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Bonus flybuys Points with Minimum Weekly Spend Each Week over 3 Weeks @ Coles


This is a targeted offer with variable bonus points and weekly spend requirements.

My offer: Collect up to 6,000 bonus points
Spend $60 in one shop at Coles, each week for 3 weeks


1,000 bonus points
Mon 15 Mar to Sun 21 Mar 2021


2,000 bonus points
Mon 22 Mar to Sun 28 Mar 2021


3,000 bonus points
Mon 29 Mar to Sun 4 Apr 2021

Things to Remember

• Activate the offer before you shop in-store or online.
• You must scan your Flybuys card in-store or enter your Flybuys card number online at the time of purchase.
• Spend $60 in one shop in week 1 to collect 1,000 bonus points and unlock your week 2 offer.
• Bonus points will be loaded onto your account after your qualifying shop in each week.
• Eligible online orders must be placed and delivered or collected within the weekly dates to qualify.

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  • +1

    Targeted, mine is spend $90 for 3 weeks to get 6000points

    • Thanks. Updated

  • $90 for 3 weeks get 6000 Points

  • Mine is $50 one shop but don’t bother.

  • +1

    Handy to have more than 1 account:
    rarely used one: 3 x $30 for 6000pts
    Used yesterday for 4 x $60: 3 x $70 for 6000

  • 3*$120 for 6000 points

    • What…no way, your weekly spending habit must be big. Speaking too soon, someone else below is over $200 a week.

      • no normally I buy my groceries somewhere else. I have 3 flybuys and neitherof them use frequently.

    • +1

      same here. Just came off a 10000 point offer though. Coles upping the game

  • +2

    10,000 points for 3x$30 spend.
    week 1 2000, week 2 3000, week 3 5000.

    • +2

      Lucky you!

    • Ditto here. 10,000 points for 3x $30 spend.
      Then I got 2,800 points with $70 spend.. will they combine?

      • +1

        Yes, they stack

  • +1

    mine is 110 /week . No thanks coles

    • $110 for 4400. Lousy 20% return.

      • Yes, I got 20% off also but can stack with a 3 week offer with 1000 points for 1st week that will bring it up to 25%. Plus 5 - 10% off with GC. Much better than the Woolies offers I have been getting this year.

  • $70 x 3 for 6k points

    For flybuys offer I was on $50 spend per week then $60pw and now $70pw - need to do a shop somewhere else to hopefully reset it lower!

  • $270 each week for me.
    No thanks.

    • must be a joke for you, $270 X 3 only get 6000 bonus points..

    • Im on $260. Pain. Just finished $220x4 weeks as well. Give me a break. Not like we don’t spend it anyway.

  • Haven't got offer yet :(

  • $50 x 3 for 6k points on FB account that I rarely use, $80 x 3 for 6k points on FB account I use all the time

  • I believe $30 X 3 Weeks for 6000 points is the highest reward rate plus the weekend bonus to double dip

  • Anyone know if I bought coles mastercard for other deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/610406), will it count as my $50 spending? Thanks!

    • +1

      Offer t&c - excludes purchases of all gift cards. So it depends if a prepaid MC is considered a gift card?
      If can be used with this Deal - good idea!

  • Bought a $500 Coles MasterCard a few weeks ago & now my offers are ridiculous - $160 x3 for 6000 points :(

  • $150 x3 = 6000pts

    I haven't received any WW bonus points since Nov either…

    • They don’t need to offer you points or better offers if you regularly spend high amounts.

      • Haven't shopped in WW for a while since I have a local Coles which I walk to hahaha

  • $160/3 weeks for the 6000, and my partners was $180! …. pass

  • +1

    Havent been active with flybuys as there isn't a Coles near me but I got the $30x3 one for 10000 points. Not bad at all… might go the city and buy some stuff.

    • That's great, more than 50% off.

  • +1

    I haven't had any flybuys offers since january… :(

  • +1

    This is week 2, I have shopped week 1 and the offer is no longer showing in my Flybuys account.
    Would I be right in saying that this is normal for multi-week offers, i.e., it only shows in the first week, does not show under 'Activated Offers' in subsequent weeks but you still get the points for week 2&3 spend, as originally specified? Or is the offer not showing unusual? Thanks.

    • +1

      Same here. Just disappeared.

    • +3

      Normal. Nothing to worry about

    • +1

      Normally i would say Dont worry
      A spend $ for 4 weeks wasn't credited to me last week and support put in a request to manually add it in a possible 10 weeks because Customer care are snowed under !

    • +1

      Don’t worry, does it for lots of people. Shop week 2 and you will see the bonus.

    • +1

      Thanks all for your feedback. So nothing unusual, by the sounds of it. And if the points are not credited, they can add them manually, even though it might take a while.

      • I'm in the same boat. I can't remember what my offer was but I do know I spent above the nominated amount - any way I can find out what my original offer was?

        • +2

          They would have emailed you the offer details at the start of Week 1, and maybe since?

        • +1

          I always take an sc of the activated offer because I have had them tell me I did not get points because the offer was not activated and I can tell them the exact time and miraculously they can find it.

          • +1

            @Yola: That is a good idea … I must start doing that! :-)

            • @bluesky: I dont bother with screen shots as I get a copy of the offers in your inbox. And during week 2, 3 or 4 (for 4 week promotions), you will generally get a reminder email of the activated promotion

              • +1

                @mrshorty: It is about activating offers in general. Like in the scenario that Yola described, you know you have activated the offer, yet the points are not credited for whatever reason (say, due to some system issue). But when you ask customer support to manually credit the points, they suggest the blame likely lies with you for not having activated the offer. The screenshots will rule this out quickly.

                Fortunately, I have already gotten the points for 1st week's spend. Now I can rely on the initial offer email to demonstrate the offer was indeed activated.
                But what if for whatever reason I did not get the points from 1st week's spend? The email won't help to prove I activated the offer.

                • @bluesky: Edit: delete, responses to different questions from different people!

    • Same!

  • +1

    I just did a 3 week one for 10000 points but the last week I submitted the order on the Sunday for delivery Tuesday and they wouldn’t credit me the points as they said I needed to have collected it by Sunday. I have done that before and still got the points so was wondering if they have tightened up. Anyone else had the same problem. The last week was for 5000 points too unfortunately.

    • Sorry, but they do always state that in the T&C's. I usually keep to these so cannot say if they have tightened up. Actually lucky you did not forfeit the whole 10,000 as would happen with the 4 week deals.

  • What happens if you miss a week?

    • +2

      For this one, once you miss a week, you won't qualify for the next week; since the previous week's spend unlocks the offer for the week after.

      The other kinds of multi-week offers are:

      • each week is independent, if you spend that week you get the points for that week.
      • you must spend on all weeks, and at the end, get a stated amount of points.
      • +1

        interesting thanks kind of annoying to track

        • Tell me about it, I was kind of busy and missed the last week of this offer - which was 50% off (3000pts for $30 spend). Realised this one day after the end date!

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