[Citibank Credit Cards] Free Citi PayAll for All Payments Set Up from 1st April 2021 to 31st October 2022 (Normally 2%)


Received in email. Maybe targeted.

Free points on your rents, and any other fees that normally don’t accept credit cards without a fee.

Email excerpt below:

We are writing to advise you of an update we are making to the Citi PayAll product feature available on your Citi Rewards Card.

For all Citi PayAll payments set up between 1 April 2021 to 31 October 2022 (the Period), the Citi PayAll fee will be reduced to 0%:

• Any recurring Citi PayAll payments set up during the Period will not incur the Citi PayAll fee for the duration in which those payments are scheduled to occur.

• Any Citi PayAll payments set up after the Period ends will be charged the standard Citi PayAll fee of 2% of the amount of the Citi PayAll payment.

• Any recurring Citi PayAll payments set up prior and after the Period will be charged the standard Citi PayAll fee of 2% of the amount of the Citi PayAll payment. This fee will apply to all recurring payments made for the duration in which those payments are scheduled to occur.

For more information on Citi PayAll, please refer to the Credit Card Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information and if you are enrolled in a Citi Rewards program, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Rewards program you are enrolled in.


This is a good guide:

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      • +1

        I'll be using my fee free for life card in conjunction with this PayAll promotion. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

        • +3

          That's why I am scratching my head with the posts above of those who either reduced the limit or closed the account.

          It's the best credit card offering ever. Fee Free For Life + 2x Priority Pass + All insurances + points up to 2 for $1 (Diners).

          • @burningrage: I wouldn't be shocked if abuse of this deal could give them an out to revoke the offer and the free card.

            • @afoveht: That's what I thought. Could be a trap. Anyhow, I am intending to use this opportunity once.

          • @burningrage: Is the diners deal still available? I have the free for life card but passed on signing up on diners card

            • +1

              @macr0hard: Diners are always there. It's free. You actually might even want one given they are phasing out bonus points on third party payment processor payments (eg: Paypal / ApplePay / SamsungPay).



              • @burningrage: But this diners card is only good for international purchases right?

                • @macr0hard: It can be (No international fee). Hotels.com accepted them but for local, ColesWorths, JB (with fees), Ebgames, Myers/DJ, etc accepted them too

                  • @burningrage: So we could use this one locally to get 2 x points instead of the premier one? I don’t remember what the earning rate for it anymore it’s been too long lol

                  • @burningrage:

                    (No international fee)

                    Supposedly no international fee, yet it definitely cost more in my experience.

                    • @the splingee: When I was in Japan a few years back, I used Citi Diners for almost everything. Of course, I also used the famous Citibank Global Currency Account for cash (ATM at 7-11)

                      Most of the time, both Diners and Cash rates I got was probably within 1% worse off compared to XE.COM.

                      I am not sure if I did it right but one thing I knew was I didn't feel the FX was too far off.

                      I rarely use Diners for International Purchases because not many international vendors accept them (eg: YNAB) and for some reason, it wouldn't work too even for some vendors that DO have Diners. They call it Discover and Diners = DIscover. Despite that, it never worked.

                      For that, I had to use 28 degrees.

                      • @burningrage: The difference wouldn't necessarily be obvious based on the numbers I saw - roughly (but consistently) 1.25% worse than 28 Degrees, Citibank Plus, ING, etc. Easily overlooked on a small purchase, though clear on a USD100 benchmarking transaction, and more than enough to kill the value proposition for me (since I don't value Citi points highly).

                        Could still be worthwhile for those that value the points highly, but either way it was evident that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

                        It's easy to run a controlled experiment if you still have the card. And maybe it has changed since my early experience.

                        Simply book a hotel night with free cancellation via cheaptickets.com or orbitz.com (charged in USD) using the Diners, 28 Degrees, ING etc, all at the same benchmarking price. Compare the transactions once they've settled, and cancel the bookings for an automated refund within a couple of business days. (If the AUD strengthens in that time you'll lose a few cents, if it weakens you'll gain a few cents.)

                        I'd happily run the experiment again but I got rid of the card after my experience.

                • @macr0hard: No good for international purchases in my experience.

              • @burningrage: If you take up the diners card offer (as a free for life Premier card holder), will it invoke another credit check? or does the Diners card align with your current limit (in my case $15k).

          • @burningrage: Plus free wine.

            • @ows: Ever used the free wine? What I want to know is do you check with places before you dine with them? I hate awkward situations.

              • +2

                @grasstown: I do too but have never had an issue. "What are the wines you have available for the Citibank Dining Program?"

                Waiter then tells you the name of a red and a white. You pick one.

                I have usually looked up what wines they have on offer for Citibank cardholders when I book, so I know what's on offer.

                • +1

                  @New Chump: Thanks! That’s a really dignified way to request it.

          • @burningrage: I had a fee-free-for-life Citibank platinum, and I closed it to churn cards instead. Here's why:
            * Fee free for life sounds great, but nowadays a lot of cards offer that (I had 2 other fee free for life cards open at the time, and still do as they offer me more value).
            * 2 x priority pass: You get this on the signature but not the platinum, but I'll play along anyway. Those passes are worth AUD $34.50 each (that's how much it costs through Dragonpass if you set it up as per instructions posted to OzBargain previously, and Dragonpass was almost a 1:1 match with priority pass last time I looked), and you can use them for other people (unlike the Citibank cards which are for entry for the card holder only) and you can buy exactly as many passes as you need (I normally buy them standing at lounge check-in, after I have confirmed the lounge is open and has space and have had a quick look around to confirm it looks decent), so if you need 1 or 3 instead of exactly 2, it's all good. So max value of AUD $69 to this benefit, or less if don't you use every pass every year.
            * All insurances: Most cards offer various kinds of insurance (e.g. travel) - including one of the other 2 fee-free-cards I kept open. And besides, it's not "all" insurance - it doesn't include price protection insurance for example, which is what my other annual-fee-free card has (a feature so useful it's been grandfathered, and is no longer offered to new customers by any bank in the country, and which still pays me in coin even to this day).
            * Rewards: Citibank's rewards were rubbish! They used to be great (I got 2 of the Nokia N95 phones, used one and flipped the other on eBay, back in the day when they had that promo, for example). But they kept devaluing them. In the last 5 years of the card, I was getting $125 to $150 per year back from rewards points. Now I churn for Qantas points, and even valuing them at 1 cent a pop (quite conservative), and not being very aggressive with the churning, I get a value of around $2,000 per year back from rewards points. That's a MASSIVE difference. And some of the cards come with Qantas lounge passes, which offsets the priority pass benefit.
            * Wine offer: I still get that, without fees, using my Citibank Plus Everyday debit Account. Lots fewer places have the wine offer since COVID hit though, so as a perk it is much much less useful than it once was, unfortunately.
            * International fees: International fees were terrible on these Citibank cards (3% whack, even if they were billing you in AUD but headquartered overseas), so now I just use my Citibank Plus Everyday debit Account for fee-free international transactions and ATM cashouts overseas. ING Orange everyday & a variety of other products are also great for this.

            So I think there are rational reasons to close the Citibank fee-free-for-life cards - i.e. you can do better elsewhere, and get better value from other cards. And I don't regret closing mine, in fact in retrospect, I wish I had done it sooner - roughly around 2010 to 2012 was when there were decent alternatives available, and the value of the Citibank rewards program had been cut & they removed the ability transfer rewards to Qantas FF program - so that was probably the ideal time to jump ship and move to greener pastures.

            • +1


              I had 2 other fee free for life cards open at the time, and still do as they offer me more value.

              Which cr cards are these?

              • @DaBz: Well the combo that works for me is:
                * 28 degrees MasterCard for overseas travel & as my fallback card for groceries & bills when other cards are closed. I have a low credit limit (they've raised the min limit to $6,000 now unfortunately, which is much too high, mine was originally intentionally tiny, at ~ $1,000, increased since). No fees but no rewards. Only unique feature is flight delay (which if you register your flight gives you & up to 3 people travelling with you lounge access if your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours, and you happen to be in an airport & terminal with a supported lounge). I'm considering closing this card, and just using my Citibank Plus Debit Account instead for overseas, because the travel alternatives have improved a lot since this card came out (it used to be the only game in town for travel cards, and that is no longer the case).
                * Coles MasterCard with account plus price protection (that is the grandfathered bit) for any purchases outside of groceries and bills that might fall in price - so all electronics, most amazon orders, large household items, even clothes that cost more than $10, etc go on this card, and I set up price alerts to get refunded when the price falls, and I have a browser macro for automating submitting price protection claims when the price falls so I can just bang them out quickly, even if it's just a few dollars. Also has an intentionally low credit limit (partially to limit risk, and partially because I want to save most of my available limit for churning). No fees (if you pay before the statement date, and I make sure it's always in credit so they owe me money), but also no rewards (well I get some flybuys points, but they're worth bugger all, so I don't consider it a rewards card although technically it is - it pays 0.5% rewards, whereas Citibank platinum was paying 0.48% effectively last time I looked, which is even worse, wouldn't surprise me if they have devalued it further, and frankly is so low it's a joke and shouldn't be considered as a rewards card either IMHO).
                * A churn rewards card for points & lounge passes, with the min credit limit (usually $6k). Most groceries, bills, insurances, services, etc go on these. Meet the min spend + a bit over, take card out of wallet, wait for bonus points, close card online, shred card, move onto next card. Strongly favour cards with low or no annual fee, or a fee rebate, and large sign up bonus points.

                And that's basically the cards in my wallet.

                If I was picking cards from scratch now, I'd probably get the HSBC Everyday Global Account (a debit card) for 2% cashback on tap transactions + still do the churn rewards card. Those 2 seem like a pretty solid combo to me.

                • @nickj: "and I set up price alerts to get refunded when the price falls, and I have a browser macro for automating submitting price protection claims when the price falls so I can just bang them out quickly" may I ask how to set price alert & the browser macro? Thanks

                  • +2

                    @zoecot: Price alerts are via :
                    * Camel x 3 for Amazon.com.au
                    * price hipster + prino pro for most Australian stores
                    * visualping.io for unsupported stores (eg Apple)

                    I always take a screenshot of any price reductions on items with price protection. You don't have to claim immediately, but I usually do.

                    Macro is via selenium IDE add-on. Essentially it records you doing keypresses, mouse clicks and so forth. About 2/3rds of a price protection claim is the same every time (my customer number, contact details, part of a normal sale, etc), so I just play that recording back, and fill in the 1/3rd that's specific to that claim.

                    To be clear it's not a fully automated process (you have to see the notification, take a screenshot, play the macro back, fill in the specific details). But it's pretty painless once you've got a system going.

            • @nickj:

              I had a fee-free-for-life Citibank platinum, and I closed it to churn cards instead

              I've kept the free-for-life Signature/Premier and I continue to churn.

              The $15,000 credit limit is annoying but it doesn't prevent churning.

              • @the splingee: Same same. I'll keep it till I die….

                • @ChiMot: For sure, if you're happy with it, stick with it. My wife kept hers, but I got rid of mine, after having it for a decade. I think the signature with the priority pass is possibly more worth keeping than the platinum, with the downside of the high credit limit. Especially as a card to use for fallback purposes when you're not churning. If the rewards were a bit better (say in the range of say 1.0% to 0.75% rewards, versus 0.43% last time I looked), then it would be a no-brainer to keep it forever.

                  • @nickj: yeah the limit is really high for me but it is just nice to have free travel insurance, lounges for example. and dont know because of the card or not but i feel their customer service are good (to me). polite prompt etc. maybe due to the status of the card and i am with them like 20 years

            • @nickj: Not sure why you got negged. Even if they don't agree with you, this is a well structured post.

              • @boretentsu: When these cards first came out around 2008, they had short introductory fee-free-for-life promos, and at the time they were amazing offers (pretty much every other credit card was charging annual fees, and really high fees if you wanted a rewards program + transfer rewards to frequent flyer points + insurance + other benefits, so it was miles better than any other offer & it was a genuine bargain).

                So a lot of ozbargain people, including myself and my wife, got these cards, cancelled our other cards with annual fees, and thought "I'm done, I don't need to worry about credit cards ever again, I will keep this card for life". And for the next 3 or 4 years, it was all good, as it really was about the best you could do.

                But in the years after that, the alternatives got much better (new products with no annual fees & different features, combined with the rise of frequent flyer cards with large sign up bonuses), and the citibank offer got worse (removing the Qantas FF point transfers which used to have a 1:1 rate, & devaluing the citibank rewards points).

                Pointing this out to people who said "that's my card for life" is not something they particularly want to hear, because they thought they were done. And look I was the same, I also stuck with the card too long, I should have jumped ship 5 years earlier. It's sort of like pointing out a real problem with someone's favourite football team - some lifelong fans just don't want to hear it. And I suspect that's why I got negged.

            • @nickj: regarding the lounges, I see that it's valid for 1yr only. After that, does it just renew or it forces you to buy a membership package?

              • +1

                @IsTops: The dragon pass membership expires after 1 year. Mine expired in June 2020. It didn't auto-renew. I must have turned off all emails from them as I didn't see any emails at all about it. I'm a bit surprised they didn't give another year free, because with covid I doubt most people would renew. And all the membership does is let you buy lounge passes, it really has zero inherent value, it's not like Amazon or Costco memberships which can represent value. So it's an artificial barrier to something of no real value, IMHO. So yeah, add 15 mins of faffing about every 12 months for setting up accounts & logins & apps.

                So I guess a few months before my next overseas trip (whenever that happens), I would see if my Regus login/code gives another year of free dragon pass membership, it probably won't, and if it doesn't I would get my wife to sign up, or make another account. For leisure travellers you only really need one membership per family. And personally I found it's most useful when travelling between two countries that you don't live in - for travel to/from Australia I'd use Qantas lounge passes if flying Qantas, or if flying out of Australia I'd be quite happy to buy food in the food court, since the main international airports here have these with enough variety + I have the local currency + know the food is safe & know the brands + I have plenty of data through my phone. But if you're in an overseas airport without many food options, you don't have much phone data or it's pricey, and you're going to be there a while, you've already got rid of your local currency, and you're a bit tired, that's when I most want to go into a lounge and relax and have a meal with some beers, charge my devices and use the WiFi.

                It's likely to be a while before you can travel between two overseas countries, probably 2022 with our slow vaccine roll-out.

                • @nickj: Those are some good pointers Nick.

                  Sucks it doesn't auto-renew. Might be worth calling up Regus and asking them to do it manually. Else setting up another account isn't a major pain point but can save some time and further resources.

                  With regard to the PiorityPass, that you get with the Citi cards, you get 2 free passes each year. I can't remember if you can use both passes at the same time (i.e. 1 for you and 1 for partner/friend in a single setting) but once used, the Dragonpass really comes in handy as PP charges per person and believe me, those guys don't hesitate swiping your card since it's linked to a credit card.

          • @burningrage: All insurances

            Its not all insurances, International travel insurance is not cover by simplicity card.

    • +4

      Citi can't be that stupid

      challenge accepted

      • Two different things. That is like saying the guy who wired $100k scam is also going to be giving away their furniture.

  • I don't care about the interest earned on free money.

    The points are good enough.

    Ahhh crap…just realised the Citibank Signature Visa is not eligible.

    • +3

      Citibank Signature is called Citibank Premier now and it is eligible.

  • +9

    Reading through the T&Cs for the Citi Rewards card (https://www.citibank.com.au/global_docs/pdf/MCG10988_0312_no...):

    5. Duration and Loss of Points

    5.1 We may cancel or suspend your right to
    participate in the Rewards Program including
    the ability to earn and redeem Points if your
    Account is in default or we reasonably believe
    that the Points were not properly earned
    (including that a transaction processed as a
    Citi PayAll Payment was not to pay the payee
    for goods or services).

    So I suppose constant flipping of $35k payments without a legitimate reason may cause a problem

    But damn this would've been a great way to pay for a new car, or a house renovation. Could you pay a house desposit with PayAll? The possibilities of earning points on ridiculous spending are absolutely endless.

    • In the FAQ, it did say PayAll shouldn't be used for debts and stuff BUT it is not explicitly forbidden.

      But yeah, if you flip $35k every month for the points, it will trigger the alert for sure.

      Just pretend you buy a car from your wife for $35k lol. People do that for tax.

      • +1

        Exactly - transfer to your partner's account $35k a month - professional services. They have no rights to ask for copy of invoices!

      • 1 car every month.

    • There it is. Party over.

    • A car is for goods. House renovation is goods and services.

      It isn't a goods or service if you are paying yourself then paying off the card to manufacture points.

      • This.

        I would also say house deposit is for goods too. You just couldnt pay the repayments or loan using payall

        • Probably could argue the principle portion is for goods. A very long BNPL.

          • @netjock: A mortgage is a financial service/ product.

            • @Bricksfanatic: Maybe when you asked them to prepare the contracts, source funding, forward the money and settle.

              I can assure you on a $1m loan you are not getting $25k a year of service or product.

              The only thing different with mortgage it is against an asset that is appreciating (the house doesn't get any newer, neither does it add value to itself). So it is basically the land location that is valuable (Australia has lots of land just not lots of it where people want to be).

              There is a concept of leasehold in the UK where the property might be on a piece of land with 999 year lease, at the beginning it is as good as permanent possession until last 80 years of the lease, the uncertainty of renewal makes all banks run away from lending from it.

  • So the maximum points that can be earned is 210,000
    This is the equivalent of $840 that can be redeemed on Kogan.

    I am going to transfer myself $35,000 each month and pay it off to see if I indeed earn the reward points.

    • 245,000 points.

      • You are right it's 7 months, this works out to be $980 free cash credit to spend on Kogan.
        Now we just need to find a legitimate eligible payment of $35,000 each month to accounts that I can cycle back.

        • +2

          I don’t think there’s even a 7 month cap, as long as you set up the payment in the promotional period and you don’t alter it, you’ll continue to have the 2% fee waived indefinitely ?

    • Do 35k recurring for 24 months ;)

    • +2
      • yeah.. dunno how this ties in with your normal card conditions though. E.g. Citi rewards card has a base monthly earning cap of 10k.

        Is there a cap to the amount I can transact via Citi PayAll?

        Citi PayAll payments are not subject to other caps on your card.

        You can enter an amount not exceeding your credit limit, subject to the maximum permissible monthly limit of $35,000.

        In addition to this, there are a maximum of 10 PayAll transactions allowed per month and a maximum of 5 PayAll transactions allowed to the same beneficiary per month.

        For more information on Citi PayAll limits please refer to citibank.com.au/payall-limits.

        From: https://www1.citibank.com.au/offers-benefits/PayAll1

        • I think the points cap applies.

          Do I earn rewards on my transactions?

          Yes, depending on your card you will be able to earn reward points for each payment either Citi reward Points, Qantas Points or Emirates Skywards Miles. Please note, Terms and Conditions apply as per the Terms and Conditions of the rewards program of which you are enrolled.

          • @capslock: ok so just do $30k for 7 months (or slightly less on the 7th)

  • Fyi, one legitimate use of this is to pay Mortgage.

    You could prepay your mortgage (to get ahead) and then redraw when the statement is due and repeat up to 6x

    "PayAll shouldn’t be used to pay off mortgages or other debts, loans, gambling, or for the purchase of other financial products such as shares or cryptocurrency. However, it is not expressly forbidden." From the pointhacks link above

  • +1

    Interestingly, I just noticed Citi Premier (Signature) doesn't appear to be a card that people can apply anymore.


    What's going on?

    • Last time I spoke with Citi, they said they are switching from Visa to Mastercard and it will return in the near future (but as a mastercard).

  • Can someone confirm my understanding:

    If I set up a payment tonight but schedule it to happen on 1 April, I'll still get charged the 2% fee.

    But if I set up a payment on/after 1 April to happen whenever I won't get charged.

    Is this correct? Cheers.

    • +1

      That’s my understanding. Setup only between 1 April and 31 Oct.

    • +2

      Yes correct. As seen From the Citi's email, which says;
      For all Citi PayAll payments 'set up' between 1 April 2021 to 31 October 2021 (the Period), the Citi PayAll fee will be reduced to 0%:

      • Any recurring Citi PayAll payments set up during the Period will not incur the Citi PayAll fee for the duration in which those payments are scheduled to occur.

      • Any Citi PayAll payments set up after the Period ends will be charged the standard Citi PayAll fee of 2% of the amount of the Citi PayAll payment.

  • how much should one earn to get $35k limit?

    • prepay your card then payall or payall + repay cycle? no need to have 35k limit at once.

  • Can you use this to pay off other credit card balances?

  • Has anyone tried to use this to pay their mortgage before?

  • +3

    Comeon folks. Lets get Citibank's payment rails ozbargain'ed by massive concerted wash transfers/point hacking. We can do this!

    Also, anyone noticed the Apr 1st start date? Prolly pranking us customers…

  • Looks like someone working in Citibank is about to lose their job.

  • So $35k is maximum in a month? Didn't see that in term and condition.

    Also surely we can't transfer to a bank account with our own same name, right?

  • +1

    So say I am investing $2k a month into buying shares via SelfWealth, I could feasibly put money into the SelfWealth account via the PayAll function, earning points on the transaction, receiving 55 days interest free on the transaction, and leaving my money in my offset account reducing my mortgage repayments for 55 days also.

    There must be a catch somewhere…..

    • +2

      citi expect you to trade share and loose so you need to pay interests

      • I’m a buy and hold for the long term investor. VDHG all the way. Was just saving $2k a month and transferring to SelfWealth. This allows me to earn points and reduce interest on the mortgage at the same time. Win/win

        • i am thinking of doing exact same thing. Buying a parcel of VDHG every month anyway but it seems like citi does not want us to use this to pay for share purchase or paying off the mortgage as per below mentioned in one of previous comments:

          This product should not be extended to repaying other debt held, for business purposes, for the purpose of gambling, or in connection with unlawful activities, to invest in shares or other financial products or for cryptocurrency related transactions.

          • @FiDad: Probably their "I told you so" because there will be people who will end up paying 20% interest when they could buy shares with home loan redraw / offset / margin loans that are many times cheaper rates.

  • Would payall be treated as EFT or credit card payment at the receiver end? I am thinking about councils and the like who charge a fee for the latter

    • I don't think councils give you their bank account number, so you won't be able to pay them with Payall.

  • +5

    This is extremely interesting and a couple of things that I picked up are:

    • For ozbargainer's like me who have the free for life Signature/premier card or similar, there is a 200k annual points limit enforced as pointed out by hargain bunter above. So effectively this reduces the amount of payall per month to 16.6k regardless of your limit.
    • Trawling through AFF forum for this, I bumped into this discussion To me this would imply that Citi would like to bolster their numbers and even if people take advantage of this, it looks good from a spend perspective to the protective buyers that Citi might be talking to.
    • For ozbargainer's like me who have the free for life Signature/premier card or similar, there is a 200k annual points limit enforced

      Do we know when this resets? End of FY or else?

      • From the link
        The annual cap will reset on your next statement cycle date following the anniversary of your enrolment to your Rewards program. The cap includes points
        earned on Domestic and International spend

        Basically the next statement from when the CC was opened. CC Expiry might be a good way to get an idea of when the points cap should renew or maybe talk to Citi? I might just play it safe and not worry about when the cap resets and just use 16.6k rolling.

        • If your cap resets during the promo period, you may be able to cram in a 3rd cycle of up to 200k points. I don't plan on spreading the 200k over 12 months (ie $16.6k per month). I plan on getting to 200k asap.

          I'm concerned about this rule regarding your credit limit and payments:

          "You can enter an amount not exceeding your credit limit, subject to the maximum permissible monthly limit of $35,000."

          Not sure if it means exceeding your limit per month in total, or exceeding your limit per payment.

    • it looks good from a spend perspective to the protective buyers that Citi might be talking to.

      Credit card business is the best business if you can get scale. 16% - 20% interest. You wonder why banks aren't chasing BNPL where you get less than 10% gross.

    • How does it reduce the amount of PayAll per month to 16.6k? Doesn't the free for life card earn 1 point per dollar for PayAll? So $35,000 spent each month for 5 months and then $24,500 spent in the 6th month should give 200,000 points?

      • Applies only if planning on taking advantage and setting up recurring payments post oct. if you don’t plan on doing that then of course what you said is correct.

  • +1

    Am I the only one hoping citibank will bring back free for life signature credit card? I miss out when they have that promo.😒

    • +2

      never again bro

    • Never now. You can thank RBA reform on interchange fees lowering what banks get (so charging a fee is a revenue stream). On the flip side the argument is lower prices but we just ended up with 2% credit card surcharge where the number is 1% - 1.5%.

  • Would this work in terms of points, if my card is set to earn Qantas FF points and not credit card (bank) rewards points?

    • Keen to know this too!

  • Has anyone actually used Citi PayAll in the past?

    I pay my Citi card in full each month so I want to be 100% sure PayAll won't mess up with my interest free period :)

    • +1

      as far i read, it is 10000% the same as buying stuff from ebay. so if you pay full then pay full as usual.

  • Would this work paying into a mortgage offset account at another bank ? Hmmm

  • +1

    Tested today, you can only schedule payments 12 months in advance

    • +3

      I think it might depend on the category. I can schedule monthly payments for travel expenses until Feb 2023.

  • I'm so confused by this. At 0% initial offer, and 0% pa for 12 months, why wouldn't you just take out the whole amount and chuck it in a bank account and earn whatever interest you can?

  • we got a letter saying Citibank Premier rewards points are changing in April and they trying to hit us with a reduced $295 annual fee. did anyone else get the letter.? i got proof its free for life so i will fight them if they try to pull it on us.

    • nope, havent got the letter yet. Was it in the mail or email? Unfortunately i'm not sure I still have the proof of this so good on you for keeping records :( looks like it was in 2014

    • Also haven't received any comms, but I do have my original offer letter on file which states "$0 while you hold a Citibank Rewards Credit Card Signature" under "Credit Fees and Charges Annual Primary Cardholder Fee". I would be very upset if they are pulling a shifty!!!

  • Let's wait until April Fools Day to find out.

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