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George Dickel Old No. 8 Tennessee Whisky 750ml $35 @ BWS


Drink responsibly


The RRP is $62 per bottle at BWS, there is an exclusive member offer for $50 but once added to card it drops to $35!

Cashrewards currently offers 20% cashback takes $7

There is a further $5 bonus from Cashrewards takes $5

There is a potential 1000 bonus rewards points at Everyday Rewards with $30 Spend @ BWS worth/takes $5

If all stack it drops to $18 $23.

Hint: First activate the bonus cashback and bonus points then click through cashrewards for upsized cashback.

Hint2: If pickup is unavailable and delivery works, you can apply CASHREWARDS in checkout for free delivery on orders of $100 or more and this won’t void the bonus and upsized cashbacks.

There is another deal for $41.5 at DanMurphys which can be combined with tomorrow's 15% cahback from Cashrewards mentioned here if the price stays the same.

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  • Cheers just orded 2

    • Just ordered 3

      • +7

        Just finished 2 🤪

  • Cheers op picked up 1 :)

  • Nice!

  • Thanks

  • Wow.

  • I don't know how but it was mentioned I will receive 1000+ reward point for that


  • Cheers

  • George Dickel Old No. 8 Tennessee Whisky 750ml $35 or $28 or $23 Plus 1000 Rewards Points @ BWS

    Does that mean I can pick any price?

    • Price depends on the discount(s) you can apply.

  • Cheers lad, works a charm.

  • +2

    Probably better than the $55 bottle of Gentleman Jack I bought yesterday with 30% cashback. Very average, bland drop.

    Only one store with stock and it's a bit of a drive but worth trying 1 bottle for this price.

    • +1

      Indeed. Grab this when 20% off for a shake over $20.


      then pour it into an empty Gentleman jack bottle, get someone to do a blind test with another original bottle and ask which one is the cheapy.
      They will either not be able to tell, or chose the Kentucky.

      • +1

        Just looking at that picture gave me a hangover

        • Ha! I also just realised I wrote the comment wrong (maybe too many myself).. I meant to say most think the Gentleman Jack is the cheapie in a blind test.

  • Thank you, worked just as described

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 2 for C&C tomorrow with Cashrewards and Woolworths Rewards Bonus :)

  • +2

    Can't get this to work, just comes up as $62 even when logged in to my account.

    Any ideas to fix?

    • Still is $35 for me.

    • Same here

  • Just joined up and logged in. Could not get this to apply in QLD. $62 all the way through cart. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Can confirm that it works in QLD

      • +1

        Maybe not all stores? No joy 4078.

          • +1

            @haliloo: Yep except it's not (for me). Logged in to two accounts. At no time during the checkout process does this show as anything but $62.

            • @MattyD: Showed as $62 till I added it to cart and went to checkout when it dropped to $35.Thanks OP

              • +1

                @magnus: I understand perfectly. Only it doesn't do this for me. All the way to the end and no drop. Something missing - do you have to have flybuys linked?

                • +3

                  @MattyD: Did you link your rewards card?

                  • +1

                    @NITINR: Okay happy to be the muppet here, but I didn't read from OP's post that 'bws member' = linked rewards card. As soon as I linked, deal worked as expected.

                    Sorry I missed that OP, if that's the case - I thought the 'rewards' reference was just a stacked bonus. Cheers, great deal!

    • Same here - I'm in VIC.

      • Also tried app (in addition to two accounts). Negging because there's something missing from this deal - at least some of us can't make it work per OP's post.

        Geez I wish we could - great deal OP!

        • +1

          My bad: linked rewards card and everything fell into place. So 'member' <> bws member; it means 'linked rewards card', it would seem.

    • Access denied. Cashback app, I couldn’t locate the log in. So did it through browser, then went back to cashback App,
      Now it keeps telling me access denied when I try to log into bws within cashback app. Grr.

  • will the cashback work with the member offer, has anyones above tracked with cw

    • Worked for me.

      • might be registered on CW but doesnt mean it will actually happen. Had a few recently that show that are pending but get rejected as a "Coupon was used"

    • Yes, got the $5 Cash rewards bonus and the 20% Cash Rewards cash back visible within 15 minutes of purchase.

  • I also used the 1000 ER point offer yesterday, but it told me at checkout I would get 1055 points so looks like you can redeem this multiple times. Points not showing yet though, I think they only appear after you pick up. Now fingers crossed the CR tracking receipt comes through soon.

    • I redeemed the offer once but it still shows the bonus points at checkout.

  • Got so much booze my friends think I own a bar. I'll pass…

  • +1

    didn't realize you need to activate the $5 off before spending :s

    • +2

      I activated it after and it is showing in my account as pending :o

      • +2

        Thanks heaps, I stuffed up exactly as you did but can confirm the activation works after the fact. You gained me an additional $5 in savings!

  • Hope its nice

    • Highly recommend

  • +2

    Does any one have issue with Cashreward transfering to the BWS site? mine is taking forever already tried 3 times different times.

    • Yeah same problem on my phone. Used a pc and transferred fine.

    • if I'm on the product page and click the web extension to activate it goes thru cashrewards and back but it doesn't show it as activated like it should, and yeh if I click activate whilst on the cart page it goes to cashrewards and won't return…

      actually nevermind, this time it did; took a minute but did and says activated, hopefully it all works (both the 20% off and the 5 bucks bonus - which u have to activate separately)

    • I had to buy from my phone and that was fine.. Thank OP bought 2..

  • +1

    $41.50 at dan's

  • Nice find, thanks :)

  • *Footy Launch offer is available from 08.03.21 12:00am to 31.03.21 11:59pm (AEDT). Minimum spend $100. $5 delivery discount applied at checkout. Not available in the Northern Territory.


    • +1

      You can apply CASHREWARDS in checkout for free delivery on orders of $100 or more and this won’t void the bonus and upsized cashbacks.

  • When I try purchasing it on the site it says "unavailable" (both mobile and desktop). anyone else having similar issues?

    • +1

      login first and select a store, did the same for me

  • +1

    Worked for me. My mrs tried to order one too, but wasn't showing as $35 (or even $50) for her, just $62. Not sure why, she's had an account for a long time. BWS also wasn't loading on cashrewards either, like someone reported earlier. weird.

    • Agreed. I tried an old account, made two new accounts. Tried all online, incognito and in app. Cannot get the price to drop in cart, and have gone all the way to pulling the trigger before giving in.

      Edit: got it to work. Linking a rewards card is not optional. It would seem "exclusive member deal" = linked rewards card.

      • +1

        I had to link my wwrewards card for the discount to apply at the checkout.

        I also had the load issue from CR on a phone but on a PC it worked.

        Hope this helps

  • +1

    This is has been incorrectly marked out of stock. Plenty available at my local anyway.

    • +1


  • +1

    Didn't need but couldn't resist this "stacked" deal! Cheers OP, great first post!
    Btw still available at discounted price in SA, 5158.

    • stacking deals feel so naughty… in a good way

  • Thanks OP, got 1

    not a big whiskey drinker and have ordered 3 bottles within last 24 hours :P

    • +1

      kudos CR, tracked within minutes
      confirmed everything stacks up bringing the bottle down to $18

  • Thanks OP, picked up a bottle.!

  • Now unavailable. Got smashed!

    • Still available

  • +2

    I cant get it

  • Worked in VIC - Christmas presents sorted :D

  • Had to try a few stores to find stock around Perth but plenty in suburbs a few km out. My woolworths offer must have expired though

  • Worked in QLD!

  • Scored in QLD (Noosa Heads). Top find OP. And $12 in CashRewards tracked within 10 minutes.

  • Thanks OP, I stacked the biggest by receiving $10 BWS sign up bonus. Hoping to receive another $10 for Cashback welcome credit.

  • +1

    Got it to work in Adelaide
    Note, my Woolworths staff discount worked, making it $33.25 per bottle before points or CR

  • Late to the party, but ordered 3 delivered from some random faraway store. Cheers OP 🥃

  • Signing up to newsletter gets you a $10 off voucher for your first shop - Code arrived in email 10 minutes after signing up. T&C's say minimum spend of $50 however, it worked for me on $35. Down to $25 - I assume cashrewards wont work with this, also wont be eligable for the extra 1000 points unless you spend $30

    • I added everything to my cart on BWS x2 bottles, applied the coupon and the bonus rewards points which had a cart total of $60. Went to cashrewards and opened up BWS from there and my cart was still active, i wonder if the coupon will make me ineligable. If it does still happy with two bottles for $55.

      Looks like the cashrewards $5 bonus has expired

      • Can confirm cashback is now pending, purchase does say $70 although I was only charged $60 due to the coupon.

        $41 for two bottles.

        Thank you!

  • Unfortunately most stores in Melbourne dont have it in stock.

  • +1

    On the Manshake. Now off the Manshake for a few days thanks to this deal. Thanks OP ;)

  • Thanks OP according to BWS website one store had 2 bottles left in my area so i hope it was up to date. If so they now only have one. Cashrewards also tracked within a few minutes.

  • Cash rewards is currently showing 20% cashback for BWS. If you missed out on the extra $5 yesterday, then today it just got better :)

  • I am not a bourbon drinker - prefer scotch. I did check though and there was a bottle near me at the MacDowell store if anyone is interested.

  • Thanks OP. Just bought 3 bottles! :P

  • This deal didn't work for me at all :(. I think I tried every store in Vic and SA. Still a good deal!

    • Maybe you are not a member or not signed in, as I just checked again and it works straight away for me.(SA)

      • Registered, signed in and then swapping locations. Oh well. My liver needs a break.

        • Happened to me last night: the problem was I hadn't linked my wwrewards card (seems to be a requirement).

  • Wow almost sold out every store in Vic, managed to get a couple bottles thanks OP!!

  • bought 2 litres of jack daniels 2 days ago and now 2.2 of No. 8.
    come to me, weekend.

    thanks OP

  • Now back to $50 - the $35 price disappeared out of my cart when I refreshed and added a bottle of champagne. Unable to get it back.

    • wtf me too. just then!

  • Seems to have ended. There were four bottles showing at my local, another few at each of the nearby stores. Clicked add to cart, nothing happened, now showing out of stock in all stores near me and all stores for random postcodes (eg 2000, 4000).

  • Bugger ordered without free delivery, can I cancel order on BWS? Doesn't seem to be an option

  • it shows $50 not $35

  • I just got an SMS at 10am saying the order was cancelled due to a pricing error!?

    • How many did you order ?

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