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[Back Order] Panasonic 10-Cup Rice Cooker $139 (RRP $175-$200) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been waiting for one!!! and itsssssssss BACK!!!

Looks to be a well reviewed model with 4.6 stars on Amazon. Nice to see the price come back down below pre-covid prices, even in only briefly.

Currently $200 at Good Guys

Model number SR-CN188WST
Matches the historical low Amazon price according to 3Camels.

Edit 1: Thank to @Sleuth for the wording
Edit 2: Please check cash reward for up to 7% cash reward *
Edit 3: now back in stock for end of March / early April delivery as of 9:06AM 12/03/21 (not sure for how long)
Edit 4: out of stock again after 10 minutes
Edit 5: Not sure what is going on with Amazon, the stock is filled in batches. Get one before gone out of stock again.
Edit 6: Some see promotional $10 discount code "10APP" using mobile app.
Edit 7: 19/03/21 - stocks are back for mid april early may delivery.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • good price for a smart cooker

  • +2

    Does it burn the rice on the bottom like my sunbeam one does ???

    • +16

      No, Panasonic actually knows how to cook rice

      • +2

        How does it not burn the bottom and make it crunchy?

        • +2

          Not sure how but I paid a lot less for the lower model Panasonic and it doesn't burn nor leave crunchy rice at the bottom.

          I've since upgraded to a Tiger and it makes better, fluffier rice.

          • @Dice: Which Tiger?

            • @jv: The one that was $249 a couple of weeks ago at Bing Lee - Tiger JAX-S18A.

              The Panasonic was a good rice cooker, much better than the cheap single mode ones. I replaced it because it no longer functioned correctlt, only quick cook continued to work but not the other white/brown/normal rice cooking modes. I kept using it with quick cook which was fine, decent quality rice but I was worried it might catch fire one day.

              • @Dice: Thanks…

                How much better is the Tiger at cooking rice and is it any quicker than the Panasonic?

                • +2

                  @jv: Yes, it's quicker at eating you.

                • @jv: Tiger seems sightly faster and mine isn't an IH model. Normal mode is about as fast as quick mode on the Panasonic.

        • +1

          You need to add water.

          • @VBO: So beer isn't recommended then?

            • +1

              @jv: There goes me negs for the day

            • +1

              @jv: OMG I want to try that now, replace the water with beer

              • @Baghern: I think it will add another dimension to the flavour of the rice.

                • +2

                  @jv: Get one of those biryani spice mix packets and add a teaspoon of the powder per 2 cups of rice. Delightful.

                  • @Hybroid: Unfortunately, if you do this too much the flavour can soak into the seals, and you have the faint taste of spice mix in the rice for a while after.

                    It’s mainly a problem if you make biryani-style rice or jeera rice in the rice cooker then try to make a lighter dish afterwards that really relies on the natural flavour of the rice (e.g. many Japanese dishes).

                    • @Mrlrlpe: Oh, I've got one of those standard glass top rice cookers so hasn't been a problem. Good point for these enclosed units I suppose.

    • +1

      if you making Paella they call they call the burnt / caramelised bits at the bottom bits Soccarat ….. yes I have used rice cooker to make mexican rice, spanish rice, etc.

    • +2

      My $12 Kmart one doesn't burn the rice

      • My Myer one does.

        It goes a little bit brown and crusty on the bottom.

        • +5

          Take the the container out of the rice cooker straight after cooking, the residual heat of the element is what usually burns the rice.

          • @Austrian Oak: Good tip.

            Will try it next time. thanks…

      • once you get a rice cooker with a seal, rather than just a glass lid, they all cook rice well if you get the water to rice ratio right …..it boils it and when water is gone, temp goes up and it turns down the heat and goes into keep warm mode …. sure some have heat curves , fuzzy logic, etc, but if you get water to rice ratio wrong, bad result.

    • +1

      $139 seems to be the normal price.

      Time for mods to take down the 'deal'.

    • Looks identical but the model number/name is different. Wonder if they are identical.

      • if its in australia should be the same, mighty ape charge postage ?

        I think amazon appeals to people as it's easy return if its a dud, and haggling at good guys or HN can be a pain.

      • Where are you seeing the different model number? Do you mean this? "The NN-ST25J is the classic compact microwave. With 9 Auto Cooking options, it is easy to use and does the job without taking up too much precious kitchen space."

        Pretty sure that's included accidentally, seems like a different products info has been mistakenly added. Later on both of the sites refer to it as the CN188, same as Amazon.

  • I have the 5 cup version of this, it's amazing, would highly recommend

    • +2

      How many cups of uncooked rice does it take to make 5 cups?

      • +3

        Depends on your cup size.

      • Fewer than 5 cups.

        • Are you sure?

          I can't find any info on the page.

  • Rice cooker just carked it so it was good timing, cheers OP

  • I have both 5 and 10 (traded with mum). It's fantastic and I would buy it again if mine died. I'm curious to see what Tiger has to offer, but honestly, this Panasonic cannot be faulted, especially for the price.

  • +1

    I still find the Russell Hobbs one really good after a year of extensive use, I can't imagine better.


  • +5

    Is it uncle roger approved? #haiyaaaaa

    • +11

      I wouldn't buy it if it was. Uncle Roger is only slighty more Asian than Colonel Sanders was Maori.

      • Not to mention he supports CCP

        • He does? Well that's weird… he's Malaysian and lives in the UK, hence my 'barely asian' comment.

          • @Faulty P xel: Yup have a look for yourself. I pre time stamped the vid so it gets straight to the story.


            • +2

              @vash5: Thanks. That sounds more like he's one of those moral weaklings who appeases whiners, rather than supporting the CCP though. (Plenty of them around today e.g. https://www.rt.com/usa/517673-mumford-sons-banjoist-antifa-n....)

              I typed that while I'm still listening… then reached this point: https://youtu.be/klEJcsarw0k?t=737 - the next few minutes definitely makes it sound like the whiners are trying to manipulate. I've seen this happen so many times over the last few years. Where a certain group dreams up crazy fantasies, then a few among them see those things contradict science/reality and say so. Then the whiners pile on, call for boycotts, demand apologies, etc. The target is so weak/spinless they go against their own conscience because they're scared of losing some $. Then the whiners continue regardless, but the target now loses half his audience who agreed with his first comment but now see he has no spine.

      • Colonel Hangi Sanders

  • Any deals on the 5-cup ?

    • Current deal for 5 cup is $164

      • I bought the 5 cup cooker just a few days ago at a higher price, anyone know if Amazon is still offering refunds for the difference?

        • return that and buy this?

  • Perfect timing, thanks for posting this. I was just looking at zojirushi this morning and trying to justify the price.

    • Does the base get stuck with burnt rice after awhile in using it?

    • Zojirushi is on par with Tiger, if not slightly better.

  • Cheers OP, my wife has been threatening to murder me with our nasty Kmart one that's falling apart - jumped on it!

  • Don't forget to use App to purchase and redeem with code 10APP for additional $10 off

  • Buying this one to replace our perfectly function other Panasonic rice cooker that doesn't have white markings on the inside.

  • What's the advantage of this over the cheap (under $30) rice cookers? Genuine question. Have a cheap rice cooker and it cooks rice just fine (as far as I know).

    • +1

      This one has other functions, which some may find useful. I bought it because I trust the Panasonic brand as well. As far as technical specifications and heating technology goes, I haven't researched it, so I can't say, but I'm hoping someone could chime in.

    • Fluffier rice, more consistent results, more modes to cook brown rice and other grains, many cheap rice cookers spit all over the bench, etc.

      I’ve actually had some decent cheap rice cookers that worked well for years (then one blew up and the other’s plastic started cracking). I’ve also had a couple of cheap models that produced inconsistent results and spat starchy water all over the bench. Life is too short for experimentation. I bought the 5-cup Panasonic a few years ago and it just works.

    • +1

      Heat is distributed evenly so no dry bits at the bottom. Retains heat better cooks rice better.

  • How is this compared to the Xiaomi one?

    I eat a lot of rice but I've always just used a cheap one from Target that was like $15. Main issue is that it sometimes makes a mess and gets the surroundings wet but seems to depend on the rice type + rice sticking to the bottom. Is this worth the investment?

    • +2

      I can't get my xiaomi IH cooker to connect to the wifi, press reset goes blue then back to orange ….how is it supposed to get wireless keys , etc ?

      Anyway, it's 40-60 minute for a 5 cup rice cook ….much slower than my old sunbeam.

      • ….how is it supposed to get wireless keys , etc ?

        I think you would configure it with the app first so it has the wireless keys.

        • tried that app doesn't connect to the cooker, I think the light is supposed to turn blue on reset and look for a device with the app, but it blinks blue for 2 seconds and then back to orange …… must be a trick or back to the retailer …..

          cooks rice anyway ….

          • +1

            @garage sale: Check if your WIFI is 5GHz and the device is only compatible with 2.4GHz.

      • Anyone know how long the Panasonic takes to cook rice?
        How long do the tiger ones take?

  • +1

    Back in stock for pre order.

  • Now out of stock.

    • You can still order it if you don't mind the wait- it says "Usually dispatched within 2 to 5 weeks" for me

    • stock filled for now, not sure how many before it goes out of stock again.

  • Is it worth buying this, when ideally I don't need more than a 5 cup volume?
    Also, is it worth buying this or one of those insta-pots or multi cooker units (which also cooks rice)?

    • +1

      If this is going to last you several years, there's a chance that in that time you may cook for several people.
      It cooks a small amount as well, doesn't have to be a huge cook up everytime.
      Also the 10cup on sale is cheaper than the 5 cup atm.
      Regardless I'd recommend spending a bit more and getting the larger one.

      As for your need of one, thats another matter.
      If you already cook rice/quinoa/lentils often, then its a no brainer.
      Similar to the need for pressure cookers, not everyone needs one, but if you get used to it - there's no going back.

  • supposedly you can put rice on the bottom, and some vegetables in the in tray, so that you have rice and steamed vegetables ready at the same time , also if you make rice in batches, refrigerate or freeze and microwave reheat later, quicker than turning on rice cooker for small batches.

  • stock filled for now, not sure how many before it goes out of stock again.

  • Has anyone received their back order? I ordered on the 12th March and Amazon stated expected by 13th April but still has no shipment yet.

    • I ordered on the 12th on back order and got mine 1st of April… no joke.

      • Thanks, I contacted Amazon and they are preparing shipment soon.

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