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Fortis 24kg Smart Adjustable Dumbbells 2 Pack $211 Delivered @ Kogan


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Two dumbbells, for two arms!

If you have two arms, chances are you probably want to work both at once. That’s why we’ve created our great value 2 Pack of the Fortis 24kg Smart Adjustable Dumbbell!

Don’t clutter the house with dumbbells!

Lifting dumbbells is a classic and effective way of strengthening your upper body and while dumbbells are great for working out, a complete set of traditional dumbbells are expensive and takes up valuable space in your home.

With the convenient Fortis 24kg Smart Adjustable Dumbbell you’ll enjoy the functionality of 15 weights in 1 easily compact and adjustable device – it’s as simply as turning the dial!

Equivalent to 15 different weights, the Dumbbell enables you to gradually increase your strength and weights for different exercises quickly without wasting time or energy between sets! When you’re done, it’s a matter of placing out of the way – no need to invest in expensive weight stands.

Simply turn the dial to change weights

With the Fortis 24kg Adjustable Dumbbells, just one dumbbell is all you need to work out, for any fitness level at any intensity. Simply place the Dumbbell on the rack, turn the dial to adjust the weight and lift to work out!

Weight increments are (in kg); 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 8, 9, 10, 11.5, 13.5, 16, 18, 20.5, 22.5, 24.

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    can anyone who has/uses these types of dumbbells provide any feedback on its:
    usability, durability, easability, etc?

    Thx in advance

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      I have a set of Powertrain ones for about a year now (they look identical to these tbh). I have been quite happy with them, the main reason I got them was so they don't take up some much room.

      Usability: very easy to use, just rotating the dial to select weight, at each weight increment there is a distinct click so you know you have selected it correctly. Putting the weights back in can sometimes take a few goes as you need to line up the discs with the discs left on the base, I'm kind of used to it now but one time I tried selecting another weight while it wasn't properly in its base which made it very tricky to get back in but I'd say that was user error rather than poor design as it only happened once.
      Durability: Mine look brand new still, I don't see them falling apart any time soon.
      Easability?: as above

      Hope this helps

      • +1

        Legend..thx mate

    • +2

      I have the 40kg Powertrain ones and find them pretty good. The only annoyance on mine is where on one side, one plate always sticks so I have to push down on that plate when lifting it out of the holder. Not a huge deal so didn't really look into how I can fix it.

      These are best for exercises like chest press and shoulder press so depending on your fitness levels, you could outgrow 24kg set fairly quickly.

  • +3

    "Hey Google, make my smart dumb-bells 12kg per side."

    • +1

      Alexa! Please make my dumb-bells smart!

  • +1

    Smart dumb bells, they sense when you're fatiguing and adjust weight automatically with anti gravity.

  • Cheers OP!

    Also thought I mention don't forget to use Choice GC from Cash Rewards for roughly 5% off ($200 Kogan GC for $190).

  • Fml. I didn't notice that there was also the 40kg set available and ordered theses. Went to order history to cancel the order, but there is no cancel options…

    • Pretty sure 40kg is oos.

    • I think you can cancel if you're quick enough and still at the payment processing stage, on the order history page click contact Kogan next to the order, from there you should see an option to cancel the order.

      • I tried to cancel within 2mins after making payment. The website help page guides u on how to cancel, I followed it, but there is no cancel button. Oh well

        • Ahh bugger, I've never tried it, not surprised though with Kogan

          • @donkcat: Amazon makes cancelling and getting a refund so easy. Lesson learnt i guess :)

    • The one in this post are 48 in total?

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