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Westpac Owner-Occupied 70% LVR Fixed 2 Years 1.79%, 3 Years 1.88% Investor 2.19% Fixed 2 Years (+0.1% for 80% LVR)

Owner occ 70LVR (+0.1% for 80LVR)

2 year fixed 1.79% CPR 3.36%
3 year fixed 1.88% CPR 3.28%
4 year fixed 1.89% CPR 3.19%
Variable 2.39% CPR 2.80% offset
Variable 2.19% CPR 2.62% basic no annual fee

Investor 70LVR (+0.1% for 80LVR)

2 year fixed 2.19% CPR 3.87%
Variable 2.74% CPR 2.88% offset
Variable 2.49% CPR 3% basic no annual fee

Available under Advantage package, can combine with 100% offset on variable. Annual fee $395 and incl premium credit card (eg. Black card)
Fixed has break costs if closed before expiry. No break costs under variable products.

Westpac Cashback

$3,000 cash rebate plus $2,000 per additional property refinance. eg. 2 properties = $5,000 bank rebate.

Min $250k loan size. Lodge by 31/3/21 settle by 30/6/21.

Other lenders
St George + $4000 bank rebate + $2000 per additional property

Owner occ 60LVR (+0.05% for 80LVR)
2 year fixed 1.79% CPR 3.33%
3 year fixed 1.88% CPR 3.25%
4 year fixed 1.89% CPR 3.16%
Variable 2.54% CPR 2.95% offset
Variable 2.44% CPR 2.46% basic no annual fee

Investor 60LVR (+0.05% for 80LVR)
2 year fixed 2.19% CPR 3.84%
Variable 2.99% CPR 3.03% offset
Variable 2.74% CPR 2.76% basic no annual fee

Still Available Lenders with up to $4k PURCHASE or refinance bank rebate, rates from

1.99% for 2 years fixed for home loans (Comp 2.92%)
2.09% for 3 years fixed for home loans (Comp 2.94%)
2.29% for basic variable rate (Comp 2.34%)
2.49% for variable with offset (Comp 2.89%)

Up to 0.4% Bundle Rebate (via broker only)

In ADDITION to bank rebates, Bundle Home Loans gives a rebate of 0.3%-0.4% of loan size (net at drawdown) for ANY bank or product,

We have some of the lowest rates, and can get pricing discounts up to 2.1%. Our policy is to beat any competitor/broker/lending manager with our rates and rebates, so will do whatever it takes to get the best deal for you.

Bundle Property Home Loans
T: (02) 9698 7186
M: 0422354868
E: [email protected]
ACL 445947

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  • what's the investment variable interest rate look like?

  • +2

    The catch to get 1.79% is you have to borrow at least 1 million .
    if you borrow 70% and net borrow amount is 1 million , it means property price is at least $1,428,571.42 AUD

  • +1

    Available for refinance existing Westpac mortgages?

    • I'm curious as to this too.

    • Sorry not from existing Westpac group.

    • Available for new loans as well as existing variable rate home loan customers looking to fix all or part of their loans.

  • how long does it take to process application? is it similar to St. George Bank?

  • Does the Advantage Package include a fee free credit card? I'm with CBA & the wealth package includes one. Currently have a IP variable loan (73LVR) with full offset & thinking of switching.

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      Ya I had it included in the package, until I changed lenders few months back

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      Does the Advantage Package include a fee free credit card?

      There are a few very good fee-free credit cards available without getting a home loan with the provider, 28Degrees and BankWest Zero Platinum come to mind. Both of these cards also have no international transaction fees either. See the wiki and compare cards: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/cards_with_no_overseas_tra...

      You're better off keeping your credit cards separate from your home loan. It makes it much easier to refinance your home loan if you don't also have to change all of your regular bills over to a different credit card.

      The only downside is that it's a teensy bit harder to pay your monthly credit card bill, if you do it manually every month - you have to log into the credit card provider's website instead of your bank's website. If you normally pay your credit card by direct debiting a bank account, there's no real downside.

  • Thanks for posting this. I just called my loan manager to lock it for 2 yrs.

  • It appears Westpac allow certain overpayments on fixed rate loans. Do they allow you to redraw the overpayments?

    • It does not appear so on my app, only withdrawls from the variable part of the loan.
      I believe the max overpayment is 30k per fixed term so if you are set on overpaying then perhaps longer is not better.

  • OP, are these rates listed the extra broker only rebate? I don't see these rates on the westpac website..

    • Have you been able to find out?

      • Nope. No reply.

  • I've tried calling Bundle Loans, both numbers & haven't been able to get through… They didn't respond to an email either.

    • Edit: They called back.

  • Is the rate still 2.29% for 1 year fixed with 80% LVR?

  • Was looking for a variable rate for oo. Currently 2.6% with macquarie looking to change. Has anyone seen better? thank you