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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 (US Version) 41mm $361.16, 45mm $404.67, 45mm w/ LTE $448.31 + Post ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Received an alert for this. US stock with conflicting messages regarding whether Samsung Pay works but a no brainer at this price with Amazon support.

EDIT: I've found this link hopefully it'll be possible to change region on the Watch3.

EDIT 2: For anyone who returns to this post, I just received my watch and was able to change the region to Australia following these steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsshQ1-UIoY&ab_channel=Techn...

Samsung Pay successfully working!

Edit 930pm: 41mm on backorder.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Price match at office works!

    • +2

      Ermm, not with US version plastered all over the page…?

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        the product code differs as well

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    Must … resist … too many watches.

    • +50

      You should find something more productive to do. You clearly have plenty of time on your hands.

  • Can anyone confirm if this works in AU? On which cellular network?

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      Amazon Q&A has users confirm it works on Optus and Telstra.

  • Based on the comments, it doesn't look like it supports ECG out of the box yet. Happy to be wrong but I would have gotten one if it came with it.

    • +4

      Can add support very easily, have it on mine just need to side load the apk

  • +1

    Bought. $463 without prime for LTE version.
    Samsung Galaxy watch 4 is around the corner but agreed, great price.

    • Cancelling order because this wont work with my current Carrier.

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    Great price and hard to resist…but passing being iPhone user !! Looks ECG features would only work with galaxy phones

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    Worth upgrade on OG Galaxy wawtch?

    • probably not if you're not hung up on ecg features. original watch has better battery life

  • How does warranty works for a US product?

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      Whatever Amazon offers, so don’t expect any support from Samsung Australia…

    • I was looking to buy an Galaxy Active2 and did a chat with Samsung Australia last week re: buying from Amazon US. They can repair if anything goes wrong, but not under warranty. The explicitly told me they do not offer worldwide warranty.

  • great price
    for android there is not much option for LTE i have been looking one but this seems best. however i see too many discounts on this model recently newer one must be coming out soon, i might as well wait for that.

  • Waiting for the new one coming out this year as it's rumoured that the new watch will be able to help people with diabetes.

    I have been targeting this watch too, and Samsung said ECG will be coming early this year or in a few months.

    Also, seeing how the watch active 2 will be receiving the same features as this watch, it doesn't make this watch a bargain anymore.

  • Had both the original galaxy watch and galaxy watch 3, I think I actually prefer the original one more. Has a nicer feel to the rotating bezel and watchface selection. GW 3's rotating bezel is a bit mushy for me, has no satisfying ticking sound per rotation. Battery life on the GW 3 is noticible worse.

    • +1

      Battery life's the big known weakness of the Watch3 vs the OG. Most users still reporting 1.5 days+ of use with the Watch3 though.

  • do you have to pay Telstra a service fee if using LTE watch?
    I'm on Telstra 5G mobile plan

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    I reached out to samsung australia on twitter and this their response about us version
    'Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately you would be unable to use Samsung and Google Pay on the Galaxy Watch 3. There also may be network locks with the cellular variant of the watch.'

    • +2

      Ooooh. That's unfortunate, the pay function's pretty important. Still going to keep my order at the moment, cheers for checking.

    • Didn't know Samsung watches could use Google pay

      • The things you learn on OzBargain.

    • I bought the WA2 US version off Amazon last month. Can confirm Samsung Pay works fine with my Australia cards - no change required.

      Not sure on LTE - I got the bluetooth version.

  • +2

    Still got my Gear s3 since day one. Changed the battery myself once about a year ago and going strong… Probably good to wait the Watch4 with Android this time

  • price went back up for 41mm lte?

    • Think 41mm LTE may have always been the higher price, only saw the deep discounts for the Bluetooth models listed and 45mm LTE in silver.

      • Ah I see.

  • What's the difference between us and au version?

    • Network bands, for starters.

  • Thanks OP. Got another 45mm BT model.

  • The 45 lte brain version is only discounted on silver, is that because different metal? I mean it's black one Titanium?

  • +1

    I bought one of these 2 weeks ago. Arrived in 7 days, really happy with it overall. But, it can't do Samsung Pay (which isn't the end of the world).

    • Samsung Pay works great on my GWA2 - US version that I bought off Amazon. Maybe a setting on your samsung ID?

  • If you're considering Samsung smart watches, have a look at the Active 2. I got it for a fantastic price from Kogan with 2 year Samsung AU warranty for $317. This is 44mm, non-LTE version.

    • I'm looking at the Active 2. How do you know the Kogan one comes with Samsung AU warranty?

      It states "This product is an international model
      Note: May not be compatible with Samsung Pay in AU/NZ due to global stock variation."

      This one appears to be a grey import.


      • +1

        Some of the ones on that site are grey imports, but the one I bought was local warranty (see top of listing description). I put it in my cart (I was logged in) and then I walked away as it wasn't the cheapest and I wanted to do more research. About 3 days later I get an email from them with 20% off that specific watch which brought it down to $317. For local warranty this was very competitive so I bought.

        • +1

          Thanks for the info, I'll definitely look into this.

    • Kogan are historically seen as a bit of a nightmare to try and get warranty claims processed through. Hope it won't be the case here.

      • I bought an e-ink tablet from a third-party seller Heybattery on Kogan.com. When it arrived I noticed a tiny blemish in a corner of the display.

        I contacted them and sent them a video showing the problem.

        They replied and said… ok we'll send you a shipping label for you to return it and we'll send a replacement out.

        I received the replacement. No hassles.

        Sorry for the anticlimax. :)

        • That's good! I haven't ordered from them for a while, I was mostly going off reports from other users I'd seen, I'd love for it to be better now.

  • -3

    Rumours of a new watch coming out soon, so this one won't have software support for much longer.

    • The Galaxy Gear S3 which was released in 2016 was still getting updates last year. The Gear S2 which was released in 2015 got an update early last year.

      This Galaxy Watch 3 was released in 2020, so if they follow their track record, it still has a few years of support left.

      • My original galaxy watch hasn't gotten an update in 14 months.

  • Looks like this deal is expired.

    • +1

      Just edited in, Silver 45mm Bluetooth for $433.94, the rest back up to their 'normal' price.

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    For anyone who returns to this post, I just received my watch and was able to change the region to Australia following these steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsshQ1-UIoY&ab_channel=Techn...

    Samsung Pay successfully working!

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