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Telstra $59/Month 80GB/Month (12 Months) + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (12Mo Contract, Port-In, New Service Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Telstra $59/Month 80GB/Month (12 Months) + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (12 Month Contract - in Store Only)

*Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Minimum cost $708. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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    What is the best way to use this?

    • wondering this also. specifically for the pixel 5

      • Sign up to plan. Buy pixel with gift card and money.

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    Am I reading the JB website wrong, because that link takes me to a page that shows it as $300 gift card for $69 plan, or $500 for $99 plan.
    Has the deal changed ?

    It's a different scrolling banner that I missed. Sorry.

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    The title says tomorrow and in-store, I mean seriously?

    • Yes, all JB plan has to be done in store.

    • Seriously!

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    So, you're essentially paying $208 for 12 months and 960 GB data. Assuming there's also something you really want to buy at JB that's over $500.
    A good deal but a waste if you can't use at least half the data

    • Is a waste IMO.

    • People sell the gift cards.

      I won't use that data, but I'm paying $45 for half that on Vodafone ATM.

      • This. I'm currently on Kogan as a prepaid to tie me over until something like this came along. Even the Boost 20Gb/m deal is on par with this as far as next closest thing to the Telstra network and that works out at around ~$19/m for a quarter of the data. If you sell the gift card anywhere north of $400 and you're basically paying a few $ more per month for much more data and direct to Telstra (AFL app perks, etc.). No brainer to be on a direct plan with Telstra. In my case I also get 5G which picks up very well in my house. Win, win….win?

        • This is all true.
          But think about what happens at the 12 month mark - you have to find a new deal or cheap prepaid service and switch/port over all over again.

          If you don't then you'll continue paying $59 / month. If you're happy to keep searching and changing plans every year then go for it.

          I just can't be bothered anymore, so do Telstra prepaid $300/year. Gives you 150gb for the year that rolls over if not used. Open to other suggestions though. Much prefer to be on actual Telstra (not a reseller)

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            @mith: Unfortunately loyalty isn't rewarded, so you should always actively be looking.

            I get it tho, it would be a pain to Port again but it is what it is I spose.

            Easy enough to sell the GC for $400, that's 20% discount.

          • @mith: No, you will start paying $69 per month; unless or until you start the dance again.

            • @affinity: Which also requires you to port out and port back in again (with certain waiting period)

            • @affinity: If only half the people who jump on the deal continue paying $69/month for 6 months, which I reckon is likely, Telstra make more money out of them than the whole 12 month deal.

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                @Phoebus: Last time I did this for the ~60gb deal and my plan carried on as per normal after the 12 months. It didn't go up an additional $10/m and as far as I know has always been the case, the discount is for the life of the plan unless you make alterations.

                • @db87: It's shows as a $69 plan with $10 credit each month…So when the 12 months is up the $10 credit disappears & you will pay $69 unfortunately…

                  Just signed up @ Watergardens… & grabbed a $500 gift card which I will put towards a new TV in the future…

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          Of course this is a great deal if, you really need 80GB/month of data,
          and you love AFL
          and/or with all this data you can drop your home NBN connection. Quite a few people use only ~50GB data/month on home internet. Not everyone watches Netflix.

          • @Phoebus: Or people who already have terabytes of unwatched tv and movies :)

  • i have 2000+ jb gift card don't know what to buy, and i am going to sign this up tomorrow, my kogan plan ends in 2 months anyway. recently had disney+ annual pass, should be able to have a good use of that 80gb.

    • +1

      Sell them at a discount? Always someone wanting a TV

      • +1

        tv, new switch, electric scooter, dji mini2 …… are all on the list, just need a good price.

      • What's the usual going rate for gift cards on here?

    • Woolies mobile (using Telstra network) eligible?

      Edit: no idea why I replied to you lol ce5himm, fat fingered

      • +3

        Yes Woolies mobile is eligible, just done this last week for the $79 deal at JB.

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    Anyone know if this plan will be capable of data sharing across different telstra mobile services on the same account? Telstra's new "Upfront" plans support this, just need to know if the JB plans will also have this too :)

    • I have this question too.

      Would like to port another number from optus to my existing telstra account and share data accross all. It is 45mins drive to my nearest JB so would be good to know first

      • Just give your closet JB a call & they can confirm for you about data sharing…

  • Does anyone know if I can sign up to this under my name (new to Telstra) and then port a phone number over from another Telstra account that is not under my name? Looking to transfer my phone number off of my parents account but not sure if this would work?

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      I can't say for certain, but don't think this would work.

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    Why the minimum cost is not $708 ($59*12)? please help me with the maths.

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      I have the same question! Why the minimum cost is $1188?

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        same question

      • +3

        That's an error, that's for the $99 plan, not this one….

      • +1

        Minimum cost is $708 as per the email received from JB.

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      if you cancel part way you need to cough up that yellow card worth $500 so add that to the 59 x 12

      • -4

        That's not true actually. I'm halfway on a contract for the same deal last year, they will not charge you for the gift card if you cancel. As a matter of fact, the gift card is a separate transaction between you and JB Hifi, Telstra has no part in that.

        • +5

          Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee

          5.1 If you cancel, recontract, move to an ineligible plan or change your minimum monthly spend of your JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys BYO Mobile Plan during the minimum term, you will also be charged a Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee. This will be in addition to the Early Termination Charge above, as well as any accessory payments that may apply.

          5.2 A Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee is a pro-rata amount, equal to the the total amount of the base voucher divided by 12 and multiplied by the months (or part months) remaining in your plan term. For example, in:

          a) Month 1: You will need to repay 100% of the voucher you received
          b) Month 6: You will need to repay 1/2 of the voucher you received
          c) Month 12: You will need to repay 1/12 of the voucher you received

          • @mike82: I guess they made a mistake with mine then? I'm 6 months in on a 12 month contract and can cancel my plan for $255 total costs now. Got the plan details in front of me.

            edit actually it says the costs will be 'at least' $255. Guess they can charge for the voucher on top of that.

    • +2

      Chances are OP used $99*12 lol

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    on Optus one $65 for 500 gigs shareable unlimited this and that apart from 500 guigs

  • What phone to get!

    • i dont know!!

    • +1

      You don't need to decide on the day. You just get a plastic $500 JB gift card that can be used whenever you wish.

    • +3

      don't get any. keep it if your current still serves you fine. wait for a better deal.

  • When/where is the $10 credit applied? At the time of sign up or do you have to contact Telstra?

    • +1

      do not need to contact T, it will apply when you sign

  • -2

    Ona much better deal with Optus. Cool to get a card though but not if you’re overpaying the monthly fee.

    And no I don’t live rural and get 5G with speeds of around 700mbps.

    • +1

      You get anywhere near 80gig for $21.50 a month? Because that's what I'm looking at ending up paying thanks to this deal

      • I don’t understand why you see it as $21.50 a month if you have to pay for the $500 gift card.

        • ?
          It's: 59 - (450/12) = $21.50

          The $450 is what you will get for selling the GC on OzB marketplace, and obviously the 12 is the 12 months.

  • +2

    What about the minimum cost mentioned in the post as $1188 ? Is it for the 150 GB $99 plan?

    • +2

      Yeah, well that is why it is a mistake; it should be $708 for the $59 plan and $1188 for the $99 plan; so the post needs to be fixed. But it won't matter after the stores close today.

  • So if I still have a contract with Telstra (ends in 6 days) but want a new number, does that qualify as a "new service" or am I shit out of luck here?

    • +3

      If you want a new number, just get one with the deal and cancel the old number on the last day of the contract or the day after if they want extra fees.

      • Yeah I'll try that and see if they honor the deal.

        • If that doesn't work, buy a prepaid SIM that can be quickly activated and come back.

          It should be fine though as the deal seems to cover new services….

          • @affinity: Contemplated that too but I read a lot of mixed things about that working in this and previous threads.

            I thought so too, but I'll head down and give it a go.

  • If I'm using the gift card for an Apple Watch with cellular, can they do the $10 a month add on for it as well or do I need to go through Telstra?

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    Get this while you can I think I read recently Telstra will move away from these types of offers as they take back control of their retail arm

    • +2

      Guess Telstra doesn't like signing people up to their plans then.

      • App they pay Jbhifi 30m a year to sell their plans but they are loosing too many through their own retail arm so they are taking back control of it.

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    Is a drivers license enough to take into store or does one need more points of ID?

    • +1

      100 points of ID I believe

    • +1

      Did it this morning with just drivers licence and nothing else

  • Ugh, zero chance I'm going to have time to pop into a to store today before they close

    • It is late night shopping!

  • I'm with Woolworths mobile and still have 71 days left. Used about 50gb with 34gb remaining. Would you jump on this deal if you were me?

    • +4

      No, because these deals tend to keep popping up every so often

  • Wondering if anyone has connected their cellular watch with this plan? If yea, is there an additional fee?

    • +1

      I would suggest the standard $5 telstra fee would have to be added to the cost. I’m with them on the $49 plan (with a $10 discount) and I have the e-sim for my Apple Watch. I pay $44 all up after the discount. It’s hard to justify the $44 to $64 ($59+$5) price jump for the $500 GC. Extra data I don’t use. Plus when it expires if I go back to the $49 plan I’ll lose my $10 bonus credit and be stuck paying $54 instead of $44.

      • Thanks for the info. I thought even this one will have $10 credit applied to bring the cost to $49? Then adding $5 on top is still a good deal imo.

        • +2

          The $59/month already has the $10 credit applied for 12 months (it's a $69/month plan after 12 months). I just ported from Woolies Mobile and added a Telstra One for my Apple Watch for $5/month so it'll be $64/month for 12 months.

          I'm hoping the MVNOs have esims within the next 12 months so I can port back to Woolies.

          • @ShortyX: Ah thanks.

          • @ShortyX: Activating telstra one number is doing my head in! Could you please tell me how you activated it? Thanks.

            • @ozb-fan: Just via the Watch app and it opened a Telstra page. I logged in then clicked buy now or something like that.

  • +3

    I was with Telstra,

    Signed up to last $59 400 gc deal, got a new SIM and number.

    Had both active ( og plan was out of contract) messaged Telstra through the app asked them to terminate my OG plan and retain the number.

    Took 10 mins, not sure if this was an outlier or not, but worked for me

    • what is og?

    • That's so helpful, I'm going to do that too. Cheers!

    • Hi, so you retained ur number with no hassle?

      • I tried but no success so far :(

      • I did retain my original number.

  • I am with Telstra at the moment (No Contract). What would be the best way to get the gift card and keep the number. Thankyou.

    • +1

      Sign up a new plan today, get the gift card, then port your number over tomorrow.

      • +2

        Is it a painless process? Coz it’s my wife number, just don’t want to be in the doghouse for it

  • Is this really that great? Optus and Vodafone both have plans around the $60 mark with 500gb of data. is Telstra so much a better Telco to offer only this much data?

    • +3

      Think its mainly the gift card that's making this deal worth

    • O or v offer gift card with their plan. You are not comparing 59 60 a month, you are comparing 17.3/m and other 60/m

  • Does anyone have a screenshot of the email just in case I get a dummy at my JB? Cheers

  • How have people successfully sold the gift cards in the past? I was thinking of trying to get $450, but do you like sell them on eBay or meet up from gumtree or something? Worried about being scammed!

    • +1

      Facebook Market, Gumtree, or on here. Just take Cash only, I think you'd easily get $450. The least you'd get is $400, and that would be a 20% discount. I'm sure most sold theirs for $450 etc

    • +1

      Sold mine for 450$ both times. One time I had to sell it to them outside the store while they validated it. Annoying but $450 bucks is indeed, $450