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$60 Cashback on $75 amaysim 125GB 6-Month Expiry Plan @ Cashrewards (Was $35, Ends 6PM AEDT)


This awesome deal just got a lot better. Please ensure you read the terms below carefully before proceeding. If you've already puchased any amaysim product via Cashrewards this month, you are unfortunately ineligible for this offer. I will endeavour to provide at least 30 minutes notice when amaysim gets close to the quota limit.

The following terms are specific to the $60 amaysim cashback offer only:

  1. Limited strictly to the first 1000 mobile services (redemptions), and one per Cashrewards member. Offer expires when (1) cap is reached (sold out), (2) withdrawn by amaysim, or (3) 11:59pm AEDT 09/03/21 (whichever occurs first). When the offer is over, the cashback rate will revert to $35 for this SIM. updated 4:10pm: Allocation exhausted, but amaysim has extended to now end 6PM AEDT.
  2. New mobile services only - offer is not available for existing mobile numbers.
  3. Offer is not available to anyone that has previously purchased an amaysim product via Cashrewards this month.
  4. You must click through the offer on Cashrewards. Do not exit amaysim's site until your purchase is complete.
  5. Offer applies only to the $150 Unlimited 125GB long-expiry mobile SIM for $75 (March promo). You will receive the SIM in 2-10 business days, which must be activated within 30 days of purchase or cashback is forfeited.
  6. If PayPal is used as payment, you must verify your ID through 'my amaysim' after purchase.
  7. Turning auto-renewal off after activation will not disqualify you from cashback.
  8. amaysim SIMs bought from retail stores/outlets are excluded from cashback.
  9. Cannot be used with any other amaysim or 3rd party promos/codes/referrals.
  10. Direct any enquiries regarding delivery, activation or ordering to amaysim customer support on their website.

Fraudulent activity, including creation of alternate accounts (against terms of service), will result in rewards forfeiture and account closure.

Ensure you disable 3rd party plugins and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost (try our mobile app). Do not exit amaysim after clicking out from Cashrewards until you complete your purchase. Tracking should take no longer than 60 minutes for amaysim. Check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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  • +7

    Been over an hour and not tracked. Bit concerning when some people’s track immediately.
    Would not have bought if not for cashback

    • Same here, will see how it goes.

    • +5

      Mine didn’t track after 3hrs (used the CR app) so I just called amaysim to cancel the order

      • Yeah same. Made the purchase through the Cashrewards app as well and it didnt track. Cancelled via Chat function.

  • Also having cart errors with both CC and PayPal.

  • +7

    OP said it should be tracked within 60 mins but mine still not tracked yet :/ and only can send a missing cash back claim after 7 days

  • +3

    OP. If cashback doesn't get tracked, can we refund this deal?

    • +1

      OP works for CR, not for Amaysim.

    • +1

      would be good to know this as well

    • You won't be able to because it states "which must be activated within 30 days of purchase or cashback is forfeited". If your service is activated, it is non refundable.

  • Website is being hammering. Stuck at loading merchant data.

    PS: It worked after I log out and login back to CR.

  • +2

    For those with cart errors - You may have pending ports on your number. I had one from years ago. Online chat will cancel them for you.

    • +2

      Checkout worked after cancelling pending ports and cashback tracked instantly. Cheers TA!

  • does "pending approval" means it has been tracked and that you're the first 1000?

  • +3

    What a terrible experience.

    Reset password. Amysim still wouldnt let me log in after loading the cart. Just ended up making a new login. Some weird issue because you can log in on the main homepage but it asks you to log in again during the cart. Maybe servers overloaded..

    Cc doesn't even work and now they gonna ask me to verify my id…

  • +3

    I am always nervous about cashback deals that are limited to the first x people because you never really know if you will get the deal.

    • agree, it would be beneficial to get an idea of how many people have successfully tracked and not tracked. Can someone make a poll?

  • Thanks just did it now through the mobile app and my cashback has been tracked and is now pending. I used Paypal and Amaysim did ask to verify my ID

    • Can you log in to your amaysim portal now?
      I have got mine same as you with paypal and then verified ID but just got an invoice from paypal and tracked in CR, no email from amaysim yet and not able to log in with my user pass.
      Does anyone else has the same problem?

      • +1

        Yeah login works fine for me and the only emails I got from amaysim was one to verify my email and 2nd to say that my sim card was coming. Maybe check your junk mail?

        • Cheked everywhere seems either i put wrong email address or there is another error! Thanks

  • -1


  • +1

    Still haven't gotten any tracking after more than 4 hours… went through CR app

    • Same, looks like many people on the same boat. Hopefully CR will honour it!

    • What was your payment method?

      • Mastercard

        • +2

          I did twice with credit cards. Both not tracked. I contacted Amaysim to have both canceled. Not risking it.

          • @niniksa: I am assuming we can wait longer though? - we have 30 days to activate SIM - so I assume we can cancel within that 30 days.

            • @Ruckmauler: From my past experience, they ship out SIM card very quickly, possible tonight. Not sure if they still happy to refund after that.

              • @niniksa: Can confirm that Amaysim shipped out SIM within 1 hour of me placing order. They still let me cancel it. While it might still track it's just too much trouble chasing it up if it doesn't.

    • edited

    • Same here :-(

  • Just grabbed the deal through the app, paid with cc
    Got all emails and it's being tracked
    Great deal for $15 for 6 months.
    Going into my headunit just for the data

  • Thanks TA 👍
    Just found this Deal & bought.
    Was a great Deal before @$35 cashback.

    Bought through site. Tracked at $60 within a few minutes!

    • Still not reaching 1000?

      • Not sold out (10 minutes ago) which surprised me.
        That's why I posted my comment.

        • But how can you be sure?

        • I would like to get one but wouldn't want to risk it? Can I assume as long as it got tracked and show $60 pending then I am fine?

          • +1

            @apple0604: I would say TA is monitoring it.
            "I will endeavour to provide at least 30 minutes notice when amaysim gets close to the quota limit."

            When 1000 are reached - offer should show sold out on CR site.

            Offer is still showing on CR site.
            (1000 may not be a strict limit)

            • +2

              @Rather be Travelling: Ok got it. Thsnks. BTW, you have always been very helpful.

              • @apple0604: Cheap SIMs have been my specialty for many years📱

                Good to see your Username again👍

                • @Rather be Travelling: Me too. As soon as I see your username I know I can ask you. BTW, is it ok if I choose porting now and later change to new service?

                  • @apple0604: I know the answer to that - yes!
                    It's the best way.
                    You need to click ACTIVATE when you are ready - choose new number.

                    • @Rather be Travelling: Thanks again. I have never bought this kind of sim card cashback deal. So many unknown. But as per other members experiences, it seems ok.

                      • @apple0604: We're all new at something!
                        And this is a bargain.

                        Have used CR for Amaysim offers for years. Never missed cashback.

                        Get a great Deal like this, check you meet the conditions, Order, wait for tracking & hope all goes well.

                        Only had a couple of issues with other merchants - tracking never received. Reported it after the waiting period for merchant, provided proof of purchase etc. Then it's a long wait.

                        • @Rather be Travelling: Yes, you are right. It is a good deal to pass. Took your advice and just bought. Instant tracking.

                          To be honest, I only had one ebay purchase not tracked with CR but they made good of it out of their own pocket although missed the bonus and it was the bonus I went for. But never mind, a few dollars.

                          My luck with SB wasn't bad either. Cashback of my first purchase with SB didn't track but they fixed it. But I don't use SB much.

                          • @apple0604: Forgot to order SIM to port… To delay activation as I usually do.
                            Ordered too quickly.

                            Chat said can't be changed, but can cancel.

                            Deal extended to 6pm.

                            The number I'm porting is with Amaysim, but not used in almost a year. Realised I might be able to order to port, if I port to a $2 SIM & back to port to Amaysim.
                            No! I won't even let me order with that number…

                            Oh well…
                            Ordered again with a different number to delay activation.
                            Will cancel first order after cashback is tracked. Or maybe keep it @$15??

                            • @Rather be Travelling: I would say keep it if you need data. This is good because it is for 6 months.

                              • @apple0604: Certainly don't need an extra number! But extra data is handy.

                                You reminded me of what I should have done - order to port to delay activation!
                                We learn from each other.

                              • @apple0604: Contacted support this morning about requiring (28d) later activation date on new number. (Needs to be activated within 30d for cashback.)

                                Recommended not using the SIM until needed. Will leave in pack. Expiry date will reset on first use. Will contact Amaysim when SIM arrives to confirm. Sent chat as email.

                                Almost as good as ordering to port & changing to new number. We will see!
                                It's how I learn - by my mistakes😉

                                As tracking didn't appear for second order, cancelled this morning. PayPal refund came through in 1 minute!
                                Couldn't be bothered putting in report on the other (family) CR account. Don't need the extra SIM.

                                • @Rather be Travelling: Good to know that Amaysim is flexible and helpful.

                                  I would have cancelled the order if it didn't track soon enough. My experience (ebay purchase) was if it didn't track within the time frame stated then it wouldn't track even if waited for 7 days. For this deal of $60 cashback I wouldn't want to risk it especially if I don't really need it.

                                  I still have plenty of data left on my Belong service and wondering what I should do about it before leaving Belong. Any good advice? Would be nice if I could sell them. But still need some data till moving to Amaysim within 30 days. For where I am Belong connection is getting worse. What a shame. They are not in a hurry to increase their capacity but rather keen on changing a lot of rules.

                                  • @apple0604: Haven't been with Belong since they gave away free SIMs (years ago)!

                                    Selling data is usual way, especially if you are changing service soon.

                                    Good luck.

                                    I've moved onto planning a Spring break in WA - flights booked in weekend Deal.
                                    Booking earnt a $25 accommodation voucher (expires 14d after flight booked), so trying to get the best value for my budget ways (1 free night in dorm room at backpackers!)😊

                                    Notice we're both in Brissie!
                                    Sent you a PM.

                                    Kept a copy of Amaysim transcript. The reality might not match the advice.
                                    With Woolworths Mobile, having a copy of the transcript & reference number was very handy later - scored $60 of Rewards credit (for $2 I paid for the 2 $30 SIMs) when SIMs couldn't be Activated as promised.

                            • @Rather be Travelling: Also I believed in the past that I have ordered amaysim by selecting new number. But I put in wrong address and had to request a new sim. Once I received it I had to contact them and I asked the girl to port my number in. She did it. So I think you should be fine.

                              • @apple0604: Ah, too late now - chat said couldn't be done.
                                Amaysim sent the wrong SIM last month - just did a SIM swap in account.
                                New SIMs arrive preactivated. Resets after first use.

                                • @Rather be Travelling: Yes they will do reset so should be fine. Besides we have to activate the sim within 30 days in order to receive cashback. So won't be delay for much longer. Just hope sim arrive quickly.

                                  • @apple0604: Have a spare SIM here from last month's mistake by Amaysim!
                                    But have a different (70GB) service until end of month. So don't need service until then.

                                • @Rather be Travelling: BTW, am I supposed to receive an email from amaysim? I didn't although purchase tracked by CR.

                                  • @apple0604: Received emails almost immediately from Amaysim. One is to confirm your email address.
                                    Check the bin or spam.

                                    • @Rather be Travelling: I received nothing. Checked spam folder and nothing there too.

                                      • @apple0604: That's strange.
                                        In your Amaysim account - you can request to resend email verification.


                                        One click to verify your email address

                                        Your amaysim SIM is on its way
                                        Thanks for joining amaysim.

                                        This is to confirm that you have successfully completed your order.

                                        Your mobile number: 040….
                                        Your mobile plan: Unlimited 125GB

                                        Your SIM will arrive in 2 - 10 business days.

                                        Once you receive your SIM, all you need to do is pop it in your mobile or tablet and you'll be ready to go. If you're bringing your number over, you can start your number transfer in My amaysim.

  • +4

    did not track.. trying to cancel the order now

    • Did that last month - was not a problem. Amaysim promptly cancelled order.

      • -1

        yup- they have cancelled it.

        • I cancelled mine but still got an email saying order was processed and is on its way. Did you get a similar automatic message?

  • Cancelled via amaysim chat. No questions asked.
    What a waste of time for so many here

  • I waited for 5 hours and it seems like mine not tracked.

  • +1

    Thanks TA, just purchased and tracked immediately

  • Mine didn’t track instantly. Should I cancel it?

    • +1

      I have only read of either "Tracked Instantly" or "Didn't Track" - I have yet to read anybody saying it tracked after 30 minutes or an hour etc. So I guess give it the "Tracking should take no longer than 60 minutes for amaysim" benefit of the doubt then cancel.

  • My purchase, processed just a moment ago, tracked almost instantly.

    I love being (a now veteran) savvy SIM slut.

  • My SIM has shipped in only 6hrs so anyone thinking of cancelling get onto it. FYI hasn't tracked through CR app either 😒

  • Tracked instantly

  • Thanks OP.
    Porting from a different provider, and it got tracked in CR. The sim is on the way (shipped). AFAIK the existing number should be active until the new sim arrives, and it is activated.

  • Looks like deal is on until 6 pm. No 1000 limit. That’s nice.

  • can i login using amaysim account or need to use a new email id for this. please suggest

  • +16

    Hi guys, please note we’ve exceeded the 1000 redemption limit as of 4PM, however amaysim has kindly extended the offer until 6PM AEDT today, at which time the plan reverts to $35 cashback.

    Further, even though we have successfully tracked the allocated quota to members, from the comments it appears some have not been successful. If this is the case, please simply submit a claim at 7 days via your click history, and amaysim will make good on these provided no fraudulent activity is detected and all terms have been met & followed per the description in this post. Many thanks for your support :)

    • Thanks Mate.
      I have a question, i currently dont have amaysim number but i had it in the past (like 2 years ago). I have a login created in amaysim with my email id. WHen i buy its asking me to login to my old email account. please suggest if i can do this or need a new email account

      • Should work, it says existing customer but new sim service.

        Special Terms
        Cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM. Limited to one cashback per month per Cashrewards account.

        Cashback is eligible only on a new service (SIM) which is activated within 30 days of purchase. Cashback is ineligible on any recharges to existing services.

        • thanks

    • It was already late so cancelled the order before you post the comment. Thx.

    • +1

      Nice one tight arse


    • Oops didn't see this post before I canceled my order. Too bad.

    • Do those of us who are porting in from another provider still get the $60 cashback if we received the tracking email?

      It was unclear whether "not available for existing mobile numbers" meant not available for existing amaysim customers.


      • It is available to new sign up to amaysim. So maybe TA wants to makes it more clear.

  • +1

    I have canceled my order just now because my ordered wasn't tracked, does anyone know if I place an order again now, will I be eligible for the cashback? Given:

    1. "Offer is not available to anyone that has previously purchased an amaysim product via Cashrewards this month."
    • How did you cancel your order?

      • Live Chat.

  • Shopping Cart is broken - tried 5 times & haven't been able to place order with PayPal or CC.

    • +1

      Message their live chat. I had the same error and found out I had a pending port on my number from years ago. They cancelled it for me and checkout worked first go and cashback tracked instantly.

      • Thanks.
        That's the issue - I am currently porting my Amaysim number out & will then port back.
        Didn't think they'd check until port in 30 days!

        Chat didn't think I can can buy & use my number. But they wouldn't process my order in an existing Amaysim number.

        Will try porting another number - to delay activation of SIM.
        Yes that worked.

    • I think every bodies like me , waiting the last min . I can't even load the page : (

    • Was just a problem my order!
      Just ordered.

  • No issues ordering here, just paid with my credit card number rather than go through the paypal portal. Tracked instantly.

  • So port in count as well or not? Why some people talking about port out and port in?

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