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TaoTronics BH085 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones $67.49, BH088 TWS True Wireless Earbuds $42.99 Delivered @ SunValley Amazon


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TaoTronics TT-BH085 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones was $89.99 Now $67.49 Code: M34OMG3N

OzBargain members requested it and SunValley has delivered!

  • USB Type-C Port So you only have to carry one cord✔️
  • Fast Charging, 45 minutes for 40 hours play back✔️
  • AptX Codec for better quality sound✔️
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for a more stable connection✔️
  • CVC 8.0 for Clear phone calls✔️
  • Headphone Case ❌ but there is a nice velvety bag included ✔️.
  • Reviews from other OzBargain Members ✔️
  • Even More Reviews from other OzBargain Members ✔️
  • And, it is still the cheapest Price so Far✔️
  • 4,100+ Reviews on Amazon US and 3,800+ Reviews on Amazon UK✔️
  • Free Extended Warranty (Industry leading 2.5 years total Warranty)✔️

TaoTronics TT-BH088 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds Was $59.99 Now $42.99 with Code: W4FFM92Z

Crystal Clear Calls: Smart noise reduction tech retains 98% of your voice with frequencies from 200Hz to 3000Hz
Smart Controls: Intuitive ear detection pauses music when you remove one earbud
Role switching technology: lets you use either earbud and switch between the two without interruption
Superior Stereo Sound: 10mm high fidelity dynamic drivers provide ultra-realistic audio with deep bass
Unmatched Comfort: Designed to sit securely in your ears, reduce pressure and maximize comfort for all-day wearing.
Extra-Long Listening: Earbuda stream consistently flawless music for up to 5hrs on a single full charge
Charge on the Go: Extends use to up to 25hrs total with the pocket-sized charging case
You can check out 1,600+ reviews on Amazon US and 1,400+ Reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics stands behind their products with a bonus Free Extended Warranty which you activate by registering your product at www.TaoTronics.com

SunValley introduced the TaoTronics, VAVA, HooToo, Anjou, Sable and RAVPower brands in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics, and home products. Since then they have grown to be leading consumer electronics brands with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. You can view their range of available products in SunValley's Official Australian Amazon store.

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  • +7

    The BH085 are surprisingly good for the price. We bought a pair for my daughter and while they aren't in the same league as my Sony XM3s, they are well built and the noise cancelling is quite good. For less than $70 they are a good option for a back up pair, for the kids or even for your first pair of noise cancelling cans.

  • +3

    Grabbed another set of BH085, these are insanely good headphones for the price. Cheers.

    • Me too but not really sure why :)

      • Hahaha in the last three weeks bought BH090s, BH094s and feel the need to purchase these as well for the reported better microphone for teleconfs….. Must resist…. must reist…….

  • +1

    these or edifier W830BT?

    • +16


      But I might be a little biased.

    • My W830BT has BT connection issue with iphone 11. It drops intermittently. Otherwise W830BT looks/feels more premium/builky.
      085 has ANC but I bearly use it at home.

    • i really like my w830bt , but haven't used anything from taotronics before so can't make a comparison.

  • -3

    no touch control no passthrough no auto pause?

    • +5


      • ok i'll wait for next generation/price drop then for now still using 6 years old sony, it has similar stuffs like this one plus NFC but no NC

        • I can guess what touch control is, what are the others?

          • +2

            @Jackson: passthrough helps you hear what people say when ANC is on.
            auto pause: pause when you take off the headset.

            • +1

              @BrianGriffin: I don't think I need any of that stuff, especially if it costs any more

  • By the look at the picture seems very big, is it comfortable to wear?

    • yep..comfortable to wear

      • They do not fit smaller heads like the Bose does. My teenage daughter found they didn't clamp tight enough. Top value otherwise.

    • They are a great fit, very comfortable. They are an over ear but are actually a little small and are partially on ear.

      • Thanks ordered, I have the Marshall Major II bought it during promo, very uncomfortable to wear even after I stretch it a lot.

        BTW, is phone call OK?

        • Phone is fine.
          I've got 085s specifically for phone and Teams meetings while WFH with noisy kids in the next room. I've never had any problems with them.

    • Over ear headphones will typically be bigger than On ear headphones, but the bonus is they cut out a lot of external noise.

  • Bit the bullet on the BH085. Hoping they live up to the hype…cheers OP!

  • Ordered one. Thanks OP!

  • +5

    any deals on the BH090?

    • Was going to ask the same question :)

      • https://www.amazon.com.au/TaoTronics-Cancelling-Headphones-B...

        Extra $15 off $99.99 = $15 = $84.99

        Actually what is the difference?

        • No Aptx, but has Hybrid ANC instead. BH055s have both, but Im not impressed with mine (see below). Maybe got a faulty pair.

        • For me I prefer to have better ANC over Aptx as they will have little to no mic use.

        • I bought a BH090 using that amazon code - not as good as the recent deal, but as the 085 and 090 have both disappeared from the TaoTronics website I wasn't sure if they are being discontinued, or…

          Anyway, one thing I'm still trying to get an answer from TaoTronics (or SunValley) about is use as a headset in wired mode. The supplied cable is only a 3 pole, not 4 pole required to support both headphone and microphone. But I don't know if the plug on the headphones themselves supports 4 pole. Reason I want wired is to use on my work PC, which has bluetooth completely disabled.

          • @brk: Feedback from SunValley is "In wired mode, the microphone doesn't work, and can only listen to the sound. For the wired mode, level 4 international standard 3.5mm terminals can be used."

            So, Wireless they can be used as a headset. Wired they are headphones only. While I like them, if I knew this up front I wouldn't have bought as they don't do what I need.

    • +2
  • +1

    got the TaoTronics BH085 last June and very happy with it. Although I always wondered how does it compare to the sony $300+ ones?

    • +3

      I purchased BH090 couple of days ago. IMHO, if you like mid-range and high range then this one is OK. for the money you pay, it cannot go wrong.
      If you like base then Srhythm NC25 is my recommendation.
      I found TT's sound is OK, kinda comparable with QC15.
      If I listen to heavy-metal, blues I prefer TT than Srhythm as I can appreciate the detail of the guitar getting picked and the voice of the lead singer.
      Yet, when I listen to RnB … then Srhythm is my pick. The deep + solid base complements the swearing languages carried by the song :-) could pick me up easily.

      Most of the time I listen with my 1000XM4 and QC35II - I purchase TT and Srhythm out of my curiosity for the sound quality.

      • The Srhythm NC25s are good until they're not. Mine developed a rattle in one of the cans and I saw a bunch of reviews that mentioned the same issue.

        • This is my biggest complain to things made in china. They just don't last long. The same as el cheapo mobiles, nice at start then deteriorate so quickly (the batt sepcially).

          • @tesla: 1000XM4 and QC35 II are manufactured in China as well.

  • I recently bought a pair of the BH055's (flagship model) and am a little disappointed. I'm coming from $40 TDK NC50s, so was hoping for more.
    My concerns are:

    High pitch noise when 'quiet' (between songs and when connecting to devices).. Especially if ANC is off.

    Max volume is not high at all. About 65% of TDKs! A little higher with a cable connection, probably 75%.

    The white noise from the ANC is louder than the TDKs. The BH055s have better isolation, but I recon the TDK ANC is better.

    Can't connect to a TX/ RX Bluetooth 4.2 dongle.

    Does anyone else have BH055s for comparison? Or How do the BH085s go with the issues above?

  • Got the earbuds, was after something wireless that was reasonably cheap :)

  • I heard the BH085 is decent for the price but I was wondering if the BH060 headphones released in 2019 will have an updated model?

  • Can anyone comment on the durability of the headband? My last pair was a Plantronics Backbeat Go 810 and the headband broke after only a few months of daily use. The reinforcement on those is useless because once the plastic breaks they don't sit on your head properly and isolate sound any more

  • How do the BH088 true wireless compare to SOUNDPEATS trueair2?


  • Anyone know where I can buy replacement earcups/cushions for the BH085? Mine have been seeing daily use during lockdown and the interior lining has separated from skin-touching portion. Doesn't impede function, but the foam is less protected from sweat etc.

    • +1

      Drape a tea towel over your head and clamp in place with headphones.

    • Try Brainwavz generic replacement pads on the appropriate size + double sided tape.

  • ordered one :) my bose qc35II starts to have noises from the headband :(

  • +2

    Bought 3 of these on a previous bargain (one for everyone) and after 6 months two pairs lost the ability to pair (still worked corded) - contacted Taotronics and they immediately sent 2 new pairs no questions asked. Amazing service and nice headphones for the price. Hopefully whatever the issue was is fixed now.

    • Good to hear the warranty support is that good

  • BH085 or BH090 for better sound and better noise cancellation?

    • +2

      Well I only have Bh090 which do me just fine but just to make things more difficult for you the Bh090 are in deal of the day for $74.99.😉

      • Couldn’t resist. Bought one 😋
        Thanks for the link :)

  • I've held out for so damn long but now that we're heading back out into the world I need these BH085 for commuting and the occasional stint in the office.

  • +1

    Has the mic improved on these things? I got a BH040 a while back and the mic is shotty.
    Otherwise, I'm kinda thinking on a Bose… but knowing me, I'd cheap out for a Taotronic if the mic was improved.

  • Arrived, when I opened it and saw the headphone bend inward and rotated I thought it was broken, a bit weird.

  • +1

    My research said that these and the Anker Soundcores are the best wireless ANC headphones in their price range, so I bought both. I find the Ankers superior in most respects (sound quality, ANC, comfort, build quality, features, battery life), with the sole advantages of the BH085s being price and APTx support (critical for TV watching). That the BH085s still represent good value for money IMO.

    • Thanks for the input. I was considering the Q30. Have the Q10 and those are pretty good for what we paid, so I can assume the 30 is going to be better

      • But soundcores can only ship from US?

        • I think I ordered the Q30 from China, on Ali.

          • @johnnygolden: The Q30 is showing up as 80 USD+shipping ($18 bucks for me) on Amazon.com, that's quite a lot more expensive than these. What did you get them for?

    • Can someone explain to me why I have no issues watching tv with non aptx bluetooth headphones? My TV has bluetooth built in and it just works with anything that will pair. Is it because people are watching direct from another source and it's out of sync by the time the signal gets to the TV?

      • Maybe you're not that sensitive to the slight delay between seeing characters on the screen move their lips and hearing what they say. Or perhaps your TV introduces a slight delay to compensate for the latency.

        • It's might, it's the famed VT60 Panasonic. It's getting on a bit but it was the ducks nuts back in the day.

          Just checked and yes there is a setting titled "lip sync" and it's on

    • I posted in the Q30 thread that their ANC is unusable in the public transport, especially if a vehicle has hard suspension. Every time it hits a pothole or bridge expansion joint, etc Q30 creates very unpleasant thump sound. I tried to use it on a busway (concrete slabs) a couple of times but it always hearts my ears, sort of an open palm strike to the ear… Other than that, build quality and audio performance is great!

  • Playing with it now, it is not that comfortable as I expected, may be I didn't wear it correctly?

  • +1


    Not from Sunvalley but $79.99 with 40% off coupon, only 4 available.

    Didn't mention model number and colour RED not the same as the photo

  • Ordered one after reading the comments. I currently have a HyperX Cloud Stinger so if anyone's interested I can do a comparison review

  • @xev any chance of another deal on the Anjou AJ-PCA033?

  • I have the BH085 and I love them. At this price I bought a 2nd pair for the office.

    • Do you feel a bit stretch for the ear when first use?

  • 088's just arrived. im happy :) great so far.

  • I missed out :-( Any chance of extending the deal OP?

  • The ANC LED indicator on 085 never turns off even after the power is off. Is it right?

    • The ANC and Bluetooth are powered independently. Long press the power button on the right earpiece to power off the Bluetooth, slide the switch on the left earpiece to power off the ANC. I find it annoying, but I guess it preserves battery life if you want to use the ANC without a Bluetooth connection.

      • Now it makes sense. I forgot it could be used wired without BT. Thank you!

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