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[eBay Plus] Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-PRO-V2 $179.35, Dream Machine Pro $527, Amplifi Alien $534.65 & More @ eBay Wireless 1

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  • Damn… bought a AC pro v2 yesterday for $200 D:

  • I've been having heaps of latency issues and drop offs with my nanoHD. Have tried all different options to fix it, will downgrade firmware versions to find the working one. I have OPNSense as my router and that's doing pretty good. Just need to find a good AP to go with it.

    Otherwise I'm thinking of getting UDM as an all-in-one, in hope that it will fix it.

    • tl;dr: wifi is weird, try moving it

      not that this is specifically your issue, but i created similar issues (latency, drop offs) by moving my uap-ac-lite across the room. moved it back across the room to the top of an ikea shelving unit and it was fine.

      separately, i had an apple airport extreme (the tall ac one) disable its wifi radios every few days till i moved that away from the uap-ac-lite (uap was on a shelf about 300mm above the apple airport, and in that location the uap-ac-lite was working fine). that apple airport express is now in the shed of all places, and working fine despite the heat.

  • Just note the UDM-Pro does not come with a Wifi AP.

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    this or "Ubiquiti UniFi Wi-Fi 6 Lite Access Point MU-MIMO OFDMA"??

    • What AP are you referring to?

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      The reviews I have seen suggested the Wi-Fi 6 Lite outperforms the AC Pro. I ordered a Wi-Fi 6 LR but it got delayed so have bought a Lite in the interim, and it is working well. Covers my whole 40sq house (two storeys) no issues. I still need the LR though as it doesn't quite reach my Ring-Pro on my front fence.

      • Where did you install your Lite? On the upstairs ceiling in the centre of your house?

        Interested because I have an AC Pro V1 upside down at ground level and have been meaning to install it on the ceiling for a couple of years now. I can’t decide whether it should be on the ground floor or 1st floor ceiling for best throughput. All the heavy usage is ground level, with only mobile devices and IOT upstairs.

        • All the heavy usage is ground level

          Are you at ground level Master bates ? For optimal enjoyment, you should have it on ceiling, facing down, on each floor.

        • +1

          I had it upstairs fairly central but upside down for a few days at first, then when I had time over the weekend I ceiling mounted it, it made a definite improvement to the speeds downstairs and particularly at the far end of the house when ceiling mounting. But perhaps downstairs facing up would have a similar effect…

          Our house does have insulation between the floors/in all walls, not sure how much impact that would have on signal.

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      Installed 2 U6 lites at home. Definitely worth it.

  • What would be the best Ubiquiti APs to match with the Dream Machine Pro? This is for a largeish house and I'd probably need two.

    • The ones listed in the post are probably your best option. Shove them in your roof and youll be right.

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      I'd wait for the U6-LR. But you could also get the non U6 LR. I'm able to get 120 down and 8 ping with the non WiFi 6 LR. This is with 4 LR AP covering 1,200 m².

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      Ubiquiti UniFi U6 Lite.

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      I installed 3x UniFi U6-Lite access points at my place last week.

      They would be my 'default' pick and then if you wanted high performance (1Gbps FTTP) the UniFi U6-LR model is what I'd go for.

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    For those interested, note the Amplifi Alien is only dual band not tri band like the model in US. So any model names ending in -AU, or -EU, will be dual band. Further discussion here:

  • the lite for $106.25 isn't any good?

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      Nothing wrong with the AC Lite.

  • Does the Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO-V2 802.11ac Dual-Radio Wireless Access Point require a controller? Or are they independant?
    Great deals posted here OP!!

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      all the unifi's need a controller, easy enough to run one, doesn't even have to stay online for the AP's to keep working really

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      You can install the controller software on your computer, set it up and you're good to go. As KRiSX says you don't need to keep it going. Only run it when you want to change settings.

  • I'll be moving into my first place soon and I'm not sure what's required to setup FTTC NBN. Will one of these be idea as a main modem/router?

    EDIT: This seems to be a good solution? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ubiquiti-UDM-UniFi-Dream-Machine...

    • NBN provide the FTTC modem. The UDM, UDM Pro or Amplifi Alien router plugs into the FTTC modem. The UDM and Amplifi Alien have Wi-Fi built in. With the UDM Pro you need to plug in a Wi-Fi access point.

  • Can someone explain, to the most basic of users- what the Ubiquity AP does?

    Is it like mesh?

    All i want to do is strengthen my WiFi signal- we have many dead zones…

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      It sounds like you want one of these: https://www.amazon.com.au/Ubiquiti-Amplifi-Router-AmpliFi-Me...

      However, just plugging one of these APs into your existing router will likely significantly improve your wifi, unless you have an expensive model. However, it may not fix all your dead spots, you need to read NatDan's description below for how APs can be used to fix multiple dead spots.

      • Thanks so much for that

        Would something like the Tenda MW3 Mesh (2 or 3 of them) be better suited to cover a bigger area than the Ubiqity?

        • I'm not familiar enough to know what would be better

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    The Ubiquiti AP is just an Access Point and nothing more. If your modem/router has spare ports, plug in the AP and you will have (in theory) better wi-fi coverage. To eliminate all wi-fi dead zones, you may need more than 1 additional AP? Ubiquiti APs are designed primarily to be hard wired into the ceiling space.
    I started with 1 AP in my lounge temporarily to see how it performed and then added another and hardwired both in my passage way at the front and rear of my house. Fast forward a few years and I now have Ubiquiti switches so that the controller can see every device on my network. The USG has some nice features, but I'm sticking with my OPNsense firewall.

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      But a second unit can communicate with the first without being hardwired if I am not mistaken.

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        Yep. That’s true. I’m using an AC Pro AP with wireless uplink to a UDM temporarily until I can get my place wired properly. For NBN speeds up to 250mbs it’s fine unless you’re doing lots of local traffic too. Recently got gigabit and there’s now a noticeable difference between speeds when connected to the UDM vs the AP.

        Unifi is great if you want something fairly powerful without paying Enterprise prices and the UI is good if you’re a bit techy, or can have someone who is set it up. If you just want as easy as possible, the Amplifi HD, Amplifi Alien or Asus mesh systems are really good.

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    I have a couple of old unify APs , upgrade to this or get the tplink x60 ?

  • Newbie question, my first home will be ready soon - single storey 29sq with router in the garage. I have got a CAT 6 point in Study, so all I need to do is hook the Ubiquiti Access Point AC PRO V2 to CAT 6 and set it up? Will this provide coverage throughout the house properly? Do I need anything apart from CAT 6 point? TIA

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      CAT6 your entire house if you still have the time.

      Yes this should easily blanket your house with WIFI coverage.

      I assume the CAT6 from the study terminates in the garage.
      You need to power the AP. You’ll be supplied with a PoE injector.
      The PoE injector has 2 CAT6 connections. One connector leads to your router, the other to your AP and supplies power over CAT6.
      You can either locate the PoE injector at the garage end and run data + power via a single CAT6 cable to your study or you can place the PoE injector at the study end and run data + power via a single CAT6 cable directly to the AP.
      I assume it’ll be neater to locate the PoE injector in the garage.
      Once the AP is powered + has a connection to your router, the easiest way to set it up is using a smart phone app.

      • Thanks for the detailed response mate. PoE injector in the garage sounds like a good idea. With re to additional CAT6, I have spoken with the electrician and he will be able to do them after handover since it's a single storey house. Cheers

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    Worth replacing a good ol' Nighthawk R7000 running Merlin to the Alien?

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      Depends on many things, if the R7000 is doing its job nicely then I'd say don't bother! If however you are finding it slowing down or having issues with interference then it could be. The Alien is about wifi 6, so unless you have have gigabit internet and wifi 6 clients, it's probably largely going to be a sidegrade for you.

  • Given the poor quality of internet in Australia, a router from 10 yrs ago will suffice. Unless you run a NAS or something requiring fast internal (Lan) speeds, its a waste of money.

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