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Reolink RLK8-800D4 4K H.265 Camera System w/ Pre-Installed 2TB HDD $595.49 Delivered, 4K Add-on D800 $96.04 @ Reolink Amazon AU


[7-Day Deal + Code] RLK8-800D4 available with a 25% OFF now!

Crystal-Clear Images in 4K Definition - The system delivers sharp images in 4K/8MP definition. Also, thanks to the 18 IR LED lights, you can see as far as 100ft at night.
24/7 Continuous Recording - The 4K POE Security System records continuously without missing anything. The videos will be saved in the pre-installed 2TB HDD of the NVR or an FTP server. You can expand the 2TB storage to 8TB in total; it automatically overwrites the old recordings when it’s filled up.
Easy installation, Plug and Play - First-time users can quickly finish the initial setup. Connect the cameras to the NVR via Ethernet cables up to 330ft, and the system is good to go. Then you can review all cameras locally through a monitor (not included) or remotely using the mobile app anytime, anywhere.
Customize Motion Detection - Simply customize specific zones to minimize false alerts, and send email alerts with photos or 30-second video clips through the mobile app when triggered.
A 2-Year Warranty & Life-Time Tech Support - Reolink products have a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please go ahead and contact Reolink Support Team anytime for any questions or concerns.

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x 8CH 8MP NVR RLN8-410
  • 4 x 8MP PoE Cameras D800
  • 1 x 48V NVR adaptor
  • 1 x USB Mouse
  • 1 x 1M Cat5 Cable
  • 4 x 18M Cat5 Cables
  • 1 x 1M HDMI Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide Brochure

[7-Day Deal] D800 4K add-on camera with a 15% OFF!

Video Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (8.0 Megapixels) at 20 frames/sec
Lens: f=4.0mm Fixed, F=2.0, with IR Cut
Image Sensor: 1/2.8" CMOS Sensor
Viewing Angle: Horizontal: 87.5°, Vertical: 47°
Working Temperature: -10°C~+55°C (14°F~131°F)
Day & Night: IR-Cut Filter with Auto-Switching
Night Vision: 30 Meters (100ft) (LED: 18pcs/14mil/850nm)
Audio: Built-in Microphone
PoE: PoE IEEE 802.3af; 48V Active
Waterproof: IP66

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x 8MP PoE Cameras D800
  • 1 x Waterproof Lid
  • 1 x 1M Network Cable
  • 1 x Surveillance Sign
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide Brochure
  • 1 x Mounting Template
  • 1 x Pack of Screws

It’s time to complete your system and say Hello to the peace of mind :)

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  • 4K 2TB hard drive = 4-5 days footage?

    • Hi, there. The size of the recording is mainly determined by its bit-rate. For example, with 4 cameras and 2TB pre-installed HDD, under the bit-rate of 4096, it will record for 12 days; of 6144, it will be 8 days; of 8192, it will be 6 days.

      • Don't you want to set the highest bit rate for the best resolution and smoothness of the footage?

        • It depends on the actual use, but yes, for better resolution, the highest bit-rate is preferred :) Then it will record 6 days with a 2TB, and you can also replace it with a 4TB for longer recording if needed.

  • Aw, bought the H264 version a few weeks ago, knew i should of just waited. Wondering if it would be just the matter of a new NVR to get H265?

    • Hello Kaotic! Could you please enlighten me on which date you purchased the same model RLK8-800D4. If you just got it a few weeks ago, your system is also H.265.

      • Hi, I got it on the 15th Feb. I actually got it throught reolink on eBay though.

        • +1

          If you purchased the same kit RLK8-800D4, I just confirmed, it is also H.265.

  • +1

    It is $604.19 for me

    • Hi, thank you for noticing. Upon checking, the code was set depending on the original price and since the 7-day deal changes the price, so the code should be 6% off instead of 5% to meet the title. Sorry about the mistake.
      How about we refund the differential price of $8.7 for your order during the time range after the item is shipped? And we will create a new code for 6% off, which would be activated in 4-5hours.

  • The price after the code shows $10 more than what's posted. Any comment please?

    • I was just about to post that… Glad it wasn't just me having issues..

      Also. 25% off works out to around $494.99 if at the original listed price.

      • Hi. The original price is $794.99, and the 7-day deal running 20% off brings it to $635.99, which is the price you see now on the page.

    • Hi, thank you for noticing. Upon checking, the code was set depending on the original price and since the 7-day deal changes the price, so the code should be 6% off instead of 5% to meet the title. Sorry about the mistake.
      How about we refund the differential price of $8.7 for your order during the time range after the item is shipped? And we will create a new code for 6% off, which would be activated in 4-5hours.

  • I recently purchased the RLK8-800D4 and the D800 add-on two days ago for $722.43. Is it possible to get a refund on the price difference?

    • +1

      @k3n07 Hi, please send me a message and inform me of your order. I will locate the order and offer more help on this.

  • Code does not work anymore

    • Sincerely sorry for the mistake that happened. We will update a new code to match the price on the title, which will be effected in 5 hours. Please make a purchase later. Apologize again.

    • Hi, this code has been updated to meet the discount. Will be activated in 5 hours.

  • I am using this system and upgraded my HDD to 4Tb, 4 cameras, 4K resolution, 24/7 continuous recording, Bitrate:4096 and I can currently view footage since 14th February 2021 till now.

    • How did you go about the extra 2Tb? External hard drive or upgrade the NVR?

      • You can get a 4TB HDD to replace the pre-installed 2TB one; or yes, you can add a 2TB external HDD via the eSATA port on the NVR.

      • You can add an external HDD (up to 4TB) via eSATA port and even replace the existing 2TB HDD with a 4TB HDD.

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    Any deals on 4K system with Person/Vehicle detection (RLK8-820D4-A or RLK8-810B4-A)?

    I’m assuming with RLK8-820D4-A or RLK8-810B4-A, it is only recording when person/vehicle has been detected, unlike the RLK8-800D4 which continuously recording 24/7. Is that correct?

    • +1

      Hi. Both systems support 24/7 continuously recording, and both can be only motion-triggered upon setting. The person/vehicle detection function for the new-release can help reduce false alarms and help quickly track those footages with person/vehicle detected.

      • Thanks. Will D800 ever get future software updates to include person/vehicle detection or is it camera’s (hardware) capability?

        If it is camera’s capability to have person/vehicle detection, can you add RLC-820A cameras to the RLK8-800D4 system?

        Also, any chance of deals on 4K system with person/vehicle detection (RLK8-820D4-A or RLK8-810B4-A)?

        • +1

          Hi. I am afraid D800 cannot support person/vehicle detection by software updates, it depends on the hardware. But you can add RLC-820A cameras to the RLK8-800D4 system.
          There would be future deals when the RLK8-820D4-A or RLK8-810B4-A come in stock.

          • @dealbest: Thanks, Could you please confirm the firmware version for the RLN8-410 NVR in this RLK8-800D4 system? I believe it needs to be either N2MB02 or H3MB18 to support person/vehicle detection if I were to add RLC-820A cameras.

          • +2

            @dealbest: Approx when do you think the RLK-820D4 will come into stock and be on special? :) I think i will wait for this one over the RLK8-800d4 for the person/ vehicle detection and increased FPS.

            • @Penro: It's estimated to be available a few days later. Please stay tuned with us :)

              • @dealbest: Damn, I just bought RLK8-800D4… Any chance of swapping it?

                • @Fernley: Please do not worry, and when you receive the kit RLK8-800D4, you can check the firmware of the NVR and add RLC-820A cameras then. They can be added to the system. Please leave me a message if you have other concerns Fernley.

              • @dealbest: Also looking for RLK-820D4. Please let us know.. Thanks.

                • @navap: Hi @navap Glad to inform you that RL8-820D4-A is now available on Amazon AU, also having a 15% coupon. Please check it out RLK8-820D4-A.

  • Anyone compared the RLK8-800D4 with the RLC-522? Is the 4K a huge improvement over 5MP? I have a RLC522 and the playback is quite jittery and not that smooth.

    • Hi Penro, 4K shows sharper image display compared to 5MP. If the playback is not that smooth, please switch to the "Fluent" mode and see if it gets better. Please feel free to contact Reolink support team if there're any more questions.

  • OP, can you made a good deal on this? https://reolink.com/product/rlc-820a I bought the bullet version from your link, but now I need at least 2 domes for the inside

    • Hi, promotion would be available on Amazon when it's in stock in 2 weeks.

      • don't let me bite the bullet

        • Please kindly wait for the dome RLC-820A It's ready in 2 weeks, and when it's available and promotion is applied, I will inform you in time :)

          • @dealbest: I was joking mate. I'll wait

            • +1

              @ntt: haha of course but I'm not joking on informing you immediately when it's available. Let's wait ;) Nice night!

        • Hi @ntt Glad to tell you that RLC-820A finally is in stock now on Amazon AU. You can buy the dome now! Please check it out RLC-820A

          • @dealbest: hi dealbest, thanks for letting me know, I have to wait until I set up the current one first then will buy

            • @ntt: Sure, take your time :)

  • Hi Op. I am interested in buying this kit but not sure if I need the bullet version as they will be mounted outside under a very short eave about 30cm. I have a picture of the mounting location if that helps. If so is there a deal on the bullet version or will I be ok to leave these cameras exposed to the elements? Thanks

    • Hello Jack. Both bullet and dome versions with fixed lens work well, given your installation spot. You can go ahead and get this kit if you're considering buying it.

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