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Kogan Mobile 365-Day Flex (& Non-Flex) 500GB Prepaid Voucher $285 (Free SIM Delivered if Required) @ Kogan


Hi all,

My annual prepaid yearly deal is up and I was doing the hunt around.

It seems Kogan has dropped the price of the 500gb 365 plan to $285 for 500gb of data which is normally $355. I paid $335 last year (11-03-2020) for 486GB data on the Flex plan.
The Flex plan is the way to go as it gives the 500gb to use over the course of the year as opposed the monthly option which you will forfeit any unused data after the months end. Works out to $23.75 per month with unlimited calls. There is no international calls included but it has Wi-Fi calling which is good for me as the Vodafone data reception is shonky in my home. I work in the city and find the reception fine in town. I would go the Boost annual option for Telstra but it is not enough data. Hope this meets OzB standards! x

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    I forgot to mention this averages out to 41Gb a month of data for $23.75/month.

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    it has Wi-Fi calling

    Have you tested this? Turn on flight mode, then WiFi and try to call someone

    How long had this been a thing? I left kogan for boost because I moved into an apartment with 0 reception a year ago. Do you know if it is included in all their prepaid plans?

    • Never heard about that before. Reckon it’s not available on MVNOs?

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        I'm not with kogan so I can't test this out, it's very specific for OP to list tho

        This comment from less than a year ago said there is no WiFi calling, which is the same as my experience when I was with kogan mobile too

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          I have tried the above with what CodeXD has said. It is asking me to turn off flight mode to make the call. When I have Wi-Fi calling disabled, (note 10+) I have troubles with people hearing my voice in home. I am on 1-2 bars out of 4. It shows 4G but my internet is barely accessible. My speedtest is 10/6 on 4G. I am also 18km from CBD, my Wi-fi is 100/40 though. I'll happily revise my comment should wi-fi calling not be applicable on the Kogan/Vodafone network. I can make some enquires with Kogan tomorrow and update if required.

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            @SoTightEcoLPI: If wifi calling works, then you should be able to call with flight mode on, connected to wifi (and wifi calling option on). That's how I tested it when I first got on boost mobile.

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              @CodeXD: exactly - you'd need to turn flight mode on, then turn wifi on only (leaving flight mode on)

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              @CodeXD: Thanks for confirming, wi-fi calling does not work. I assumed with the icon activated it was enabled. Apologies all.

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    Not sure how it stacks up, but the 250GB plan is also $225 down from $265. With working from home as the norm, now, I've used barely any data in the last year; 20% of my data forecast for the whole year (60GB). May want to review your usage before buying.

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      Double the amount of data for $5/mth would probably be more appealing to most people I’d imagine.

      500GB (41.6GB) data for $23.75/mth
      250GB (20.8GB) data for $18.75/mth

      I’m not sure there’s anywhere you can get 20GB for $5/mth.

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    Is Kogan Mobile any good?
    They have very poor reviews on https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/kogan-mobile

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      It's just Vodafone, so results will vary. Never had an issue with Kogan's actual purchasing / redemption, unlike Boost (which could have been a unique problem, tbh).

    • I've renewed 3 times for 3 years with Kogan purely on a dollar point. Vodafone is fine for my needs. Boost/Telstra is better. My wife is in business and I recharge her with Boost $300 annual plan for Telstra goodness, her reception is sketchy in the office she works in with Vodafone or Optus. I wouldn't last with 240gb for the year 🤣

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      Worst phone call quality I ever had to be honest. I live in western sydney area and mostly use kogan between lidcombe and parramatta. The ineternet speed is ridiculously slow as well. Id say out of all operators i used kogan is the worst in my area. Catch is not far away from kogan either. My mother uses catch in eastern sydney suburbs and its pretty similar to kogan but a bit better overall.

  • telstra $300 sim pack is $230 from cellmate

  • This could be a good option for light internet users living alone. You could just hotspot your phone to your laptop/desktop/tablet/TV etc.
    It would save a lot of money on getting home internet just for one person.
    A friend of mine does this on his Optus $36/60GB (no longer available) monthly SIM plan. He can even hotspot his phone to his TV and watch Netflix etc!!

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    Are these ok to load into a 4g modem purely for data?

    • Yes, you can. I run one at my mums on a hacked Telstra Smart Modem for data only. She is on the same 500gb flex plan. I have renewed annual three times now. She was paying $79.95 per month with optus.

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        That's awesome thanks.

        I'm in a rare situation where I live. Telstra blackspot (I have BOOST and get 2Mbps tops), Optus is better but not amazing and Vodafone funnily enough is KING.

  • I just noticed this has finished. Hope it helped some of my fellow OzBarginers out.

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