[Citibank Credit Cards] Free Citi PayAll for All Payments Set Up from 1st April to 31st Oct 2021 (Normally 2%)


Received in email. Maybe targeted.

Free points on your rents, and any other fees that normally don’t accept credit cards without a fee.

Email excerpt below:

We are writing to advise you of an update we are making to the Citi PayAll product feature available on your Citi Rewards Card.

For all Citi PayAll payments set up between 1 April 2021 to 31 October 2021 (the Period), the Citi PayAll fee will be reduced to 0%:

• Any recurring Citi PayAll payments set up during the Period will not incur the Citi PayAll fee for the duration in which those payments are scheduled to occur.

• Any Citi PayAll payments set up after the Period ends will be charged the standard Citi PayAll fee of 2% of the amount of the Citi PayAll payment.

• Any recurring Citi PayAll payments set up prior and after the Period will be charged the standard Citi PayAll fee of 2% of the amount of the Citi PayAll payment. This fee will apply to all recurring payments made for the duration in which those payments are scheduled to occur.

For more information on Citi PayAll, please refer to the Credit Card Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information and if you are enrolled in a Citi Rewards program, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Rewards program you are enrolled in.


This is a good guide:

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  • I wonder if this deal is related to this: Plastic fantastic: Citi’s bankers shop Citigroup credit cards unit


  • Does anyone know how long it takes for a payall payment to actually end up in the recipient's account?

  • Do all these PayAll transactions count towards minimum spend for bonus points? I've just signed up for the Citi rewards card with $3K spend

    • Probably not. The payall seems to be a class of their own in that they’re not subjected to the usual points cap on your card.

      Source: Citi chat

  • How would you answer ATO when they notice regular amount transfer to your bank account for such big amount for 5 months ?

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      Show them this thread.

  • from my understanding, the payall has no cap on points, just a monthly transaction limit of $35000 so it means even if your card's point cap is 10000, you can still accumulate 35000 points/ month. Is that correct?

    • That’s what the person on the Citi chat told me

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    i got confirmation on phone call back that as long as you set up payall from 1 April to 31 Oct 2021 even though it isn't paid until after oct 31 it will still qualify if its future dated. great promo just set up future bills.

    • I would have been surprised if the answer was anything else.

      In my view, the terms (as presented to us in the offer email) made it clear.

      The terms even emphasised, through use of bolded text, that it was the setup time that mattered.

      • Agree. But we can only setup maxiu6one year in advance so not indefinitely

        • Some payment categories allow for two years of payments.

          • @Some Guy: Ok let's see next week. Definitely interested

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    Is there a way for this to work with BPay? It seems most of my bills only offer Bpay or Credit Card (with surcharge)

    • Cool if we can

    • Keen to find out if anyone has got a way around this too.

      • +1

        pay your own bank account.
        then use bank account to bpay your bills.

  • After entering the amount it says unable to load card.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • I'm getting an error that it cannot process the payment at this time =/

  • april mop from citi

  • I have just set up my first payment. Confirm fee is $0.

    • I kept on getting card load error on final page. How were you able to bypass it?

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        I couldn't figure out how to do it on the website so I set it up on the app.

        • Have you received the payment?

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            @punter1: The earliest payment can not be made until 13/4.

            • @yht: Yes I found it too. Hope it can make transaction earlier. That would be more useful.

  • Spoke to citi to clarify the whole 'if payall is set up during the promo period' is any payment reoccuring after Oct 31 charged 2% and was told it is. Pointed out the wording isnt clear on established payments within the promo period. They are meant to call me after they get clarification.

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      While I was setting this up, I took screenshots. And for the payment I set up, it said 0 fee for next 18 months.

      • Ok, I just flicked that back at them and they agreed- if it says 0 fee, its 0. Keep a screenshot if any trouble down the line.

  • So basically just need to pay into another banks savings account and then pay off the Citibank credit card to get free points?

    Is that how this deal works?


  • Someone help me double confirm my math

    Annual reward cap points 200000/12 months= 16666.67 each month, assuming no other spending

    All I need to setup is $16667 each month reoccurring for 24 months to maximize points benefits


    • Want to know as well. My limit is $15k so may do maximum then pay back sometimes later maybe 3 week laters, repeat each month but means I can't use the card for that period

    • Just remember the AF goes back to $199..

  • Possible to use PayAll to top up a debit card?

    BTW, looking at the restrictions seems doesn't work for online purchase

    What are the restrictions with Citi PayAll?
    There are a few restrictions to take note of when using the Citi PayAll service.

    • All transactions must be set up at least seven business days before you want the payment to be made.
    • You can’t initiate a credit card chargeback on PayAll transactions.
    • PayAll shouldn’t be used to pay off mortgages or other debts, loans, gambling, or for the purchase of other financial products such as shares or cryptocurrency. However, it is not expressly forbidden.
    • There is a maximum of 10 Citi PayAll transactions a month.
    • A maximum of $35,000 AUD can be transferred per month.
    • Up to five Citi PayAll transactions are permitted to one beneficiary in one month.
  • I wonder how many months we can keep having it for $0 ? I setup for 21 months and still showing as $0/month. Surely, Citi will have limitation right ?

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    Limit appears to depend on the frequency
    Weekly - limit is 51 weeks
    Monthly - limit is 24 months

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      Good to know

  • had a look in the citi account,

    is it just set as pay a bank account? no reference to payall?

    • ah you have to do it in the app

      • weird why only app……. usually priority goes to the web

  • Are you guys going to try to increase their credit limit to allow a bigger payall amount? Or can we just transfer more money into the credit card? I called about credit limit increase, but it will get hit with a credit check so I’m not sure if it’s worthwhile.

    • not sure below steps work. Let say credit limit - 6k, Transfer 6K to bank and once amount credited into my bank in 7 days, pay back to citi to 6k so that available balance would increase to 6k. this is one way to earn points.

      This may not be right approach and not sure citi bank will decline any further request if they found

    • I've signed up for a second card hoping to defeat the $35k/Mo limit. Although it's unclear if that limit is per card or for all payall transactions.

      • but someone said Annual reward cap points 200000/12 months= 16,666.67 each month ? then no need to do 35k?

        • The wording on the cards is that payall points are uncapped:

          Domestic Spend on Eligible Transactions including uncapped Citi PayAll payments such as rent, taxes, education fees, property management fees, childcare and miscellaneous bills

          This means you are only restricted by how much you can payall out which happens to be 35k per month. If I'm not mistaken, if you have a credit limit of less than 35k, you can still go back and forth multiple times within the month to pump up to a total transaction value of 35k.


          • @boretentsu: Interesting! Are you certain PayAll is not limited from the annual 200000point limit? In that case I might change my existing monthly payment to 35k

            Just need to worry about ATO now. I think it is definitely going to trigger investigation

        • It’s only fee free for 7months (April to October), so shouldn’t that be 200k/7 =28.5k per month to maximise?

          • @magwri: No it's not. Read my comments above
            Can get up to 24 months if PayAll set up for monthly, and 51 weeks if weekly payments. The caveat is the AF of 199 not making it worth it imo after 12months.

            • @txb: what do u mean by AF? Annual fee? I dnt remember seeing anything about annual fee after 12 months? This is free for life credit card I got

              • @ggfatty: His card maybe different from yours. Maybe with annual fee

              • @ggfatty: yeah, i got a rewards card as part of the 100k vel pts offer that has a full AF after 12mo. Disregard if youre on another card!

  • has anyone set up a Tax payment?

    is it just RBA account referenced here? https://www.ato.gov.au/general/paying-the-ato/how-to-pay/oth...

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    However, Point Hacks does not encourage anyone to make non-business related transactions (e.g. paying yourself or a family member for the sole purpose of earning points), as this breaches Citibank T&Cs. You may end up losing your card and/or forfeiting your points.
    We may cancel or suspend your right to participate in the Rewards Program including the ability to earn and redeem Points if your Account is in default or we reasonably believe that the Points were not properly earned (including that a transaction processed as a Citi PayAll Payment was not to pay the payee for goods or services).
    – Citibank Rewards card T&Cs

    • Hmm, I might wait around until October to see if anyone has gotten banned XD

    • How would they know you make a non-business related transaction?

      • ask for copy of invoice ? check the recipient has abn ? proof of ownership of what you said you buy from that ac holder?

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    Is it double if I also have a supplementary card?

  • Can someone confirm if payments via Citi Payall will count as an eligible transaction for meeting the spend criteria to get the bonus points on this credit card deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/601905?_gl=1*rb5gtr*_ga*T3pVN0hLN2NnVUtrMzJ4YmtVWHlpTzlwMEFOY1Y2Sk9idWpBS29acGFJVkJXZ2x5c01GNDR4aVdaX2xmRGpoZA..

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      Better ask citi to confirm i mean we are not staffs if someone say yes will you believe 100%?

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    So using this to pay off your mortgage is fine (i.e. not into your offset account)?

    The two issues I see are…


    Q: Can I use Citi PayAll to pay my mortgage or other debts/loan repayments?
    A: This product should not be extended to repaying other debt held, for business purposes, for the purpose of gambling, or in connection with unlawful activities, to invest in shares or other financial products or for cryptocurrency related transactions.

    But SG-009 via https://www.standards.org.au/standardisation-guides (I'm sure there's other references for this somewhere, but this'll do for now):

    The word ‘should’ introduces a suggestion or recommendation that is not a requirement.


    Citibank Rewards card T&Cs:

    We may cancel or suspend your right to participate in the Rewards Program including the ability to earn and redeem Points if your Account is in default or we reasonably believe that the Points were not properly earned (including that a transaction processed as a Citi PayAll Payment was not to pay the payee for goods or services).

    GST can apply to properties (https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/GST/In-detail/Your-industry/...) so they're considered goods. This means the loan you're paying off is also goods (i.e. if you bought a fridge using Afterpay, you're still paying for the goods irrespective of your loan arrangements).

    So they don't want you to, but won't stop you from doing so? Or am I just overthinking this…

    • Let me ask another question, will you lose sleep over it if they decide to not honour your points or cancel your card because of this? If not, don’t over think it.

      • +2

        Lots of us have free cards for life we don’t want to lose

    • How would they know what you are spending the money on? It’s just paying a standard BSB and Account Number?

      Personally I think it’s more about compliance checking that the money lent out isn’t being used for illegal purposes.

    • I think you'll find a loan is a financial supply and completely separate to the purchase of the property.

  • +1

    I can confirm that the $35k cap applies to your entire account, it's not per-card. Damn!

    • thought so.
      Also, if capped at 200,000 points and the whole 35k pm is used, then you just need to do it 5 times with a balloon or slightly lesser amount in the 6th month.
      5mths will yield 175,000 points, so the 6th month only require a $25k transfer.

      • True; although I think my "anniversary" date is in May (unfortunately) so the points cap will reset for June.

  • I kept getting Payment Unsuccessful:
    "You have reached the maximum number of monthly payments, please try again next month."
    even though I only have 1 scheduled monthly payments and 2 scheduled one-off payments.

    • Is there a generic sign up link? I hate using their app (please tell me we aren't forced to use the app)!!

      • app only

    • Did u find any solution? I only set up 1 single payment to try, then I’m getting the same error now trying to set another

      • I've also just been setting up single payments, I can't set up recurring payments because it said I've hit the limit :(

  • I have Fixed Payment option and Citi quick cash for $100 gift card. if I transfer using payall option and pay it back in few days just for the point, will it pay fixed payment option and quick cash first, therefore I lost $100 giftcard?

    • +1

      There's a set regulation bank must use payment for highest interest debt exist. so payall will be paid off first as FPO show up as 0% debt in the statement. However that's a rule not sure if citibank actually setup their system accurately. so in worse case scenario you need to chase them.

  • So has anyone tried/ planning to set this up for mortgage payments into offset account? With the T&Cs mentioned as above, just curious to see how many are doing it?

  • Anyone tried this yet?

    • Yep. It worked.

  • does anyone know how long payment takes to arrived in other bank account?

    • +1

      1 day to cba

    • 1 day to MBA

  • This bank account transfer thing… imagine if you intend to make $30,000 transfer to you family but mis type one digit…. disaster…

    • If you're typing your bsb/acc numbers you're doing it wrong

  • If you normally use BPay to pay off credit card bills can you switch to CitiPayall? If so, it would be a handy points earner.

    • Good if can

    • Apparently no way to do it with BPay

    • Basically an indirect balance transfer (one credit card to another) with points? Man too good to be true…

      I think paying off credit card bills is still a financial thing though.

  • Has anyone successfully set to go over their card limit? Do we need to repay first before setting again? My limit is 15K, got my first payment of 10K today. When I tried to set another PayAll of 10K (doesn't matter single or regular, I tried both), it said: "You have reached the maximum number of monthly payments, please try again next month."

    • well 10+10 is 20 yours is 15, so….

      • I mean, if I repay first (of 10), can I set again within the month? Maybe someone already tried that?

        • hmm as you already done the 10k, probably try and let us know.. worst case is you are free of debt… the best feeling

    • I was able to set up a second Payall before repaying the first one.

    • Yes, prepaid your card about 5 days ahead of the payall date and you'll be able to make the payments.

      In your case prepay 10k into your card first, then set up 2 x 10 payall and it'll work.

      • It still didn’t work for me after I repayed the 10k I borrowed back. However, it allowed me to set $5k weekly twice (maybe can set more, I didn’t try). So it’d be good enough for me at this stage

    • +2

      Yes. I have a 20K limit and have done three successful PayAlls this month of 7K, 14K and 14K, with a 20K transfer into the Citibank account after the 7K transfer to top it up in between. 35K points received. Tried doing a 21K PayAll but that was rejected as being over the credit limit, so your individual PayAlls have to be under the card's credit limit, but the outstanding credit balance on the card is not checked, so you can just put it into credit via BPay from another source of funds and effectively make the credit balance whatever you want it to be. But there's not much point going much over 35K since that's the monthly limit you can get back out again via PayAll

      • thanks! a bit late for me now to do more for april but next month will try go to the max 35k
        i guess closer to the expiration date you will do the regular monthly payment of close to $20k limit as many months as possible, right?

      • What payment category in the app have you been using @Legoman?

      • Someone said the points capped by type of card you have. If you have premier then 200k a year. You can't earn 35k x 12.
        Becareful. Yes confusing. 35k/m or 200k/y

  • has anyone made ato or government citipay all payment can they confirm if in fact you earned reward points and they were credited to your account? maybe i should do a citipay all to an ATO account number and bsb not via bpay. However after a chat below now im not too sure if i should do a citipay all for gov and ATO?

    ref live chat:
    ok ill do other method ie citipay all as bpay to gov wont earn points?
    Sorry for the wait. While Payall applies to rewards points on all other funds transfers, Terms and Conditions apply as per the Terms and Conditions of the rewards program of which you are enrolled.
    Regrettably, I validated that government related transactions really won't get us rewards points.

    • +1

      I'm waiting for the payment of my tax bill to go through. I've attached to pay via BSB / account number. Had to find it on the ato website and also have to find personal reference number.