmi.?
      Its going to stick around like a bad smell .

      • I guess no one wants it and trying to get rid of it at discounted price, still it is not that good of a deal like others have stated

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        Who the hell wants ebay?

        • +10

          It’s becoming AliExpress now with sooo many overseas sellers claiming (lying) to send the items from local Australia.

          eBay knew this practice and never do anything about it, just like govt who claiming can’t do anything on the rising of properties price. Can’t or won’t??

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            @brongz: "Australian stock" meaning, we're selling this stock to Australians from China.

            It's ridiculous.

  • +22

    Me: I absolutely do not need to rebuy Mario 3D World, I never even finished it on Wii U and haven't touched my Switch in moooonths.

    Also me: Shit, 39? I might just rebuy Mario 3D World.

    • +1

      FOMO is real and not like the price drops for first party nintendo games.

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      Bowser's Fury is fantastic but it only lasts around 3-4hrs

      • +1

        The Bowsers Fury component or the entire Mario 3D game?

        • +2

          The Bowser’s Fury component.

          The main game isn’t super-long either (as with most traditional Mario games), but between both parts, there’s plenty of content for your money.

          • @Mrlrlpe: Took me bloody 6 months to finish the last level of the bonus worlds after the main game is completed

        • The Bowser's Fury content - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGj-D890CbI

          • @Agret: Cheers, I have the game, I thought I had to finish the Mario to unlock Bowsers Fury!

    • You know you'll play it if you manage to buy for $39..right?

      • Idk, all star is still sitting in my cupboard unopened.

    • +2

      I'm amazed how good it looked on the Wii U for a 7 year old game.

      Side by side Switch/Wii U

      • -25

        laughed so much at 'libs for climate ad' that the comparison was an anticlimax - dunno why oz needs more hellfires but clearly the LNP believe we do….

        Apologies to the families of those who died and lost everything last year including the fireies, if laughing at this latest LNP shit today seemed inappropriate but this - besides being under reported by the liberal media - is unacceptable.

        'The government has yet to show it is taking the findings of the bushfire royal commission seriously, 33 ex-fire and emergency service chiefs have said.

        The Emergency Leaders for Climate Action (ELCA) group has also argued authorities seem to have rejected the report’s core recommendation to create a larger national firefighting fleet to be shared between states and territories.'

        • +9

          Sir, this is OzBargain.

    • Exact same situation here

  • The switch game definitely going to be a fast finger deal . Gets past a minute I'd be surprised .

  • -2

    Do i need ebay plus for this deal?

    • +4

      You need ebay plus for a chance of getting this deal.

      • Ebay Plus = fighting amongst yourself

        Luv my Prime. :P

        • I must agree, eBay plus is a very "confused offering". Only certain items are available for free shipping, and at a minimum, the item must cost $15.

          Amazon has no minimum, and has a streaming service to boot!

          Still, eBay Plus has paid for itself for me on several occasions, but it's no Prime that's for sure.

          • @ash2000: Wait so I can still try if I don't have ebay plus?

            • @kypermaster: You MUST have eBay Plus.

              If you are eligible for a free trial, you could use that.

  • Thanks, OP.

    Kids have been asking for those games, but haven't been keen on getting in at RRP.

  • I wonder when eBay run out of decent deals

    • Money

    • +10

      Trade in for a new wife who appreciates value and why you are an ozbargainer.

      • +1

        maybe she needs a good camera for OF content?

      • +2

        May be for myself I am using TCL Plex very limited support even hard to find phone case.

  • (profanity) I paid $69

    • How long ago? Buy this one and return the $69 with the new packaging.

      • Two weeks haha, I can’t be bothered tbh. I got the preorder tin etc

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    Just a reminder for those who are thinking about taking up the targeted offer to get a $50 voucher when joining eBay plus:

    1. The $50 voucher can't be used on these eBay Plus deals (or any deal that requires a coupon code);
    2. They are single-use, so spending less than $50 will see you forfeit the balance.
    • They cut all my multi Plus accounts back to 1 per name .
      They don't like my business : (
      For the record I was happy not to use any of these vouchers and pay full price .

      • They cut all my multi Plus accounts back to 1 per name

        Paid or trial?

    • Can I use gift card with this voucher?

      • +1

        Yes. Gift cards are as good as PayPal or a credit card they can be combined with any code or offer.

        Keep in mind, in instances where the sale item sells out within seconds you'll have little time to enter a gift card number. That said, the Switches the other week took 3 minutes to sell out. I expect the game will take much longer…..probably no rush at all.

  • any comment on this Redmi 9T please?

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    Redmi 9T is this the cheapest 5 g phone atm?

  • +1

    With the 3D Mario world can you play coop with just one set of joy cons?

    • +2


  • The 4GB of RAM on the Redmi seems like it could be a bit of an issue going forwards.
    I assume it is the 64GB model (the link isn't currently working for me to confirm this), so it will have the potentially lower speed UFS-2.1 compared to the UFS-2.2 of the 128GB model (UFS-2.1 lacks the "Write Booster" or accelerator function that generally brings faster application startup speed and cache loading).

    • +1

      Why is 4gb ram an issue? Like the average memory use is around 2.7 gb for my 3 year old phone running Android 11.

  • +2

    if 4GB of RAM 64GB model, this is not best deal.
    where is the item located? Australia or China? shipping time please

    • shipping time please

      12-12:15 tomorrow.

      • +1

        sorry i was try to ask:
        will it be a domestic or international shipment/shipping time please?

        • Sorry, I was teasing!

          All eBay plus items ship from Australia , and usually ship same day or the day after. If you live in a metro area they will ship by express post.

          All the Tuesday deals I've purchased have arrived by week's end and usually the next day.

          • @ash2000: "All eBay plus items ship from Australia"
            is this part of rule of ebay plus or ebay policy?

            • +1

              @ginatinagavin: eBay Plus rule. Must be established Australian businesses with local stock.

  • +1

    Reckon it will be from gamesmen again?

  • is it this phone ? with MediaTek MT6853?

    • +1

      Not a good deal $ 212.26 at Aliexpress
      128GB $239.99 at wirelessplace

      • I can only find $261.98 at aliexpress for tonight (which might need to add up GST). Could you share the links?

  • Not fan of 5G.
    Note 10 looks much better, in terms of, display, camera, ram, with only $18 difference

  • +2

    Not interested in both items, so will save another $338 tomorrow.

  • $39 Pro Controller next week?

  • +1

    If we're lucky Amazon will come to the table and drop their price of Super Mario 3D as well for 24hrs. They usually adjust prices to match BigW or the odd Harvey Norman sales on Switch games so fingers crossed they do it for this.

    I know where I'd rather spend my money between the choice of 2 evils. At least then I wouldn't need to try and snipe a deal, even if I end up having to wait for a back order.

    • Yeah I stopped using ebay to buy a lot of things when they stopped caring about people saying local stock, by shipping from China to Sydney to a middle man business and then magically 2 weeks later shipping me local stock. I'm not buying from local stock to avoid buying direct from Asia, i'm doing it because its quicker, postage out of China/HK is really slow.

      Amazon despite all their bigtech evil, gives me what i want much quicker and often cheaper and I can tell where its coming from and the delivery time.

  • +7

    $39 on amazon now - lightning deal

    • Got one thanks!

    • Do you have a link please?

  • +1

    Do they put up an actual link i.e. a listing? how do you actually attempt to buy this at 10am?

    • I'm also wondering this. 🤔

  • +2
    • damn i was too slow