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Xcellent Global Portable Personal Travel Bidet $12.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Xcellent Global via Amazon AU


Enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle in pure convenience and comfort with the personal Bidet. The hygienic benefits of using the portable handheld bidet are enormous. The 500 ml capacity is enough to last for an application with no need to carry toilet paper.

Use our portable personal hygiene in toilets, where toilet paper is not available and out in nature. The reversible tube/nozzle will allow you to carry the bottle hygienically and safely, without any spillage in your backpack.

Perfect for cleaning babies and toddlers on the go too! For a gentle and more hygienic solution use a portable travel bidet. You save money with the portable bidet as it is more cost-effective than the majority of wipes and sanitizing products.

Fill and use anywhere
Full-size reservoir for effective cleansing - 500ml
Convenient and discreet carrying bag
Ergonomic soft squeeze bottle, Angled spray design for perfect aim, Air lock for consistent spray
Easy store nozzle -2 Replaceable Cleaning Nozzles included


Color:Rose Red
Material: PP
Package Weight: 144g

Package Included:

1 x Travel Bidet
2 x Cleaning Nozzle
1 x Instruction Manual

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  • +6

    Wonderful, just in time for upcoming travels to "regional" areas.

  • +2

    what the (profanity) is this

    • +7

      it cleans your (profanity) (profanity) well

  • Surely your taking the piss…

    • +1

      Not recommended for taking piss. Although Bear Grylls would approve.

  • +5

    So this is what we've come to.

  • +5

    What a douche

  • +1


  • +18

    If we hooked this up to a karcher we could clean up some of JVs comments!

    • +1

      Yeah I have concerns about pressure and volume here.

      • IKR hopefully the OzB webdevs have rate limiting and WAF

  • +3

    In holding out for the Camelbak version

    • is that one hands free?

      • For big toes.

  • +7

    not to be confused with your drinking bottle!

    • Perfect for the annoying camping buddy.

  • +10

    What's the difference between this and filling an empty mustard squirt bottle with water and shooting up your ass?

    • +3

      the class factor?

      also spicy food lovers would want to use a sriracha bottle though surely?

    • +3

      About $11

    • +2

      Residual mustard stains?

    • +1

      I'd personally use the ketchup bottle without rinsing, would make for quite the conversation starter

  • +15

    Hey rep what's with the price jack to $13.99?

    This has been under $10 for the past 1.5 months. Now you jacked it up by $4 and post it as a deal here?

    • +2

      its a crap deal

      • Waddya know.. price has gone down to $9.99 four days after this post.. feel sorry for those who fell for it :/

        • yeah, a real bummer

  • Hmmm… questionable….

    I feel like you could give yourself an enema by accident with this device…

    • Accident. Or is it?

  • +4

    What's wrong with good old Dettol and a wire brush?

    • +2

      Wire brush attach to a reciprocating saw.

      • Angle grinder….

  • +3

    Apart from being stupidly priced for a $2 plastic bottle. This is also potentially a hazard.

    There does not appear to be a non-return valve in the nozzle which means after you have finished squeezing (the bottle) and release your grip, whatever you were squirting could potentially get vacuumed back into the bottle… to incubate, ready for your next "use". Or to dribble everywhere in your backpack etc.

  • +2

    Noob question, what is the recommended drying options if one were to use one of these delights?

    • +3

      Another bottle with hot wind?

    • Ass up to the sky.

      • +1

        Perineum sunning 😂

    • +1

      Toilet paper

  • +5

    Well, that's this year's office Secret Santa sorted.

    • Ooh a drinks bottle. You shouldn't have.

      • Bonus points if you gift it filled up

  • +1

    Save yourself the money. Penguin walk your way to the sink, plonk your arse in and turn on the tap. Alternatively, in to the yard, grab the hose.

  • Thanks bought 5 for shits n giggles n dribbles.

  • +1

    What is the hygiene benefit of carrying around the thing you clean your butt with?