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[Afterpay] M1 Mac Mini $879.20, M1 MacBook Air $1299, M1 MacBook Pro $1699, iPad Air 4th Gen $719.20 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay


This is the highest discount I've ever seen on these new MacBooks (and iPads). Use discounted gift cards to save further.

Note: max discount is $300


M1 MacBook Air - multiple models

M1 MacBook Pro - multiple models


iPad Pro - multiple models

iPad Air - multiple models


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This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Wow what a steal.

  • +13

    Don't bother if you're in an hurry - bought from the last deal and was finally shipped yesterday 10 days after ordering… and even though it says Express Postage they've sent good old cheap Parcel Post so i'll be lucky to see it by next week

    • +10

      Worth the wait for a decent discount.
      If you’re in a rush just pay more.

      • +7

        Yeah no denying it's a nice discount - it's a bit misleading to send Parcel Post when it clearly says Express Post

        • +1

          Fair enough, they shouldn’t advertise express post if it’s just parcel post.

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    Worth upgrading for 2013 macbook pro retina? Considering i will miss the ports on older macbook as ot has hdmi, card reader , and usb a ports.

    • +10

      Absolutely! The new M1 is a beast!

    • +4

      if not in a hurry wait for 2nd gen M1 chips(2nd or 3rd quarter 2021) in larger sizes
      also might have USB3 and SD card slot

      • +1

        Rumour is that the new M1 chips will be macbook pro refresh only and cost more. M1 macbook airs will be untouched till 2022.

        • going by last years M1 launch, the prices should be similar to the current models and I assumed @Modesty was looking for a MBP
          BTW I must say this one is a sweet deal!

        • And for every rumour, there's a counter-rumour.
          I don't understand why people place so much faith in the spectrum of rumours, particularly for Apple products.

          • +6

            @chrism238: must have next new thing or I'll literally die

          • +1

            @chrism238: I can understand placing faith in Apple rumours. They usually have some essence of truth. It makes sense that there would finally be a macbook pro design refresh this year, it's long overdue. I believe Apple has strongly suggested they'll be out by June anyways.

            I need multiple external monitor support and really like having extra ports, so I am waiting for the refresh/new models.

            • +1

              @Timmayc123: Definitely need more than two ports on this, waiting for new model.

      • +2

        The rumours sound too good to be true for the next gen MBP. Only missing coming with a pony.

        • It better come with a pony with an Apple insignia on the side, or it's a no from me.

          • @Timmayc123: A lot of Apple’s customer base might claim animal cruelty if the future knackery visitor gets branded with an Apple logo.

    • +2

      I'm holding out 'til next gen M1 as my 2013 retina runs Big Sur. I always wait for Apple to iron bugs out of gen 1 anything :)

      • same here, macbook pro 2013 retina still working fine.

      • +1

        M1 Macbook Air has been working incredibly well since purchased at Christmas. Not one thing not working for me and by golly, the speed. Fantastic, it's putting my 2018 Macbook Pro to shame.

        • +1

          exactly! I got my m1 in November.

          These guys can keep waiting til gen1 bugs ironed out…. but there are no issues as far as I'm concerned!

          I'm a MacBook user since 2005.

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    I have never used Afterpay before. Does anyone know if they do a credit check? If we use them, will there be a credit hit in my report?

    • +1

      nope, no need credit check when signing up

      • Awesome. Thanks for confirming

      • +3

        Just a heads up I’m in the process of refinancing and nearly all banks seem to ask if have any type of afterpay line of credit type service.
        I’m pretty sure it shows up on your credit file

        • +2

          I can second that. My recent experience with CBA indicated that they did not look favourably towards BNPL schemes.

          • +14

            @solidice: And yet, just yesterday, CBA announced their very own BNPL scheme.

        • +2

          I've used both Afterpay and ZipPay and neither have appeared on my credit file.

          Afterpay gave me a $600 limit when I first signed up, and with more transactions and in time payments, it's now up to $2000 so you might find that while they don't do a credit check they may not give you enough straight up.

          ETA: also worth noting that Zip have a two tiered system for over and under $1000, I'm guessing over $1000 does a check and under doesn't…

        • +1

          When we refinanced, the bank asked to review our bank statements. Even if Afterpay doesn't show up on your credit file, the banks may ding you if they spot transactions with them.

          I wouldn't risk it personally.

    • To my knowledge, Afterpay doesn't do credit checks, Zip does.
      But per the previous deal, you can buy discounted eBay gift cards and use them as the payment method instead of Afterpay.

      • oh yeah I remember people talking about it but then didn't eBay fixed that glitch?

        • Glitch still works! Bought an item today.

      • Two of the companies (Afterpay and Oxipay) were not regulated under the National Credit Act because they did not technically charge consumers a fee on their debt; and


        The other four companies (Zip Money, Certegy, Openpay and Brighte) were not regulated because they charged upfront or periodic fees that were fixed, did not vary according to the amount of credit provided, and were less than minimum specified amounts under the law.

  • +1

    how is the mac mini with dual screens? heard there are some issues with screen resolutions for non-retina displays?

    • I'm using mine with 2x Dell 27" 1440p @ 144hz (one via HDMI and another via USB-C to HDMI cable) and also an iPad Pro 12.9" in sidecar mode as a third screen.

      Works just as well as my 16" MacBook Pro did. The iPad even stays in sidecar mode when it goes to sleep so I don't have to mess around when I wake the Mini from sleep each day.

      What issues are you hearing about?

      • +1

        just read somewhere that text was a little blurry. think the person had a 32 inch display, not sure of the resolution, but it was below retina. they compared the resolution from that screen via the mac mini with their windows PC and noticed it being blurry

        • Sounds like user error. No issues using my M1 Mac Mini on my UHD 32-inch display, looks identical to my Mac Pro.

          • @Mitch889: No user error, a genuine issue with mac on many good new displays - google "M1 Blurry RGB YPbPr"

    • spot on, I had this issue and drove me mad. The M1 MBP is out of the box blurry on standard 1080 and 1440 screens. Something to do with them only being setup for 'retina' resolution screens (or similar).
      I had source a new dock that forced the MBP to speak to the screen using a different protocol (RGB instead of YPbPr I think).
      With my new crappy dock, crystal clear.
      Apple apparently just didn't get around to building backward compatibility into the OS yet.

  • Max $300 discount btw…

  • +6

    $879.20's super tempting for a Mac Mini but I know I'll regret it due to the low storage and RAM. 16GB/512GB configs can't be too far away from the refurb store.

    • I didn't realise that 32GB was the average amount of RAM in computers these days.

      • +1

        It's not.

    • They were there last week I grabbed one!

      • +2

        I think you must have bought a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 16GB configuration as M1 Mac mini 16GB configurations haven't shown up on the store yet as far as I can tell.

        • Could've sworn I saw some a few weeks ago (refurbished Mac mini, 16GB RAM, 512GB/1TB SSD). Was extremely tempting, I'm not surprised they didn't last long.

    • +2

      I can't comment on your use case, but for me, I tend to lave multiple tabs (mostly gmail, youtube and ofc ozb) open on chrome on multiple windows slowing up my 2017 MacBook air (8gb) and my previous windows desktop (also 8gb but 2012 i5 and dedicated GPU), severely slowing down the speed. Bit the bullet and bought the m1 mac mini. My habit has not changed but the speed has. I can't tell a difference in speed with 1 tab opened compared to 15 tabs opened on chrome. Plus now I'm dedicating firefox for work emails and related stuff, now that runs in the background too with 0 noticeable difference in performance. As for storage, I just bought a sata to USB c dock from amazon and added the ssd from my old windows pc, it works better than I expected. So well in fact I'm considering upgrading my 2017 MBA to the base MBP or 8core MBA. It is so much more impressive when I take into account that my pc consumed roughly 130W watching youtube compared to 17.5W with my mac mini ( that includes the 12W or so consumed by the monitor!)

      • I step into needing over 8GB of RAM fairly easily. A couple of things I work on need more than 16GB but I run them on a PC. Larger primary storage is necessary because Xcode/Betas/etc don't tend to play well on secondary storage.

    • unless you're running VMs or editing hi res pics and video, you probably wont need the 16GB ram.

      my work MBP has 16GB and I rarely use more than 50%

  • +1

    waiting for the next macbook pro….

  • +1

    Any trick to getting the cart to accept the code for the 512GB MacBook Pro? After discount it would come to below the limit for Afterpay but not before the code.

  • +1

    Lowest price for iPad Air (2020)? Damn

  • -1


    Is it the same model from Apple? The listed price on Apple site only $999

    • +9

      usa site dude

      • +1

        Sorry my bad

  • It seems we can apply gift cards to reduce the amount payable to afterpay. Does anyone know if there is a minimum to be charged to afterpay to still have access to the discount?

    • +1

      0, just checked out for an item. can all use gift cards

      • How do we do this?

        • +1

          im not sure on the max gift cards limits that can be applied to MacBooks. But 1st you buy gift cards from shop back gift card portal for 3%, and then use gift cards to pay full amount so you don't have to use after pay at all

          • +1

            @XanderYuan: No! Don't buy ebay cards, buy Swap cards for 5% off then you use those for Ebay cards.

            • @edman: I see, do you know anything about the maximum amount possible for one voucher exchanged from swap cards into eBay vouchers?

              • @XanderYuan: $500 max for swap voucher, can be swapped for $500 ebay voucher. I think the most cards I've applied to a checkout is 7 or 8.

                • @edman: thanks a lot

                • @edman: final question haha are they immediate or do you have to wait for the swaps?

                  • @XanderYuan: You get the Swap card immediately on the shopback app. Then go website and that is immediate on checkout

                    • @edman: thanks so much, just placed an order, well worth it for the saving

            • @edman: want to buy an item but concerned about insufficient eBay gift cards cause I don't use after pay at all

            • +3

              @edman: So if the item is 1200 or so. Can I just buy 3 swap gift cards through shopback? (i.e. 2X500, 1X200 gift card) and stack when paying?

              Edit. Just bought the swap gift cards. Swapped on their webpage according to instructions. Got the ebay gift cards immediately and stacked them to purchase an ipad.

              • @kakarot123: Not a lot of effort involved for a solid saving

  • +5

    urgh.. after pay.

    • -1

      No way I'm risking my credit rating for these deals

      • +4

        It won't affect credit rating if you have after pay or zip pay unless one doesn't repay on time, but I keep getting these questions from my lenders that why I had them. I have closed both after pay and zip pay even though i don't have outstanding balance. You'll need an account closure letter to proof these are closed in my mortgage applications which has been a hassle.

  • air should be $1295?

  • this is better than the 1439 macbook air offer with free airpods no messing around with selling the airpods here

    • Keep the airpods

    • +1

      I got the $1439 deal with 5% cash back on both the AirPods and Macbook Air (They shipped separately), then sold the AirPods for $185.

      All up got the M1 MBA for $1188.50, plus my 2015 MPB is currently being assessed by Apple for a trade in (should get $400) bringing the changeover price to $788.50. Not too shabby lol!

  • Would officeworks price beat this?

    • +1


    • They have a “no electronic code” policy, we had the same idea.

  • how does afterpay work? can i just sign up then pay the whole amount and close it off with no fee's etc?

    • +1

      Yep that's right. It was actually what I did in the past but with zip pay.

      • cheers. ok ill do that. unifi switch is too cheap to let go

        • +1

          np. be sure to be persistence when you insist on closing them. I keep getting "sir, you won't need to pay any fees while your balance is $0" comment when you trying to close it.

          • +1

            @JC1986: yep all good. payed all 4 payments instantly, will wait for it to clear. pretty easy.

  • +3

    If only they had a 16gb macbook air..

    • Wishing the same thing. 16gb is only available through Apple's website. It will be assembled in China and then shipped to Australia. Got mine through Apple's edu portal with free Airpods

      • Yeah buying 8GB feels so silly - I already had a Macbook with 8GB 10+ years ago…

        • +1

          Oh what the hell, purchased anyway. That M1 better lives up to its reviews!

  • Is it worth selling my MacBook Pro 13 2019 for upgrade to M1 Pro?

    • Absolutely it is.

    • only if it's not doing what you need it to or need a huge bump in battery life, otherwise wait for the next iterations of the M1 chips and keep using what you have :)

    • I'm in a similar boat with a 2016 13" MBP and I think I'll just wait for the next redesign of the MBP.

      There's definitely benefits like
      -16hr battery life vs 10hrs
      -better keyboard with escape key

      -Battery life could already easily be extended with cheap 45W/65W USB-C PD powerbanks
      -You lose 2 TB3 ports and the ability to charge from both sides
      -Can't use external graphics enclosures
      -You are still buying a near 5yo chassis design, would suck if the next year was a complete redesign with a 14" screen

    • Not if you run Windows as your main OS

  • Afterpay is on roids at the moment. I just got a text message for 30% off petbarn orders with Afterpay

    • Trying to make Q1 targets I guess

  • Sorry would office works or harvey norman etc match or beat these prices?